Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bluegrass and Blue Bell

The Jones fam made the long trek back to civilization today. We had a great time at camp. From what I heard, hubby did a great job with the speaking. I wouldn't know because I was busy chasing my toddler around. But I had fun doing it. Being at camp with a toddler was 100 times easier and more fun than being at a camp with a three-month-old nursling. I also think that by now I've accepted the limitations that go along with being a mom whereas last year I was still kind of fighting it and making myself miserable. I knew to bring a book this year and did a lot of reading and napping while Jackson slept. Sounds nice, huh?

Jackson got to experience what it would be like to have an older brother and sister since we got to hang out with my friend Fay and two of her kids, Addison and Parker. Addison is the reason there is a Jackson. She was and is the funniest, cutest, sweetest little thing and she made me want to be a mom. Fay has been an incredible mentor in my life both in being a minister's wife and a mom. She is responsible for most of my cooking skills. I would probably be a lot farther along with that if we still lived in the same town and could have our tutoring sessions. Fay, Jackson and I will be in withdrawal this week! We love you!

We got home at about 1:30 this afternoon. Our suitcases have exploded all over the house and there are no groceries. We were too busy basking in our American-ness at our church's "Bluegrass and Blue Bell" event this evening. Oh my, it was so much fun. Everyone young and old came and lots of people from the neighborhood wandered over. The event was outside and we had a bluegrass group singing, a vintage car display, a fire truck, a pony ride, face painting, bounce houses, and hay bales to sit on. To the side were booths where you could get glass bottles of Coke and a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream. If you don't have Blue Bell where you live, I'm really sorry. Normally I don't eat ice cream because of dairy issues, but tonight I could not pass up the mint chocolate chip. Some kids were playing volleyball and Jackson was going crazy trying to get over there to steal their ball. Someone said to me, "He likes volleyball, huh? He's going to take after his dad." Um, sorry! I know my husband is good at every sport, but it's his mama he's taking after there! Curtis will only mildly deny that I can school him in volleyball.

I am very sad to say that Bill is missing. He was last seen this morning by our house sitter when he darted out the door for an early prowl. He has not made a single appearance for shelter, water, or affection all day. That is very much not like him. I get so frustrated with that cat's antics and say things I don't mean. Now all those things I've said are haunting me tonight. I know he's only a cat, but he's my cat and he was my first baby. It will be sad if he never comes home. I'll keep you posted. I won't ask you to pray, but if you do you are a nice person.

Here are some pics from today.

My child's life ambition is to hunt and gather pens, but this ink extravaganza is a first. He is very upset because I took the pen away from him.

Bluegrass and Blue Bell in full roar.

The Shady Grove Ramblers. Notice the ginormous American flag backdrop.

Sunni and Ava and Jackson and me. Sunni was very popular because she was supplying mini-goldfish to the babies.

Jacks and Dad.

My all-American boy.


Shelly said...

Cracking up at the pen photos :)
Glad you had a great time!
Hope your feline returns :(
And now I'm craving ice cream! lol

Changed by His Love said...

Excited to hear that camp went well and that you enjoyed it with a toddler - that's wonderful! WE missed you! Love the pictures, even if he is mad you took the pen Boo did that once. We do have BlueBell here in GA, but my first pastor in FL had it flown in once a year since he was from Texas. Funny, huh?

Anonymous said...

If the pen is the worst thing that goes into his mouth you will be a very lucky mama!! He's too cute to get very mad at--God does that on purpose, I'm sure. Love ya, sweet one! Mimi24

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

LOVE Jackson's pen pictures! I know I saw them last night, but they are even better and more effective on the "big screen." We're glad y'all are back in Southie.

kittyhox said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty! We lost ours last year and I was pretty devastated, even though I complained about him a lot (although not as much as my husband).

What great pen photos! I'm glad to see my son isn't the only one who makes that exact face! I don't know what your husband looks like, but it seems as if Jackson takes after you quite a bit. Not the mad face, of course! :) The other photos.

I've never had BlueBell ice cream, so I'll just have to imagine it. ;)

Patty said...

Three things.... I am glad you all had a great time at camp, our youth left today for camp. They were excited and ready to go. I asked my best friend's daughter what she was expecting to get from camp and she said, to ride horses and her mom said, I think Miss Patty meant, (spiritually get) to which Holli replied, well, the horses name is Spirit! (gotta love em')

I love animals, they are like my own children, I know how it feels to have a lost pet and I will pray that God will direct Mister Bill back home. My Jack Russell used to run every time the front door was opened and I would have to get in the car and go get him. He loved that game.

And Finally...BLUE BELL... When I was in Dallas last July everyone from Dallas kept trying to get me to try Blue Bell, I thought what is the big deal about Blue Bell? Was I wrong!!!! This is the best ice cream I have ever had (except for Maggie Moo's and Marbel Slab) They are selling it in East Tennessee now and I usually have 3 gallons of Blue Bell in my freezer. My next purchase, Blue Bell yogurt! Is God good or what?!! Yes, He is.

Nancy Mon said...

Amanda, I missed your blog this past week. CM said camp went really well. Glad you are back. I hope you find Bill.

Karla Porter Archer said...

I too, have a pen eater who just went on his first camping trip.

So glad you had a wonderful time camping.


Jackie said...

glad your camp trip went well,
will pray for bill (i pray for my animals, they ar god's creation too)
blue bell, music, and eating pens....the joys of motherhood.
i am gearing up to leave my 2 yr. old for 4 nights to be a leader at our church camp. never left her more than 1 night....god is good though, i am not worried.

jennyhope said...

these pics are so adorable and you look so pretty! I love the full scream pic of Jackson. what a cutie!
I am seriously going to pray for Bill right now. :)

debra parker said...

How fun is that???

Coke and bluebell???

Anonymous said...

After living in TExas for 8 years and then moving to the Midwest - i am BLUE BELL deprived. I am glad you indulged for the rest of us!

Jackson is a precious doll - I love the ink photos!

Thanks for keeping us posted!

connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad you had fun at camp. We prayed for you and the family. :)
By the way, I had a cat growing up and he would dart outside as well. When he would not come home we would get so upset. You have never seen a bunch of children (and one adult) cry (or should I say wale) so loudly for a beloved cat. I will pray for Bill to return as well.
I also loved the Jackson pen photos. I have 2 boys and they both love pens.
Last week my 7 year old took a pen during his afternoon quite time (aka mommy's break time) into his room and drew all over both of his legs. When he realized I saw them he told me he was drawing a tattoo on his leg like Uncle Kevin's - great!!!
Now we have to have a talk about tattos ....
Much love

jen said...

Oh my goodness those "pen" pics are too cute! And what a fun event at church! Mint chocolate chip... girl you are in GOOD company! That's my fav too. :)

Michelle said...

Um I miss Bluebell! It is sad! But note to all those who do not have bluebell where you reside or you Texans displaced around the nation... Good Ol Outback Steakhouse serves Bluebell at ALL of their location... and I have heard not that I have done it **wink** but you can by the big tub of it for $50 off the back loading dock... just sayin

Steph V said...

Love the pen photos. Wish I could say that's the last, but this is only the beginning! It will amaze you what they can find and horrify you at what they can destroy.

JD has a thing for Sharpies...and my Coach purse is paying the price!!!

Alicia said... bell icream. The best in the world!! seriously

A Little Water said...

amj- glad to read you guys had a great time at camp! i have to tell you- i envy you and your access to blue bell and glass coke bottles, they are the best, well ok, dr. pepper is the best, but what a fun event! it's just so VERY american. poor jackson and his pen accident, he's a cutie.

The Schmidt Family said...

so glad you're back! Does the ink really taste that good?

MamaCass said...

I was so bummed last night at work thinking of everyone at the festival. I even called Rodney while he was still there and could hear all the laughter in the background. We really do have an awesome church! Glad you had a great time at camp and I think it is time to lock up those pens:)

Erin Ward said...

Those ink pictures are so very sad. Sweet sweet Jackson. What a goof.

Holly said...

Great pictures, Amanda! I'm so thankful that God blessed your week with friends and fun and naps to boot! What more could a Mom want?

I'm glad also that you tasted and saw that the Mint Chocolate Blue Bell was GOOD...oh so good!

No Blue Bell in Colorado! We have Maggie Moos though, and I THINK you have flung a cravin' on me.

Praying for Bill to come home...we have been there and our favorite cat came home. God cares about these requests, I know.

Kelly said...

Blue bell and blue grass? That sounds SO fun - I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

That 2nd ink photo is just...precious, cute, hilarious, pitiful and funny all rolled into one!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Since I know how it is to love a pet-- I will pray that God brings your prodigal cat home. Pets are part of the family too.
I had my share of Blue Bell tonight with a little fresh blackberry cobbler. I have the whole milk thing too- but it was soooo worth it.
My Michael had problems with my lipstick instead of pens. Since then I don't wear it any more just colored lip gloss.

Mary Craig said...

Oh my gosh! THose pen pictures are hilarious! Loved all the pics. He's so cute!

Rita Loca said...

LOL! Your comment on my blog gave me a chuckle! Should I send you some smoked bones?
Any word on your cat?

Danana Banana said...

You are a much braver mama than me. It's been two and a half years and I haven't even attempted entering junior-high-summer-camp-world with our toddler. Congrats on surviving! And with flying colors!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time...except for the whole ink pen thing! I guess it's lucky for them, they are so cute when they throw a tantrum!

Anonymous said...

i think the pen pics are getting us prepared for him to start speaking some bible studies... what with this child's heritage what else would good ink possibly be used for? (hated to end with a preposition but was too stumped to come up with anythingg else) welcome back to you and your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Those pen pics. are hilarious! Priceless!

Liz Ferguson said...

Just had to say the pen pictures are hilarious!!! They gave me quite a good laugh!

On another sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you find him. :(