Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Headless Chicken Running

Let me give you a run down of the last couple of days.

Saturday: We drive in from Houston in time to shower and get ready for church. I know Jackson has been exposed to a stomach virus, so I decide not to let him go in the nursery with Ella. We were responsible for Ella's last bout with this and I was not about to take any chances with her. Rather, he would sit with me alone on the back row. He's usually mesmerized during any music and I had a bottle ready for the sermon. So I get Jackson and myself ready, which is like pulling teeth as worn out as we are, and get to the church. Late. We're there long enough to visit with Pastor John for 2.5 seconds and then Jackson starts trying to dive out of my arms and yell. Stupid, stupid woman. The walk home is longer than the time we spent at church.

Sunday: We attempt to take Curtis to lunch for Father's Day at El Fenix in downtown Dallas. It's closed. Then we make a huge loop around the city and decide to try Pappasito's. There are tons of people waiting outside. Not a good sign. So I suggest we go to Jason's Deli for lunch and come back for fajitas that night. Jason's Deli is closed. Any evidence of Amanda being filled with the Spirit flies out the window. We eat a very classy Father's Day lunch at Wendy's. That night we get our fajitas and all is well.

Monday: I arise at 4:00 a.m., after having slept about 3.5 hours as a result of a long Sunday nap, and get ready for a day trip to Houston. Montezuma begins a day-long revenge but I'm thankful not to have that awful stomach virus. I fly home for my mom's 50th birthday party with the LPM girls. Our parties are so much fun and this big birthday would be very special. And since it is also my sister's first day of work, I do not want to miss it! The party is a blast. We have breakfast in the office and watch a really hilarious, really sweet video the staff put together for Bethie. Then we drive out to the Galleria to have an early lunch at Ruggles. I'm not very hungry but WE ARE AT RUGGLES. Then we divide into two teams and have a scavenger hunt. Our parties always involve some kind of competition and prizes. My team comes in second but our prize is just as good as the winning team. Typical LPM style. We grab Starbucks, then head back to the office to open presents and have cake. I am picked up at 4:30 from my parents' house and head back to the airport. I hope not to be in an airport again for a long time. After getting lost in DFW and a terminal parking garage for 45 minutes, I am in my car driving away at 9:05. I miss Jackson's bedtime. Dang it.

Since over the weekend I found out about three friends who are unexpectedly pregnant with their second, I am a little paranoid. So I stop by CVS for a pregnancy test. It's negative.

I check my email and do not pay attention when Curtis puts in a DVD. Then one of my favorite songs - David Crowder Band's "Stars" - comes on and I look up. I see a video of my precious baby on the day he was born. In 16 months I had never gotten to see any footage of that day, and now Curtis presents me with this amazing video he's made of Jackson's first two weeks. It's set to some great music. I cry like a little baby. Then I get my baby out of the bed and rock him. He never wakes up.

Tuesday morning: I open my eyes before 7 a.m. and can't go back to sleep because I want to see my baby! I can't wait for him to wake up! Oops, I make a little too much noise in the kitchen and hear him cry. Oh dern!

*Here is a really neat You Tube video someone set to "Stars." It's such a beautiful song.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm laughing my butt off you had to have Father's Day Lunch at Wendy's. Not laughing at you, no way, just laughing because I totally relate.

Hubs and I planned pre-wedding that we would be in the Grand Canyon for our 10th wedding anniversary. Know where we were instead? The Asheville, NC zoo with 3 stair-step boys. How's that for reality not aligning with expectation? Except the thing is, the reality was sooo much better...Not that Wendy's is better than Mexican, but you get my drift...:)

Blessings on this special season in yours and your family's life...You are just a doll!


Big Mama said...

A Father's Day frosty is completely underrated. Not to mention the square meat patties.

And that song is beautiful. I can't even imagine listening to it while seeing images of your precious boy. A recipe for tears.

Janelle and Ella said...

Ella definitely missed hanging with Jackson Saturday night, their standing date night. I was wondering how long y'all made it in service when I looked back after worship and y'all weren't there.
Love that you took a paranoid pregnancy test!! That is so funny. Thus my reason for taking my last week. I'm surrounded. I'm feeling sick every morning but it's only phantom symptoms as you say.
I'm glad it worked out for you to spend Monday with your family!

boomama said...

Hope today is filled with lots of rest, lots of sugar from J., and absolutely, positively nothing to do with Montezuma.

And now I can't get David Crowder Band out of my head. Must go get iPod and listen to a Passion CD. :-)

McClure Family said...

I am so glad that you got to come to Houston and you didn't even seem a bit tired! Bless you!! I hope you get tons of rest and enjoy your boy this week!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Ahhh...the blessings of motherhood. I pray your week slows down a little so you can catch up.

Steph V said...

wow...I'm tired just reading your post! Haha!

I love that Curtis made you that video, how precious is that!

Hope Aunt Lizby had a wonderful 50th!

Oh...and it's in the air so be careful. In the last 12 hours I have also learned of 2 more friends that are pregnant. I now know someone due each month from now until February!!!

Shelly said...

I'm so sorry, but I am totally laughing. I agree with 'the preacher's wife' though - not at you, but just in an understanding way.

Wendy's - priceless. Bless y'all!
Getting lost in the airport - empathy. I am a total Atlanta airport victim and very often find my way on the way to Alabama :(
Paranoid pregnancy test - I was cracking up!
'Stars' by Crowder - ohh...one of my favorites. Ditto

MamaCass said...

Your Mom's party sounds like so much fun. I am sure she was ecstatic that you and your sister were both there. And visions of you picking up your sleeping little boy to just cuddle...so sweet.

Angela Baylis said...

And to think you still take the time to bless others!!!! I am so grateful for your obedience! You are so sweet!

Thank you very much, Amanda!

Holly said...

Beautiful! Sometimes life gets us moving in fast gear...I'm glad it was fast gear to have a bunch of fun, though!
So glad your Mom had a great birthday!! How about your sister? Did her fist day go well? Did her team win?
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

see i knew you were up too late posting that food blog Especially after that adventure packed day!!! Glad to hear that yesterday was so much fun! do i hear loud noises coming from the kitchen again? Give him all the hugs in the world!

Murrell Family said...

What a busy weekend! I'm glad that you got to enjoy your mom's birthday! I must admit that I am sad that your pregnancy test was negative...four pregnant friends would be great fun!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Wow...I did not know the WHOLE adventure that led you to pappasito's on Sunday night. Y'all really earned that meal!

LeslieW. said...

I giggled when I read this, I took a pregnancy test about an hour ago. It was negative. I joke that I have "pregnancy hypochondria." The symptoms always seem to be there. I'm so glad I'm not alone!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I laughed at the paranoid pregnancy test (I think we all did - hehe)
I still wonder sometimes if I am pregnant and my husband had a vasectomy 3 yrs ago!! LOL
Anyway, I think one of the best things about having kids is the unpredictability - LOL!!
Keeps us on our toes!!
It sounds like you got to have a nice time regardless - the video sounds like a truly wonderful gift!!
Also, I am so glad you and the fam had a great time at your mom's party!! I thought she was turning 50!! Of course she looks like she is in her 30's!!


Annie said...

I love El Fenix! We were in Dallas for a few months when Izzy was in the hospital there, I couldn't eat much during that time, but did seem to try a lot of neat places. Eatzies was so good! and lots of take out from El Fenix. Now we go to Dallas once a month and always eat at El Fenix.
Sounds like a fun weekend, I secretly like it when things are crazy like that!

debra parker said...

Amanda. I am glad to read that you were at the galleria on Monday. So was I. If only I saw you running around on a scavenger hunt it would have made my day...

By the way, I got tired just reading about all you have been doing.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

When we visited Dallas in March, every time we tried to go to a restaurant, we would pull up to find it closed. Our friends were dying of embarrassment -- but in reality, it was too funny.

Hope Montezuma has left you feeling whole again.

Anonymous said...

Amanda....out of all the things you wrote about...I have to ask this question? El Fenix? I had no idea that there was an El Fenix near Dallas! Richard and I loved to eat at the El Fenix in the Galleria...they have the best chicken sour cream enchiladas....please tell me this is the same restaurant! If so, looks like we are making a trip to Dallas!!!

Serah said...

There definitely could be worse things than Father's Day lunch at Wendy's. :-) You did have quite a weekend, though.

And I'm with you on the paranoid pregnancy test. Seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant with their 2nd. Brady just turned 2 and we're not ready yet!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

That sounds crazy busy.

I'll have to watch the video later ... when I have sound!

Michelle said...

Well, you know, if you just count Melissa and I...and go backwards in the order we had our first....you are next!!! Convince Curt NOW!!!

Ashley said...

I just found your blogsite, and I'm so glad! So great to hear how your precious family is doing and how your little one is growing so big! I loved your thoughts about wanting to get Jackson up in the morning; if I even think about the smell of Cole's skin and smiling face, I can't WAIT to get him up in the morning! What a sweet momma you are!