Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blooper Reel

Clip 1:
On Thursday morning, Melissa and I had to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up some small metal stands to hold the table number cards for the reception. Picture something that holds a frame or a plate upright. We needed about 20 of them but we could only find a few. We realized that there were plenty of stands throughout the store, but we had to remove them from the back of merchandise that had been artfully and strategically displayed. Pretty much, a lot of display cases looked like they had been rummaged through by three-year-olds by the time we left.

Un-numbered Clip (because I forgot this one and had to add it in):
Ten minutes before we were supposed to leave for the rehearsal dinner, I heard my sister scream, "Mom! Get up here!" from her bedroom. Melissa had just put on her beautiful, black and white satin, strapless dress and realized the store had forgotten to remove the sensor. Ahhhh! And it was one of those ink-release sensors. Can you believe it? Curt and Dad sent up some urgent prayers and headed out to the garage with my sister's expensive cocktail dress. We had another dress on standby, but this one was so beautiful! Dad and Curtis managed to saw the two pieces of the sensor in half without firing the ink all over the fabric. Whew! That was a close one!

Clip 2:
As I mentioned, I made the ultimate Girls Night Out CD for the weekend. "At Last" by Etta James was the first song on it. We played the CD all weekend and I felt a certain measure of pride and self-congratulations every time I popped the CD in and heard that song. It's so romantic and weddingy. Well, when I decided to play the CD in the bride's room after exhausting all our other options (we were there for hours), Melissa enlightened me to the fact that she absolutely hates that song. Hates it, hates it, hates it. Apparently when she saw the first round of her bridal portraits, which were a complete disaster due to circumstances that no one could control, that song was playing. Alrighty then! Good one, Mand! There's no telling how many times I made her listen to it. The good news is, the Father of the Bride sponsored a do-over portrait session and it turned out to be gorgeous.

Clip 3:
I was having some issues with my dress inching down below my support devices. Liz so kindly offered to share her fabric tape with me. So we taped that dress right on to my skin to keep it in place. However, the weight of the dress eventually pulled it down enough to reveal a weird looking warp in my skin that was actually the clear tape. I was having none of that. I summoned the M-O-B and she dutifully removed it from where we had attached it to my back. Have you ever had your back waxed? I'm guessing not. Me neither, thankfully. However, I now know what it feels like...and it's horrible! Horrible!

Clip 4:
Not long before the ceremony was to begin, Curtis called me with some grave news. Jackson had decided that my sister's wedding day would be a great day not to take a nap. The day I would need him to be as happy, patient, and flexible as possible. The day I would hope he wouldn't turn into a pumpkin at 8:00. Sigh. It wasn't for lack of opportunity. What happened was Jackson also decided my sister's wedding day would be a great time to try climbing out of his crib for the first time. (He has a real crib at my parents' house.) Curt walked into the room to try to motivate him to fall asleep when he saw Jackson doing a bridge between the crib rail and the foot of the bed that is probably 20 inches away from the crib. His toes were the only thing hanging on to the crib. Little stinker! Curt said he was rather proud of him but he wouldn't let himself show it. Jackson did fall asleep on the way to the church, so at least he got 50 minutes of rest.

Clip 5:
As you can imagine, I was very anxious to see my son in his little suit. Curt brought Jackson, Cozy and Lindsay up to the bride's room so that I could see him. As soon as the doors flung open he saw his mommy standing there with a big hairdo, a lot of makeup, and a long teal dress; some woman wearing a white gown and some kind of gauze on her head; five other girls in long teal dresses; and his grandma in plain clothes with big fancy hair and no makeup. As soon as the awwwwww's started, he burst into tears and had a meltdown. It was just all too much. Bless his heart. I should have known. He absolutely hates being brought into a crowd of people and cries every time.

Clip 6:
The only way we could keep Jackson happy enough for the photographer to snap a few pictures was to let him hold the cars he had been playing with all weekend. So those will show up in the formal shots. I ask you, who would dare take cars away from a two-year-old and then ask him to smile? A fool! That's who!

Clip 7:
Well, my dad's bow tie was too tight, he hated his cummerbund, and he was really nervous about the big dance. So what did he do? Before we left the church he took off the bow tie and cummerbund and changed into his Wranglers and boots. Only my dad.

Clip 8:
I wish you could tell from the images provided how many times and how badly I got in trouble with my sister for taking pictures. I clung to the hope that she would thank me later.

Clip 9:
Cozy, Lindsay, and Jackson were seated at a table with our dear friends the Bridgwaters. The trio had to leave after dinner because Jackson was out of steam. Later I walked over to the table and sat down where Jackson had been sitting so I could visit with Kay and Jerrell. I immediately noticed a sick-looking piece of food sitting on the tablecloth. I thought it was the lump of lobster from the lobster bisque. I knew my in-laws weren't big seafood fans, but surely... (Teasing you, Cozy! Love you!) It was then that I was told that my son had chewed up a roll and kept it in the roof of his mouth. At the opportune time, he put his finger in his mouth and flicked the chewed up roll across the table. It was a proud moment for Mommy.

Clip 10:
After all was said and done, Curtis and I headed home to my parents' house. It was not a short drive and it had been raining. When we were just 2 minutes away, I got a call from my mom saying that Colin had lost his wallet and that she and I were going to have to go back to the church and the reception sight and look until we found it. Are. You. Kidding. Me? We both wanted to start crying because we were so tired. Thank You and praise You, Lord Jesus, because Melissa's blessed wedding planner found it at the church and took it to their hotel. Big, big sigh of relief!

Hmmm, I'm thinking I might need a nap now!


Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

I totally heart your blog. Just found it today.

Heather said...

Oh those are great memories!

And you are right about taking cars away from a 2 year old!

So glad you didn't have to go back to find that wallet!

All in all it sounds like a great time was had by all!

Toknowhim said...

Hope you enjoyed your nap... You deserve it after a wedding and a birthday celebration :)

It made me smile when I read the clip about your sister not liking the song that you played over and over..

Also, I can totally relate about Jackson bursting into tears when he saw all of you dressed up for the wedding. My kids normally did that when we would go to Disney World, and they would meet the characters... I expected them to be so joyful, and they just were scared and startled to death..

Also, loved the pictures... You all looked so beautiful in all of the pictures. Good call about how your hair looked once you took all the bobby pins out :)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda! I have been keeping up with your blog for about a month and I must say that I just adore you and your family! I SO get some much needed laughter and tears from the details that are shared on this blog as well as LPM. I wish that I could be a bride all over again! As a bride that had wonderful sisters and MOB, I appreciated every moment of my dreamy wedding day!:)
His Love and a hug to each one of you!
~Amanda M./FL

Anonymous said...

I have loved reading about the wedding extravaganza. Thank you for sharing it!
On another note...I feel your pain with the crib incident. I went through two daughters and then had a son who climbed out at 2years old. Go get yourself a CRIB TENT. They are AWESOME. My son actually liked his. We told him it was just like camping when we would zip him in it. It is priceless!
Jenny from VA

Mocha with Linda said...

Now THAT's the really fun side of the wedding recap!! Love to hear the "real" parts that show y'all are just like the rest of us. . . the little sister fussing at the big one for the hated song and for all the pictures, the Tod having a meltdown, the lost wallet and frustration. . . . .

Glad you survived, and hope you can get some rest and not have too much of a post-wedding downer!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Girl, I know that you must be exhausted. What's a wedding without a few bloopers though! I loved that your Daddy changed into his jeans...hee-hee!

AbbyLane said... is usually the "grin and bear it" moments that make memory lane so humorous..
(after the allotted "this isn't funny" time has passed of course)

thanks for the wedding 'gag reel :)

Fran said...

I really don't see how you can remember all this so clearly and then put it into coherent thoughts and funny too!!!

Bless you sweet sister of the bride. I hope you are napping HUGELY right now! :)

We love the glimpses inside the big weekend.

Stephanie Kay said...

Every good wedding story needs a few bloopers and mishaps to make the re-telling lots of fun. = )

Darlene R. said...

How nervous was Melissa when her dad and bro-in-law took her beautiful dress to the garage? Wow! Kudos to them for getting that tag off of there without ruining the dress.

I laughed so hard at the first clip. I would've never thought to do that! So funny! :)

My hubs would be the one in the jeans and boots before the night was over. He hates suits! We had to get one for the cruise we're going on next week and he was a big ol' baby about it!

What fun memories these are. Now go take a nap with Jackson! :)

Rose said...

Oh Amanda, the memories you share with us are just priceless, I know you have a special place in heaven just for sharing your lives with us and in the way you do it, so entertaining, you're such a gifted writer!!! Awesome hillarious stories :0)

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you used the word "fool" in this entry. It is my favorite word in the English language.

If I knew how to say it in Spanish, it'd be my favorite one there, too.

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, I am tired just reading this! It sounds like a typical wedding day, though, right? I had my share of glitches, too, if I remember correctly. Although none of them involved a two-year-old, which I am sure makes things more interesting. . ..
* The day of the rehearsal, I got a massage. However, Lauren didn't know they schedule THREE HOURS for a one hour massage (seriously, who would know that?), and because of a mix-up, Nathan ended up with my dress and makeup. So I ended up barely making it to the rehearsal and not having any makeup on the whole time. :( I did slap that stuff on on the way to the rehearsal dinner, though.
* The minister misprounounced our last name. "Mr. and Mrs. Beresh" is not us. We just laughed and walked up the aisle.
* My wedding photographer made me uncomfortable because he was so flirty. And he WOULD have to KISS me on the cheek while adjusting my veil or something. UGGG! I felt like saying, "If you are looking for a new girlfriend, you are in the wrong business."

Queen B said...

I discovered your blog in the midst of this wedding business and it has been so much fun to read!

Thanks for keeping us informed!! And laughing!!

taralynn819 said...

Well, couldn't Colin just turn around and look for it himself???

tooootally kidding!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. The pictures and details of the wedding have been wonderful. It is good to see this side as well. We all have these kinds of things happen and I appreciate you sharing them. Sometimes we see other peoples events and happenings and think how perfect and think these things you mentioned only happen to us!

Thanks for sharing!

Patty said...

Amanda, You have earned yourself a vacation in a sunny destination of your choice!
I always say when things are not going as planned, just think what would happen if we weren't praying?!
Being a mom of boys, I had to laugh at what Jackson did to the roll and having to keep his trucks with him to take a picture! Trust me, I emphathize with you!
Have a great and well deserved nap!

Cinde said...

Thank you for sharing all of that with us. What memories! Melissa will be glad that she has those pictures someday. You are all so incredibly gorgeous - you could easily put the red carpet starlets to shame. However, I cannot get the image of your mom frying up "Beanie food" in her formal gown out of my head! That is a hoot!

Anonymous said...

This was hilarious!! I just loved reading and seeing all the pics from your sisters wedding. I love a wedding. It was really beautiful. ( I did crack up and had to tell my husband about you playing "lets get it on" at the church! Too funny!)

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

Cases dismantled
Cocktail dress sensored
CD debaucle
Crafted dress to body
Crib challenge
Child's meltdown
Cars debut
Cumberbund abandoned
Camera DQ'd
Chewed-up lobster
Colin's dilemma
Collapsed Amanda

You charmed me. I think that your beautiful God so showed up for you all on this day where Melissa is marked forever. Thanks for telling such an enjoyable delightful tale.

connorcolesmom said...

Those are some great bloopers and some fun memories!

Unknown said...

Whoever thinks that God doesn't answer prayers wasn't in your parent's garage when that theft device was successfully cut off the dress, huh??? I'm so glad your in-laws got to come and take care of Jackson. It's a long day without having to go through it when you're 2!! (Happy Birthday Jackson!)

I'm loving all the tidbits :)!

Kari said...

Love, love, love your posts this week! What a fun couple of weeks you have had. I can't wait to see Jackson's birthday pics. I loved his little suit!

Anonymous said...

THOSE are the things you'll remember forever and EVER. You're such a good sister to write them down.

Ashley said...

You are hilarious! What great memories, and I'm sure Melissa will thank you later for all the pictures. If not, at least you will treasure them. I have three younger sisters so I totally know the emotions that you felt...

My three sisters all got married within 8 months of each other. Try that on your emotions! Wow!

You are blessed.

Nancy Mon said...

Girl, are you rested up? Sounds like a totally fun and wonderful weekend. The pictures are awesome and you are a good big sister to insist on taking pictures. Just doing the Titus 2 thing for baby sis.

Glad you all had fun.

ocean mommy said...

I loved this! I'm sure your lil sis will appreciate this when she's home and taking a stroll down memory lane!


Anonymous said...

Well, my dear sweet Amanda, you might as well get a "big boy" bed now. This is the first attempt at independence but I can guarantee it won't be the last. After all, Jackson is now a 2 year old. He is absolutely adorable.

Nancy said...

One day, probably sooner than you think, she'll be glad you had that ever present camera. You're a such a wonderful sister to her...and photogenic and a pretty good photographer too!

Thanks for sharing the smiles.

BethAnne said...

As someone who ruined a very expensive outfit by removing the ink tag with pliers, I am so impressed by the fact that your dad and hubs got that thing off without disaster! It truly was a God thing! No, really, it definitely was!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

It just wouldn't be a good wedding without bloopers.

Amy T said...

Great post! I giggled through the whole thing and even AWWWW'D with the rest of you when Jackson burst out crying. You definitely inherited the gift of words. I also loved the part about your dad changing into his Wranglers. I noticed the tie was gone in the pictures. Hee Hee. At least he made it through the ceremony, right? :)

Anonymous said...

So funny! And my son WILL NOT go without a car in tow at all times. I'm sure Melissa cracked up when your dad walked into the reception in his Wranglers and boots! Feel your pain with the song choice. I had a roommate in college that hated my Kenny G CD and never even told me until we were packing up to move out. I went to sleep every night listening to it. She must have had some horrendous nightmares!! Your sis will thank you one day for ALL those pics you took!
Great recap! Amy in OK

Anonymous said...

These kinds of stories are my favorite ones, and usually end up being the funniest memories! Ours was on our wedding day 15 years ago. We left the reception with the big, fancy "send off." We went back to my parents' house to change clothes, leave the tux to be returned, the dress to be dry-cleaned, and then head off to our wedding night at a local hotel. EXCEPT I forgot to take the key to my parents' house in my little bridal purse. Imagine a whole lot of big, puffy, white tulle digging in the dirt in the parents' backyard near the back door. "I know they hide a key back here somewhere!" Eventually we had to call the reception hall (the days before cell phones!), have someone get a hold of my parents, and wait for another relative to come let us in with the key. Not the romantic start to our homeymoon we had envisioned. It has provided a lot of laughs over the years though!

My favorite part of your story was your dad changing into his Wrangler's and boots! Go Dad!

jennyhope said...

you are so precious Amanda and you guys are so stunning in the pics!
It was tough when Morgan mastered climbing out of the bed! Time for a toddler bed oh the fun!!

jennyhope said...

Oh I meant to ask: have you read Shepherding a Child's Heart? I am just curious about your thoughts on it if you have. If you don't have time to answer I totally understand. =) you dont have to post this one either.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My little sister's wedding also suffered from the Curse of the No Nap. My three-year-old daughter was supposed to be the flower girl. She was thrilled about her job, she did great in rehearsal -- but the day of the wedding, she didn't nap. So she threw a fit in the lobby when it was time to walk the aisle and fell asleep on her daddy's shoulder instead.

Oh, and my husband's black cowboy boots were part of his ensemble at our wedding. It was part of his everyday wardrobe back then. So I respect your Dad's apparel integrity.

Shelley said...

I'm sure you DO need a nap! Love the bloopers! That's the stuff you'll be talking about years from now!

I have to ask...Has Jackson continued to climb out of his crib? I ask because my 17 month old is a climber. Seriously, some days I don't know what I'm going to do! He's always climbing onto some table or out of his highchair, and most recently, out of his pack n play and crib. He is my first boy, and this is all very new to me. Many friends of mine sympathize, but don't know what to tell me, because their boys weren't quite so adventurous! So, I guess I'm asking if Jackson is adventurous, and if he is, could you give me some tips? Please!

Anonymous said...

Could you list the names of the songs you had on the wedding cd. Thanks!

Colleen/Baltimore MD

Anonymous said...

This is so funny!

Before we left the church he took off the bow tie and cummerbund and changed into his Wranglers and boots. Only my dad.

I'm sure he looked as handsome as ever:)

Heather said...

I remember you saying something about watching John and Kate plus 8. I had never seen it when you mentioned it and began watching it. They are going to be on Oprah tomorrow just in case you wanted to tune in ...

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa...that sounds like the (honest-to-goodness) 12 weddings in which I've had a pertinent part. (Yeah...I kind of left behind the whole "thrice a bridesmaid" thing...) :)

I'm so glad you survived, so glad you had such a wonderful time and so glad that you're *hopefully* getting a chance to get some rest & catch up this week.

Happy Marriages! :)

Kelly said...

The "bloopers" are what make the best memories. Your dad in the wranglers is priceless- a man deserves to be comfortable when he is giving his last daughter away!

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda.
Just discovered your blog. I read your other one, but I found this one when searching for mommy stuff. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Abby, and a little boy coming in May. I am also about to be an aunt for this first time as my sister-in-law is having a little boy tomorrow! Anyway, I enjoy your writing and I am going back and reading older posts. Hope you get some rest from the wedding festivities!
Stephanie from Richmond, VA

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the bloopers! I guess every wedding has a few. Hope you've been able to get some well deserved rest (with a two year old....). Melissa will appreciate all your pictures later. Some of my best wedding pics were taken by my brother and another friend of ours.

Melene@Sing For Joy said...

Thank you so much for sharing so much of this amazing weekend with us. I am so glad it was all so wonderful and you made so many memories.

I thought about you tonight as I watched "Don't Forget the Lyrics."
Boyz 2 Men was on for the celebrity version!

Three Fold Cord said...

Have you ever thought about someone's pst so much that you replied a thousand times but then realized you never did. That is what I have done about this blooper reel. I have laughed reminisced(sp?) and replied a hundred times.
I agree with the other friend that said all the bloopers have to happen 'cause we wouldn't have any great stroies to tell if not.
Love the comment from Melissa-"I hate it, hate it , hate it"- got to love that sister honesty!!

Oh! and about your toddler two's you will have so many range of emotions you will wonder if you are pregnant again. Then you will find out you are like I did and just cry sometimes because you just can't figure it all out. That is when my Lovely Lord steps in and tells me he is right there walking me through it!!
Love you girl!

Janelle and Ella said...

Wow! WOW! I don't even know what to say. Each one of the "clips" were equally entertaining to read. I think I need to print this so next time we are together without babies (oh wait, when is that?) we can go over each one! :-)

Lindsee Lou said...

I serioulsy leave blogging world for a bit, than have tons to catch up on.

But, instead of writing a novel, I'll just say that it all looked amazing, beautiful, funny and like y'all had a better time than you imagined. I love weddings!

I love that you wrote all this out just so you can go back and read it. After my besties go married, I should have done the same thing. I've already forgotten some of those minute details. Hmm...maybe I'll have to do it for what I remember!

Looked just fabulous and gorgeous!

Danette said...

My Dad also hated his tux, and he too changed into his wranglers and boots before my reception--I loved it--I think they are a lot alike! :)