Saturday, December 09, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Here are some pictures from the day we got our Christmas tree and one of Beckham in the snow...if you're willing to call it snow. It was beautiful coming down but a little disappointing on the ground for those of you who regularly see snow. To me, any snow is exciting snow.

This is our first real tree in three years. The last real tree was a blue spruce. It was gorgeous! I guess we left it up too long because when we finally took it down every single needle fell off onto our carpet. Just some advice for any newlyweds, it is not a good idea to vacuum up pine needles. Two years ago we bought a really nice pre-lit artificial tree. Beckham was still a puppy and he ate - literally consumed - the lights off the bottom two feet of the tree. So much for that!

A beautiful tree, indeed! The breakable ornaments are on top and the soft ones are at the bottom. Luckily, we bought a baby gate at the same time and Jackson hasn't been able to get to it.

Jackson has his own little Christmas tree in his room. This was given to us last year by my mom because we were too busy moving to put up our tree. It was our only decoration. Can you tell I'm still not over having to move last year during Christmas?

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Christi said...

Great pictures! You look great...and so do your eyebrows! You go girl!
No decorations for us this year...again...moving...again! LOL