Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Must Not Know Bout Me

Oh my, I have a million things to say tonight. So I'll have to make a list.

-I stinking love Beyonce'. She's every woman. She looked so amazing in Dreamgirls that my fitness goal for 2007 was completely solidified. Since I've not shared that yet, I'll go ahead and tell you that my goal is to be the second-honeymoon-hottie on our vacation to Mexico this summer (for our 5th anniversary). I love her song Irreplaceable and I've thought about making it my ringtone or something. But it's really not an anthem for a married woman, you know? This morning I was flipping through the radio stations while waiting for Gymboree to open and what did I hear? Irreplaceable. In SPANISH. No sabes tu de mi... I only thought I loved Beyonce' before.

-Speaking of Gymboree, that's where Jackson's first birthday party is going to be. It's just a big room with stuff everywhere for the babies to climb, crawl around on, and slide down. We went for a preview class today and I had the best time with my little guy. He was so adorable and I just fell in love with him all over again. He is a delightful little being. He crawled through a tunnel, rolled around on a giant cage ball, crawled up and down a slide, slam dunked a basketball, and played with bubbles. We did have a couple of iffy moments. We did some activites with the group in which the babies practiced walking. Well, Jackson wouldn't walk in a circle while holding my hands. He held his feet off the ground like it was searing hot molten lava. He outed me. I have not been trying to teach him to walk and that became very obvious. Am I horrible? We're just not in a rush to get to that. Jackson also got a little sensitive after we did the parachute activity. But he was a brave boy and didn't cry until it was over. All in all I think we both had a great time and can't wait to go back.

-We left Gymboree and headed to Grapevine Mills to meet Mel and Baby Brynne. It was our first time to be together with both babies and they were so good! We made many laps around the mall, burning calories and then finding reasons to consume even more calories. The high point was going to Neiman Marcus Last Call and trying on dresses for a friend's wedding. Who doesn't like to try on pretty dresses? The low point was hearing that someone in the food court found a dead roach in their lunch from Panda Express. I was thisclose to getting my food there! I wonder if it had been stir fried.

-It was snowing huge fluffy flakes when we left the mall. Again, no warning before the snow. What's up with that? Do the weathermen think snow is a normal thing? I was very intimidated having to drive in it, but thankfully it wasn't sticking to the ground.

-The Lord smote me tonight at aerobics. What you don't know is that last week I made a formal complaint about the new instructor. I wrote an email detailing everything that I've come to hate about the class. So on Tuesday I was well pleased when I saw that some changes had been made to improve the class. (Same instructor, new music.) I felt proud of myself and my newfound assertiveness. I even bragged about it to Mel. So tonight we had the good teacher, Jon, and it was a great workout. But at the end he said the dreaded words, "This is my last night at teaching at this club." Are. You. Kidding. Me. Lord, I repent!


Tammie Head said...

AMANDA!! The girls and I ABSOLUTELY love that song too!! You should hear us in the car...all singing at the top of our lungs! And if you can get a picture of this...we do it with Erin in there too!! THEN, he joins along in a sassy voice...and we crack up!
What in the world is it about that song? Everytime I hear it I imagine her with one hand on her hip and the other hand using her pointing finger moving back and forth with her head moving in unison. So sassy!

Speaking of songs, what about Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten"? I LOVE that one as well! Especially the "live" version. It's like a worship song. If you haven't picked up on the spiritual side to it, listen again. It's so good that I have even raised my hands to it in the car with the girls!

Peyton actually got to meet her a couple of months back and said that she was the nicest person. They chatted about how cute her boots were :).

Love you. You're so fun.

Richardsons of HV said...

Ok...I am laughing OUT LOUD at this blog. I never thought you would be a Beyonce fan! We LOVE that song and it is played A LOT around our house (the kids now sing it..."Is that bad?"...quote from Debbie Dodson).
Second Honeymoon Hottie? You go girl!! I've been running but the hottie part hasn't happened yet! The scale says the same. So sad for me!

Anonymous said...

to the left to the left
to the left everything you own in the box to the left..

sista', that is the office cube must not know bout me

from one noodle to anotha

debra parker said...

Grapevine Mills! I love that place. I have only been there 3 times because it is a 2 1/2-3 hr. drive. You should see our mall in sad. I grew up in Houston with amazing malls!

Every time I read about your aerobics class it makes me want to get up and go with you. Talk about a drive.

AKat said...

Oh, to be bootylicious like Beyonce!