Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Rewind

We - and by "we" I mean my sister - took tons of pictures over Thanksgiving. I just now got around to stealing them from Melissa, so here they are!

Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Girls Trip

The three Moore girls.

Santa Monica, how we love thee.

Mom and Lis. Melissa fits in very well in LA.

Me, not so much. I like visiting though.

Beautiful evenings.

Thanksgiving Day

Dad and Colin.

Mom and Aunt Gay.

Jacks and Aunt Lissa.

Annabeth and Uncle Colin.

Jackson and my cousin Joe.

I love these two pictures of Curtis with the kids.

Day trip to Round Top

Jackson making the most of a big field and a football.

Stephanie and Annabeth

Royers Round Top Cafe

Jackson and Steve and their bonding mechanism.

Lots of love between these two.

Mom and our adopted sister Amy.


They're so good, they deserve two pictures.

Me, Stephanie, Amy, and Melissa

Friends-like-family = Framily


Jake said...

I LOVE Royers! That is right down the road from the Camp for All, the Special Needs camp I worked at for two summers! The owners son, Todd Royer worked at Camp for All for a million summers and came to visit a bunch. We also ate there ALL the time! The pies truly are amazing!

Merry Christmas Joneses! Love you guys!

Holly said...

Beautiful family!! BTW, Melissa's mascara is gorgeous! And the sunset pictures are my favorite.

Aishlea said...

Amanda- just wanted to say that all 3 of you Moore girls look fabulous and like you fit in LA! I think you all are just a beautiful family!

Allison said...

Does bethie have a personal shopper? If so, I need her number! Her clothes are too cute and still offer full coverage! I hard feat to manange!

Lauren said...

How fun!!!!!!!!! LOVED all the pictures!!!! :)

Patty said...

So many photos I want to comment on, I cannot believe how big Jackson is, the picture with Colin and Annabeth is so sweet AND seriously, all three of the Moore girls are beautiful!!

I love that the three of you get to take an annual girls trip!

Unknown said...

are there ANY ugly people in your family?

and Royers, oh how we love thee!
i vote apple. i tried the buttermilk choc chip and i liked it, but the apple is to die for. that topping is the best.
i would move to roundtop if my husband would let me. but he thinks its a little too far out:)

great memories and great photos!

Rhonda said...

Love Jackson's hair! Looks like tons of fun:)

Heather said...

I love pictures. How I love pictures!! These are so good!! What a fun time in Santa Monica, that sunset is gorgeous!! Ok, weird, but I LOVE, like L-O-V-E that brown shirt/dress your mom is wearing!! Is that weird, cause she's older than us and in a different life stage?? But I love it!!! Is it, ummm...recent ;) wink!
I so so so wish I had a sister! I am so glad Emma and Mollie Kate have each other! Thanks for sharing this!!

Heather said...

Oh, and that picture of you and your sister where it looks like you are sort of laughing, is so good!! Are y'all holding hands? Cause I nearly teared up. Now you are going to think I am a weird-o. It's ok, Matt thinks I'm one.

annalee said...

there you go again making me crave a piece of buttermilk delight pie!
the pictures are just beautiful.
ps- so glad you got to enjoy some of the yummy cocoa recipe! i think i'll go have a cup of that since the pie isn't available right now:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful people - inside and out. thanks for sharing!

Marla Taviano said...

LOVE the pictures!! Can't see the ones you take at Christmas!!

Deirdre said...

Y'all are just precious.
And knowing now some of what your mom was going through, it makes my heart squeeze with love to look at her sweet smiling face.

I've just never in my life seen anybody so consistently radiant they way she is. I Peter 3:1-6 is so right, and if I ever need a living example, I just look at your mom.

Bobbie said...

You three Moore ladies look more like sisters than Mom and 2 daughters!! Santa Monica is a fun place to visit and we've seen some magnificant sunsets on those beaches.

I love the pictures of Jackson playing football-especially the look on his face in the first one!! What a little man!!

We tried to visit Royer's the Monday after you posted it right after your trip--only to find it closed! We'll definitely have to try it again. The pies look yummy.

Are you doing any baking for the holidays? Do you do mostly cookies or candy? I'm off to start some of it tonight!!!

debra parker said...

I have got to make my way to Round Top. I have heard so many wonderful things about that place. Shopping + all those pies = OH MY.

Dionna said...

I love the pictures. I thought my favorite was of Colin laughing with Annabeth until I came across the one of your mom with her arms around Jackson. Oh my. You can just f-e-e-l the love radiating from that picture. It's awesome.

And how big Jackson is getting! He's looking more and more "little boy" instead of toddler!

Taylor said...

You have a beautiful family and you and your sister look SO much alike!!

Ashton said...

Enjoyed the pictures!


The pic's are awesome loved the sunset pictures they are beautiful . You all are a beautiful family and your mom just glows with the love of Jesus and when I saw the picture of her and Jackson the love just poured out all over. Knowing your mom wasn't feeling well she still shines and that smile of hers just lights up and she makes my heart smile.
Love Carol a seista in Albuquerque nm

Sister Lynn said...

"Framily" - I LOVE it!!!

Glad you had a good weekend!

AKat said...

Yea! Great pictures, Amanda! Jackson with the football is darling. Ah.

Fran said...

These pix are just way too cute and fun!!!! And being an all boy momma I love Jackson and the football! His haircut is oh so handsome. ;)

Steady praying for your rest and your momma's healing.


Moose Mama said...

Those were such sweet pictures. All of them. You are so dear to share your family with us. I like the one with Colin and Annabeth...And Curtis and Jackson and well....all of them!

Blessings Amanda!


jennyhope said...

Love the pictures!
Also, I have to tell you I know it is strange but my daughter talks about your mom to everyone and has been telling people they need to pray for her since she has had surgery.
It just cracks me up that that is on her mind. She walked in the bookstore today and told the lady she needed Beth Moore's new book and I said, "baby it doesn't come out until February." I kid you not she said then mom I guess I will have to do breaking free this time. I said, "Morgan what in the world do you need to break free from at this point?" To which she replied, "you mom." I had to laugh but I have my hands full with her!

lavonda said...

great pics Amanda!
What a fun and loving family. :)

(and kudos for the tree being up in time for Thanksgiving!)

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Lifting you all up to the Father right now. I know your mom is so proud of you and well you have taken care of her. Hopefully, she will just be able to relax and enjoy those grandkids. ( I just love watching the little ones at Christmas) They will be good medicine for her.

Loved the photos! You girls are all beautiful both inside & out.

Keep shining,

beckyjomama said...

I LOVE that you use the word framily - I have been using it for YEARS! When my BFF was in the hospital dying of cancer and only family was allowed in, she clearly stipulated to them that we WERE her fRamily and we were allowed in. And it totally worked - you just don't mess with a bald girl with a 'tude!

Rachel Cox said...

GREAT pictures!! Especially of the ones of the restaurant!

Lindsee Lou said...

Y'all have such a beautiful family. Also, I agree with you, Melissa could totally fit in in LA! I'm excited to visit this summer. :)

And girl, you're totally making me miss Round Top. When I was younger we rented a house there for a week. It was built with cedar wood. Can you imagine the smell? It was divine. I just love everything about that little town.

Sylvia's Song said...

It is hard to say which photo I like best. Thank you for just being who God created you to be and blessing me in the process.

Merry Christmas!

Kelli said...

Fun fun pictures!! My heart is now longing for a girls trip with my mom and sister! They are just the best! :)

Jennifer said...


We're traveling to CA from Alabama in January and I'm terrified about the plane ride. From all of y'alls trips I think you are a plane expert with little ones! My daughter will be 7 1/2 months when we go. Do you have any tips for me??! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas!
talesofapeanut (at) gmail dot com

Lora said...

Precious pictures! Jackson is really growing up!

Marc and Charity said...

I love your gray/white shirt with that scarf, too cute. I love scarves and wear them all the time here. :)

Those pies looked good too. I've not heard of the Bread winner bakery, but I will sure look it up!

gg2002 said...


Judy Baggett

Missy said...

Aw, I went skiing with Amy years and years ago.

Unknown said...

Love the pictures!
Jackson looks almost grown now - he looks like a grown boy in the football pictures.

Merry Christmas!

katiegfromtennessee said...

I just absolutely love these pictures!!:) Too cute, lovely family!:) Ya'll are stylin' too with your cute outfits! Seriously:):)

Blessings, Love in HIM,((HUGS)),


Madison Sanders said...

Mmmm, those pies look scrumptious! I'd probably have a little piece of most of them. :)

The women in your family are just gorgeous! It looks like you had an awesome Thanksgiving, and I hope you have a great Christmas!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hey Amanda. I've loved all your photos recently. Your kids are too stinking cute. Been praying for your mom so much lately, and for you as well.

I have a friend who is starting a new line of kids' clothes- UNBELIEVABLY adorable- and she really wants to send a specific outfit to sweet Annabeth. I'm talking portrait clothes here- so beautiful! Is there an address she could send it to? You should be able to reply to my email address. Thanks, girl!

jsiewert said...

Loved your pictures! Ha ha I just had to say that I have read your blog off and on for about a year and never realized your mom is Beth Moore.... Oh well! Love your baby girls baby legs!