Saturday, December 16, 2006


I think Jackson's nursing problem was due to a new round of teething. This must be one crazy tooth. It's gotten better, although we are still far from normal. My friend suggested I give him Tylenol 30 minutes before nursing and that helped. Hopefully within the next day or two this will pass and we can return to my plan of gradual weaning that will end within a month or two. She also recommended that I try putting the formula in cereal and then adding some fruit to it. Maybe he will warm up to the taste that way.

Friday morning was really emotional. I was not a happy camper and my deceitful heart convinced me that there were those (who shall remain nameless, but their initials are Curtis Jones) who were glad to see me finish nursing. I felt I was the only one on my team. Again, I know this wasn't true. It's just that I've put untold energy and dedication into the simple act of feeding my son for the last 10 months. We're talking about ending something cold-turkey that has been my full-time job since February. I didn't feel like I was sweating the small stuff.

Curt, Jackson, and I were all in Houston for my LPM staff Christmas Party. We had driven 4 hours and were spending 2 nights away from home so that I could attend. We have THE best party every year and this year it was a bowling party! I love bowling. However, when the morning came I did not feel like celebrating or bowling or even pretending to be in a good mood. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and sulk all day. If you read Genesis 21 you'll see that I am not the first to handle weaning very well. Abraham threw a party on the day Sarah weaned Isaac. Sarah, like me, was not in the mood to be gracious and fun. She coerced Abraham into getting rid of Hagar and Ishmael that day. It wasn't her shining moment. This weekend hasn't been my shining moment either.

Jackson, on the other hand, had a few shining moments. There were rumors that Santa Claus was going to make an appearance at our LPM party and Curtis showed up with Jackson in his Santa suit. He was delightful, if I may say so. He also tried to stand without holding on to anything (imagine a very primitive form of standing) a couple of times. His coordination boggles my mind. As simple as it is, just watching him hold and eat a piece of toast still blows me away.


McClure Family said...

Amanda..YOU were an absolute joy to be around; you did not at all seem in a sulky mood! I am praying for the weaning; I know it is one of the most difficult things to do!

Steph V said...

i know how hard it is and i didn't even have to wean JD from my tatas but from my pump! i still hated the idea of no more breast milk!! good luck girl...this is just one of many heartaches to come. we've just entered into the "no kisses" stage. JD literally tells me "no kisses" when I try to kiss him goodnight! =( also...for the teething, have you tried the homeopathic teething tablets? I didn't use them until a few months ago but I wish I'd tried them sooner!! JD goes to the kitchen and points to them now when his teeth hurt! I highly recommend them!!!