Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mom's Bridge

My mother has been known to fall in love with things in nature and adopt them as her very own. For example, in Wyoming she has "her mountains." In her yard she has "her tree," which is a towering pine that bows oddly to one side at the top. And come to think of it, she has really grown because she shares it with my dad, so it's really "their tree." As long as I'm telling on her, I guess I should admit that I have "my lizards" (green anoles) that live on our front porch. Totally normal, right?

I wasn't shocked when my mom developed a deep, undying love for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But I do think it's the first marvel of human engineering that has ever captured her heart this way. It was truly magnificent and we spent hours of our trip walking across it, under it, beside it, and gawking at it.

We were one with the bridge. 

The pictures you are about to see are from one day's jaunt across.

This is Mom on her way to her bridge. She left me in her dust every time I stopped to take a picture. I had to run to catch up with her, which was very aerobic considering my camera weighs as much as a brick. 

We saw this each time we crossed: One Way! Jesus! (This apartment building really needed to be power washed.)

Behold, the path!

The big Australian flags flying over the bridge were pretty awe inspiring. Am I allowed to say that?

A look back at downtown. Our hotel was the brown high rise 2/3 of the way to the right.

The community across the harbour.

The Opera House showing off again. She's so vain.

A plaque with some info.

This was a cute little church on the other side of the bridge. It reminded me of England.

The green space underneath is called Bradfield Park, after the man who designed the bridge.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrated its 80th birthday while we were there. Unfortunately, it was raining that day and we didn't get to celebrate with it in person. 

We were forced to become acquainted with these automatic restrooms. You had 10 minutes in there and then the doors automatically opened up. That would just be super! 

This is the dude who greets you at Luna Park.

He has nice lashes. Scary smile though.

A lesser bridge. It's still up for grabs if you want to claim it. 

Ferris wheel! (Eek! Not a fan of those.)

Those folks in blue suits were on a guided tour of the top of the bridge. Uh, maybe next time. 

A look back at part of Sydney we got to know very well. 

Mom, I hope when you read this your heart will be filled again with the joy of our trip. 

Mom + Bridge = Happiness 


Dionna said...

Are you serious about the bathrooms? Oh dear! Can you get out if you are done before the 10 minutes is up?

Judy said...

We loved Sydney when we visited. My husband and 13 year old son went on that blue-suited-guided tour. I was more than thankful that our daughter, who was 10 at the time, was too young to go on the climb, so I didn't have to go along.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Cousin Cate and I have a creek. Actually, we used to have two creeks, but then we noticed that there were people enjoying illegal activities every time we went there, so we went back down to just one creek.

And man, has that creek seen some life. If I recall correctly, it has seen two sob fests after breakups with boyfriends (her for one, me for the other), three long talks about who we're going to turn out to be and countless talks about God. We like our creek.

destinmimi said...

I have "my beach" in Destin and if the good Lord is willing I will be sitting on it a week from tomorrow!! Love seeing pics and hearing about yall's trip!! Awesome experience.. so glad you got to go with your mom!!

mamared said...

Amanda, your sense of the funny just makes me smike!!

Tara G. said...

Were you able to find a local piece of art of this bridge?

Stephanie Garcia said...

Amanda. It's Stephanie McLain. I just wanted to tell you how blessed I have been by your posts about Australia. I lived in North Sydney for 6 months in 2000. I went with the BGCT. I am absolutely in love with the city of Sydney and its people. I have missed it more than I can express. Thank you for your posts and pictures. If you get a chance, shout me an email.

Stephanie Garcia said...

Amanda-It's Stephanie McLain from FBC Houston youth group. I'm trying this again because I can't tell if the comment went through or not. :)
I have been so very blessed by your posts from your trip to Australia. I lived in North Sydney for 6 months in 2000. I went with the BGCT. I absolutely fell in love with Sydney and its people. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've missed Sydney. Your posts have been such a blessing. If you get a chance-shout me an email.

Laura said...

You have to climb the bridge next time!! It was the most amazing adventure of my life...a double rainbow ring at the top of the bridge that morning. It was as if God had neatly sealed all He had done that week with a pretty bow.

Pamela Payne said...

I too am :)about the automatic ten minutes potty's. Seriously?!

Erin said...

I did the tour across the top when I was there - we went around sunset and it was AWESOME! I highly recommend it if you're ever there again.