Saturday, December 09, 2006

Changes for the changing table

Bill has decided to take up Jackson's changing table as his new perch. That's okay because it has become almost impossible for me to change Jackson on it. He is DETERMINED to flip over and grab a wipe out of the container while I'm changing him. I've mostly been changing him on the floor because it's easier for me to pin him down.

Here's a fun Jackson update. He's learned to play hide and seek with me. I go crouch behind something like the side of the couch and make eye contact with him right before I disappear. Then he crawls over to me with furious speed, laughing all the way. When he makes it to me he squeals. It is THE sweetest thing. Jackson has also developed the courage and curiosity to crawl into other rooms. When he gets it in his mind he takes off as fast as he can, as if he knows I will be chasing him down any second. He pants with such excitement that I can hardly bring myself to foil his plans. Also, pulling up is his most favorite activity. He spends a great deal of the day standing up at the couch. He's getting a little more graceful in sitting back down (I guess you could call it his landing), but mostly he cries to let me know he wants down.

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