Thursday, February 15, 2007


I just got a text message from Janelle. It said, "Ella is officially one year old!" It's possible that only Janelle and I will enjoy reading this, but that's okay. It's mostly for us. So here's my story about Ella.

I had told the Lord that I really wanted and needed a friend to be pregnant with. So one day at our church's youth camp, my friend Janelle came over to me and asked me how I knew I was pregnant. I was only 6 weeks along at that time. I think I told her that I had been emotional, really sore, and eventually very, very sick to my stomach. For some reason I didn't pry into why she was asking me and I didn't think about it again. On the way home in the rented bus, I left my seat in the back and stumbled up to the front row, hoping to avoid throwing up on all the kids. I passed by Janelle, who appeared to have been crying (from the surging hormones). But again, I didn't want to pry into her bidness. Shortly after that, she pulled me aside at our husbands' softball game and told me the amazing news that she was expecting. We were only two weeks apart. The Lord had given me a friend! Heath and Janelle were not exactly expecting to be expecting, so I've often apologized that God chose them to be the answer to my prayers. But I'm so glad He did.

Fast forward past months and months of comparing notes, complimenting each other's maternity clothes, being the only ones who would say "You're really showing now!", and studying each other's ultrasound pictures. On February 15 I was at Babies R Us getting some last minute things I needed before Jackson came. I got a call from Jennifer Parnell that Janelle was in the hospital in labor and she would be having Ella that afternoon! I grabbed a couple of preemie outfits for sweet Ella, who was arriving four weeks early, and got home as fast as I could. I picked up Jennifer and a Happy Meal (cause you know a pregnant woman doesn't miss a meal or even a snack) and we rushed over to the hospital. Meanwhile, Curtis was at church getting increasingly bitter as everyone told him about Janelle being in labor. He wondered what the hold up was with his wife!

We went upstairs to the maternity ward, where Janelle was in recovery from her c-section. We went in and saw Janelle, who was in the room alone with her nurse. Then we went to see Ella in the nursery. She was so very tiny and perfect. She looked like a little doll. I cannot even explain how exciting it was. And the whole time I was thinking, I will be here doing this in two days!!!

As the Lord would have it - talk about Ephesians 3:20 - our stay in the hospital overlapped with Janelle and Ella's. Our first night with Jackson, Ella's family came down to our room with Ella and we got to hang out for a while. It was surreal that we were getting to do that! We had joked about it and it happened! Shortly after, we heard the nurses urgently paging Janelle. They were freaking out because they couldn't find them! Ha ha!

Happy birthday, sweet Ella! And congrats, Janelle, on one year of motherhood!

In the hospital

Friends from birth


Big Mama said...

I love this story. It just shows that God cares about even the little things.

Janelle and Ella said...

Thank you a hundred times for sharing this sweet story on your blog! Amanda, the memories are rushing through me right now. You are so right about Eph. 3:20, the Lord really did more than we could have imagined and how blessed it was! I never would have imagined we would have been in the hospital together. The Lord loves to bring us more joy by doing immeasurably more by blessing us with something we couldn't even come up with in our heads because it would be so indescribably fabulous. Thank you for your friendship and, for the future, please don't pray for a pregnant friend again or at least for another year or so! :-)

Michelle said...

I love that Gods hand was so all over this! How very exciting!!! I should have you pray more for me so I can have someone to be pregnant with... wait lets start with the Husband thing and go from there! Praise the Lord for the blessings of sweet sisters who are in the same place in life as we are!!!! I love this story... I don't know you Janelle but I am guessing if you run with Manda you are a lot of fun and a great godly woman, I am glad y'all had each other! Happy Birthday Ella... and Jackson!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I remember when I was pregnant with my son who was my first child and how God blessed me with wonderful, Christian friends to share the experience. You hit the nail on the head.... maternity clothes, Sonic, etc., etc. It is wonderful to share the everyday, non-descript things as well as the big milestones with a trusted friend. I know you have heard a bazillion times to cherish your time with your little guy because it goes so fast.....well believe it! As I sit here and tell you about my memories of pregnancy, playdates, shopping dates, etc. the memories are so fresh, but my "little boy" will be 14 Monday! He is about 5'11" and is growing into a fine young man. I believe God has blessed us with the great relationship we have because of the time we spent together and the countless conversations we had starting from when he first could talk. Many times I still see myself as the mother of the toddler, trying to decipher his words and yet all too soon I have found myself in the teenage years. I must say it brings a whole new set of joys and fun. Bless you and your family and cherish this sweet season!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I love the precious babies laying on the bed together. So sweet & fresh from God!

debra parker said...

The pictures of the babies are so sweet. I need to go out and hold a baby now.

Have fun tomorrow!

A Little Water said...

it's so precious how the Lord provides us with friends who can totally understand our situations! what a gift from HIM. this was such a sweet story and thanks for introducing us to baby bliss. i can't wait to buy my pregnant friends presents from there. i hope jackson has a fabulous birthday!