Thursday, November 30, 2006

Adios, tweezers!

I hired a professional eyebrow tamer today. My brows have given me grief for years and finally today I got up the nerve to have them waxed. I wish I had inherited my mother's nice brows. But God saw fit to give me my dad's. They're neither symmetrical nor submissive. I'd heard horror stories about people getting burned by the hot wax and scabbing over. That fear has kept me from something I now know is going to bless my life forever. What was my final motivation? Curt bent my tweezers and they no longer grasp accurately. Here's a confession. They're really nice tweezers from Sephora that my sister spent a pretty penny on before I stole them several years ago. I admit it. I flat-out stole them. Sorry, Noogie. That's probably when she clued in to the wonders of wax. Since I didn't have time to go to a nice Sephora-worthy mall and replace them today, I decided to take the plunge at this place in our local (very mediocre) mall. It wasn't that bad during the process. The warm wax actually felt really nice before it was ripped from my skin. It was afterward when I was walking through Old Navy that my skin started burning and becoming bright red. It was rather humiliating, but since I had gone to all the trouble to leave the house, I didn't want to give up yet.

I was supposed to head to church after the mall, but I simply couldn't face everyone with such obvious I've-just-been-waxed red stripes. Thankfully, Jackson started screaming the minute we got in the car and did not stop for a long time. He missed his afternoon nap (because he just learned to stand in his crib and that's WAY more exciting than sleep) and was in a spectacularly frightful mood. I thought I'd spare the nursery workers and just stay home. So instead of going to church I watched America's Next Top Model and One Tree Hill, which I never get to see. What sacrifices I make to be a minister's wife!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of getting your eye brows threaded? Its 100 times better than getting them waxed. It's done here in India. They take thread (like what you sew with) and cut the air. It's only a little painful but much better result than waxing!! I had it done in Arlington. All my friends had it done too and thats what they do now. Of course I do it here and I LOVE IT. You should look into it. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I've been thinking about getting my brows waxed instead of tweezing lately because I hardly ever have time to take care of them. I will consider your experience in my decision and now I'll know not to plan any outings afterwards! The pictures of Jackson are precious; his hair is getting so long!!

AKat said...

I am afraid Melrose is going to win it all on America's Next Model. Man!

Janelle and Ella said...

Alicia, I've had my eyebrows threaded before because I was terrified to get them waxed. I did it at the High Tower spa in Las Colinas. It definitely helps prevent redness but I think I prefer the quick pain rather than the pain spread out over about 10 minutes. It's SO interesting how they do the threading! I loved to watch.

Clay said...

We did have similar days! Waxing is a great thing & I turn bright red too, but it is well worth it. Today is a new day and we went shopping again...I had to run some errands...and I got my bangs trimmed with clay in my lap...just a side note - don't ever do this!
Jackson will become less amazed in a few weeks with standing up & naps will be normal again, but until then, I'll be thinking of you! -kat

Kari said... are such a cute little boy. I wish Landon lived closer to you so that you two could play together! Keep posting those cute pics.

Kari (and Landon)