Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rockin' My World

Fun things that have happened in the last couple of days:

-Hearing from so many of you in response to A Scholarly Look at the Effects of Blogging on Friendships. Thanks for saying hi! Rachel and Sherry, I'm so glad I can add your faces to those that I picture whenever I'm talking to people out there.

-Reading your PHAT COW guesses. Hilarious! I will reveal the answer tomorrow.

-Curt's mom and grandparents arrived today from Missouri. Yay! We are going to hit Sprinkles AND JD's Chippery in one weekend. If you happen to see me and I look a little wild-eyed and disheveled, blame it on the sugar. The blessed, blessed sugar.

-My new computer arrived! This is probably my last blog post on the Dell Inspiron 5160, which is kind of sad because I've had this one since before Jackson was born. Okay, I'm choosing not to go there. I could make a whole post out of it and that is ridiculous! All of you who have Macs are wondering if I took your advice, and no, I got another Dell.

-I was given the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award by Bee at Will Blog For Shoes and Lisa at The Preacher's Wife. Woo hoo! Thank you so much, ladies! I'm so honored! Bee and Lisa are both very witty and their blogs are fun to read.

Bee suggested I might want to share this award with my friend Monty. Yes, Monty, I accept this award on behalf of both of us!

Now comes the really fun part - passing it on! I would like to give this award to the lovely Alicia who blogs at A Chapter in My Life...India. She has to have the world's coolest blog. She has recorded the highs and lows, the beauty and the grime, the spiritual and the mundane of her two years overseas. Some of her stories and pictures will blow your mind. Others will make you say Bless your heart. Still others will make you cry. I have missed her fellowship since she's been gone from our church family, but she's done an amazing job keeping everyone up to date on her life. While I am in the stage of life that involves lots of dirty diapers, mounds of laundry, and constantly wrangling a toddler into a carseat, it has been really cool to live this Asian adventure vicariously through Alicia by way of her blog. Thank you, Alicia, for letting me be a part! I love you and I can't wait to get my arms around your neck this fall! You are a Rockin' Girl Blogger if there ever was one!

Here are some pics of Alicia and I exactly two years ago at youth camp. This was the last big thing we did together before she left. We were co-counselors of the red group. Most groups did not have two counselors, but I was puking my brains out with morning sickness and didn't want to be doing that in the cabins with teenage girls all around. That would have been traumatic for everyone. Plus, I was only six weeks pregnant and was still keeping it a secret. I needed some help and Alicia was so great! I stayed with hubby while she stayed in the cabin with our girls.

Please excuse the camp hair.

After our group won skit night with "Respect."

On the bus heading home. Our group came in second place overall. I'm pretty sure that was because our co-counselor was racking up points for us as a rec staff member.

Ahhhh, we made it.


a boy a girl and a pug said...

congrats on the award...and eat cupcake at sprinkles for me!!

jennyhope said...

I actually like the Camp are looking oh so cute :)Rockin blogger!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Thanks for the link to Alicia's blog...I love, love, love to read about people who are in the ministry overseas.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you're "camp hair" is even rockin'!

Can't wait to check out Alicia's blog!

Anonymous said...


Check this out. It thought of you when I read about this BLOOK.

A constant lurker! :-)

Sherry said...

I am glad to have a blogging friend! Most of my friends are way behind the times. I keep begging but no blogs.

Fun that your church is doing a camp with FBC Forney. ..that's where Trey went growing up. Now we go to Lakepointe in Rockwall. We love it.

Sprinkles...haven't tried one but have heard all about them. Have fun!

Jackie said...

I have heard all about Sprinkles....I will have to make a road trip up there someitime to experience its greatness. Congrats on the award... I agree, YOU ROCK!!! I love reading your blog...your humor and gift for words make it so fun to "tune-in" too every day!!
Love ya!

Them Chandlers said... are definitely a rockin' girl blogger!

jen said...

Oh girl, I have talked my mom into visiting Sprinkles during our Woment Of Faith trip this August. I'm so excited! I told her that we just HAD to try it out because it got such great reviews from both you and Debra. :) We're naming it our "silly socks and sprinkles" trip. :) Congrats on the award! You do have a Rockin Blog! :)

Alicia said...

OVERFLOWING!! My love tank is filled Amanda! I feel like my blog is famous with a shout out from not only such an accomplished blogger, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY from such a huge encourager and sweet sweet friend of mine!! I can't wait to hug your skinny little bod and get acquainted with your handsome son!! I can't wait to go to the Jones' will definetly be a first stop of mine in Irving!! Love you Amanda. THanks for the blog award and intentionally seeking to fill my love tank! MUAH

Anonymous said...

I was just introduced to sprinkles back in May! They are divine!! Hope you enjoy! I love reading your blog!

Janelle and Ella said...

I couldn't agree more with your Rockin' Girl Blogger award to Alicia! It has been a thrill for me to be able to keep up with her ministry the last 2 years.

Alana said...

Your camp hair is super cute!

connorcolesmom said...

You and Alicia are precious!!!
I will have to check out her site b/c I would love to be in her shoes! One day I hope to take both of my boys on a mission trip with me :)
And congrats on the Rockin' Blogger award!! So Fun!!
God bless you sweet siesta!

Annie said...

You do rock! and I love my dell too.

MamaCass said...

Congratulations! You so deserve it. I love your blog and your writing so much and what a sweet tribute to Alicia. I will have to check out her blog and read up on some Asian adventure.

Shelly said...'re 'camp hair' is looking cute :) Mine looks rather like I never got to see a shower when I'm at those things.

And as for the new Dell laptop - woohhooh! I 'know' I should get a Mac, but I still stinking hate the things...even after trying to love them.

Allison said...

Amanda, you STILL have such beautiful hair! Always looks like a Pantene commercia!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the rockin blogger award. you totally deserve it. your blog is such a good mixture of funny, sweet, girly, Christian, sentimental, and everything in between!...loved the cute camps pics. you rock for being able to do that while 6 wks. pregnant with morning sickness!...also, if this is too personal don't worry about sharing it. but i was curious about how you broke the news to your parents that you were pregnant...i've been looking for some different ideas...

Jan said...

Hi Amanda!
You siesta sistas have me hook, line and sinker. At 46, I sat down and created my very own Blog :) holy cow batman...Today I had my first post on it!I hope you and some of your buddies can take time to read it. Check it out at (Lord, let me do this right)
Three men and a mom on blogspot
(I think) Jan

Jan said...

Woops...I messed up again! Hope this gets posted! You girls are so funny..i love it...I created my very own blog last 46, I am the envy of my menopausal, hotflashing friens! Seriously, check out my blog. I hope to get the digital camera thing going...My teenage sons have to show me how! three men and a mom on blogspot (I hope)

Deborah said...

You are such a beauty for our Lord, I love the camp hair!!! I realy enjoy stoping by every now and then to catch up on your adventures of live. you go dolla. love always me

connorcolesmom said...

I hope you are having a blast with your in-laws!!
Ok now that I have said that I am dying over here -
What does PHAT COWS mean - LOL!

I find myself running potential answers through my head - can you tell I am a type A personality :)

By the way, I got the e-mail from Patty about the t-shirts. I agree about the LPM traffic. However, I might post a note on my blog for those interested.
God bless sweet siesta,

Mia said...

Such a small world indead...I found you on my sweet friend Simri's blog.It is fun see all that God clearly does through you and this huge blog world! You are hilarious and super fun to read!

You went on a mission trip to Venezuela with my husband and I (Mitzi and Wes Hood.) You were just a single gal then... I believe and now you are married and have a precious little one!!!!! How sweet to see God's faithfulness!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your rockingirlblogger award!!I won't be lurking here for awhile..that means no lpm, monablog,blogger or schiskabobs either..i'll have lots of catching up to do at the end of the month...signed:your faithful lurker(since day one)Jellybean's cousin, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

ps i would love to see a picture of Jackson by your Mother's new water fountain when i get back!!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

oh how i have so many memories of camp - God called me into ministry at youth camp - loved it!!!

thank you for ministering with your hubby or alongside!!!

Have a great 4th!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and am completely loving it! I'm fairly new to the blog universe and it's taken me ahwile to discover just how many blogs are out there! But thru my lengthy blog-investigation I've been doing the last couple of days, I've found SO MANY! I'll definitely be back to visit!

AbbyLane said...

your "camp" hair looks better than my "church" hair...too cute..and terribly unfair ;)