Monday, July 21, 2008

Doctor Drama

First of all, thanks to everyone who left me their potty training input. There is a wealth of knowledge in my comments!

So today has had a little drama. I enrolled Jackson in a really great Mother's Day Out program for the next school year and tomorrow I have to turn in this huge registration packet or else he will lose his spot. Let me just tell you that in a family-saturated area, MDO spots are not easy to come by!

I am a terrible procrastinator and I hadn't even looked at the papers since I first glanced at them on the day they came in the mail 2 months ago. Idiot girl. I needed a doctor's signature (um, we don't even have a doctor here yet) and Jackson's shot records. Fun times. Jackson's old doctor's office said they could send me the stuff, but I'd need to fax them some forms first and then I would hear back from them in 48 hours. That is 24 hours later than I need them. They would not budge. They would not even tell me over the phone what shots my child has had since May of 2007, which is the last record I have. (I misplaced some things in the move.) Are you stinking kidding me? I am his mother! I brought him there to get the dumb shots! I nearly lost my testimony on the phone but the Lord helped me be civil.

My dad called right after I got off the phone and asked if he and Pappaw could drop off Jackson's new sandbox that Pappaw made him. I burst into tears and started wailing. It's not a good time! I'm so maaaaaaaddddddd! Whaaaahhhhh! My poor dad. He was not prepared to hear his 28-year-old daughter having a meltdown today.

I ended up taking Jackson to a family practice just so he could be seen and okayed for MDO. My mom has a close relationship with the staff and they were very gracious. They bent over backwards for me and got all the records mess sorted out. I am going to have to send them a card. If only I had mad baking skillz I would send some cookies. Jackson had to get the chicken pox vaccine (which I thought he'd had!) but he recovered quickly thanks to some huge stickers and a dum dum.

Jackson is napping happily (hopefully dryly) and once he wakes up we get to take our papers to get notarized. Yeah! I can't wait!

By the way, my sister's birthday was yesterday. I never feel older than the moment when I ask her, "How old are you now?" Ugh! How is my little sister 26? I'm only supposed to be 24!


Melinda said...

You poor girl! My favorite doctor story involved me, a brand new mom at 23, with my new born bearing a crazy mad case of cradle cap. The phone conversation went something like this:

Me: I like to bring my daughter in - I think she has cradle cap.

Them: Ma'am, you just need to get the cream for that at the drugstore.

Me: I've already done that and it's still really bad.

Them: I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. Why don't you give it a few days.

Me: I've already waited a few days - I'm telling you it's REALLY BAD!

Them: Please calm down Ma'am.

Me: Fine.

When I arrived a half hour later, I simply stuck my daughter head first through the check-in window

Me: If any more of this skin comes off, her brains will FALL OUT. Do you think he'll see me NOW???!!!

Them: Oh. Wow. Let's get you right on in.

Me: That's right. I thought so.

You should never mess with a sleep-deprived new mom. She's liable to rip your head right off.

jennyhope said...

Bless your heart and I sure have had those days. I know what you mean about MDO we are so blessed to have an incredible program at my church but it feels up so fast!!! So glad it worked out!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got everything worked out! We had the whole MDO thing with getting the only spot and having to register that day a few years ago! I know how you feel!
If it makes you feel any better, they don't have MDO in the Northeast! Thankfully we have great in-laws! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda! I feel for you, girl. But yay for a sympathetic office that helped you out. And about those mad baking skillz, I think your sister has them. Maybe she could make them a tart or something!! :)


Melissa said...

You don't need mad baking skillz to make ANYthing of Ina Garten' her Apple Crostada. :) I hate baking (love cooking), but even I can make her A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. brownies or lemon pound cake. Yum!

Rachel said...

Ugh! Drama days are tough! Enjoy a piece of chocolate and know tomorrow's just *got* to be better. And then remember to tell Jackson's wife someday the lengths you went for him to have a great program...she'll need the encouagement too! Oh, and belated birthday blessings to Lis!

Kelly said...

Oh does it make me feel better to know I have a procrastinating sister out there!!!
I think it feels good to know we are one in the bond of our un-perfectness! :-)
YEAY for MDO!!!!!!!!!

Yoli said...

Bless your little heart Amanda. What a day. SOoo glad it's all taken care of now. God is good.

I know what you mean about the age thing. It stinks.

luv ya!

Emmy said...

Oh I am SO sorry! I know exactly what you are talking about... I have a stack of forms on my desk that were due a week ago...

But the coveted Mothers Day Out spot... Oh how I remember! No... you can not lose that spot!

Glad it worked out! Sorry for the drama! It will be worth it come your free morning(s) !!!

Missy said...

Girl - you deserve some cookies after that one! Or maybe a yummy snow cone. :)

Glad it all got sorted out!

connorcolesmom said...

I tell you nothing makes me sweat more than having to fill out forms especially ones that deal with my children.

BTW: I did the same thing with Cole and totally did not read the 457 paged packet they sent after I waited in line 5 days to have him signed up for this FANTASTIC preschool

They sent me a reminder card in the mail that I had not sent in all of his paper work and if I did not get it turned in ASAP they would cancel his spot

I drove to the school almost in tears begging for mercy and they acted like it was NO BIG DEAL - thank you Lord for their kindness!
I am so glad he has a spot in that school

If only I could find the reminder card with the orientation date on it

Love ya

Amy said...

Hi Amanda,

I have never commented before, but have to say that this so sounds like something that would happen to me. As a matter of fact, both my parents listened to their 34 year old daughter meltdown today at different times. And I'll be calling tomorrow to get my 5 year old a doctor's appointment. Thanks for the reminder.

MITZI said...

Been there, done that. Sometimes we learn a lesson the hard way.

Eliza said...

Glad you got it worked out! What a day! Sometimes you can get records with the health department, I think. I have had to get a printout of them before.

debra parker said...

I feel for you. One day you will look back and laugh your head off at these particular moments.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Notarized documents for MDO? I'd be melting down too..

But, don't feel bad. Just registered my daughter for Kindergarten and realized I've never requested her birth certificate. The baby's almost 6 and I had no idea.

Actually, you've just reminded me I need to find the form to get that mailed over to the school...Bet you didn't consider this post a PSA, huh? :)

McClure Family said...

I'm so glad that you got what you needed to get him into MDO...we all know how very precious that time is! So sorry the little guy had to get a shot!

twinkle said...

Can I say "Happy Birthday!" to Melissa here?!? Your baby sister is really growing UP!
And your daddy must have felt ten feet tall when he rescued you in your medical dilemma!

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Holly said...

Happy Belated birthday to Melissa!!

You have such a neat family...really, it blesses me to watch.

So glad for the wonder-workers to get Jackson in and get MDO set up! I love that God is in the details.

Chris has one more day of Curtis' book--when's the second one coming out? :) Hee! Hee! It has really blessed him--thanks y'all!!

Patty said...

You know I worked in a doctor's office for years and I can't believe they wouldn't help you and I am sorry you had to go thru that but praise God for your new doctor!! May God bless this doctor's staff with a special delight. :)
Hoping Jackson and you have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

I so totally feel your pain. Went through a similar ordeal for preschool apps....whatever?!?! Please people!!! This isn't college!!!! I'm so glad your day ended well...uggh...time for a margahrita and bed after a day like that! Dog gone's such rough bootcamp learning it as a mom!
You rock girl!
Heidi in NC :)

Katy said...

MDO may have taken the papers without the shot information and all that other stuff stating that your kid won't infect anyone if he sneezes, spits or bites. In the past when I register my child for Kindergarten, they are usually gracious and tell the parent to have it with them by the first day of school. You may have had time but, it's done. Way to go!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Glad you got all of that straightened out, girl.

Yeah, time whizzes by once the babies start coming. :(

I am 33 and I really think I should still be 25.

Kristen said...

Glad to hear you got the MDO stuff situated!
God bless dad's with daughters. Sometimes we just need to cry about things! :)
Your blog is so much fun to read, and makes me excited for the day I'm blessed with a child! You are a great mom!!
Have a great week!

Stephanie Kay said...

Whew! Poor Men. They aren't prepared to deal with any female meltdown. = ) My "little" brother turned 30 in May. Now I really feel old.

Nancy Mon said...

Hang in there girl. It all worked out. Maybe you should take the med staff some cupcakes.

Darlene R. said...

My birthday was Friday. My dad asked me yesterday, "Now how old are you again?" I said 33.

He just shook his head. :)

I guess the poor guy thinks he's getting old since I am his youngest!

MamaCass said...

Sorry about all the doctor drama. Don't get me started on dealing with people at the front desk. It used to be so simple to get your own medical information. Now it is just a pain. Don't worry Tobey is not potty trained yet. I still have two months right?

Fran said...

Oh Amanda...I think I kept saying "oh my gosh" with each sentence that you typed!!

I hope the rest of your day was smooth as silk and a wonderful nap was had by all!!


Lora said...

So glad everything worked out! I'm a procrastinator too!

3girlsmom said...

Dontcha just LOVE when offices like that do their very best to make your life as difficult as possible? Oh, that's my FAVORITE!!!


Also, kudos on the use of the word "skillz." With a z. Nice.


Ashley said...

Amanda - I had the same deal just recently. I was looking through my kids shot records after reading another post all about vaccinations. Anyway, he's almost 3 and didn't have his MMR or chicken pox record on my copy of his shot record. So I called the dr's office this morning to get a copy of his shot record. They said it would take about 24 hours (give me a break) and then I would have to come fill out a form, have his ss#, sign it, and have a copy of my driver's license. Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?! It's crazy nowadays. Just like my mom said a little while ago, we are no longer the "customers" anymore. They are doing us a service. Ugh, give me a break. I know they are just trying to protect our privacy, but a shot record? There's nothing private about that! Anyway, I called this afternoon to see if his shot record was ready and I got to pick it up...within only 5 hours. And he has had both shots (Thank God) and I just didn't have them recorded on my copy!

Tammie Head said...

I hate to be cracking up at this moment, but that would have been ME! And at the SAME place he is going, ironically.

Jenn told me a while back where you have him signed up. That's where P & S went too. I remember standing in a line ALL the way out the door and around the building for first-come registration!

I love you... getting my hiney to bed. ♥

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you got it all straightened out! Loved Melinda's doctor story! And Lisa @The Preacher's Wife reminded me that I still haven't sent for my 6 and 4 year old's birth certificates! I have the baby's though, go figure.

Ronda said...

I can so relate to being shocked at your sisters age! I'm also 28 and my sister is also 26. I still can't think of her much older than 18! She is already a mom of two and I still think of her as too young to do anything! :-)

Michele said...

Bless your heart. What a tough day!! I am so glad everything got worked out though. I am a procrastinor too, so I am so feeling the pressure you are under to meet those deadlines. I have wised up over the years and gotten a little better. Sometimes those meltdowns just make us all feel better -don't they? You are such a sweet mom!

Pat said...

It is so precious to read your posts about the challenges of being a young Mommy. I have a daughter-in-love in your shoes and it really helps me to understand her daily challenges.
Her babies are 4, 1 and 6 weeks!!
I am going to pass your blog along to her. She will be encouraged by your transparent sharing!
Be blessed,

Kelly @ Love Well said...

First, I feel like I need to thank you for enlightening me to the wonders of MDO. I first read about it on your blog and thought, "What manna is THIS?!?" Suffice it to say, it's very rare (VERY RARE) in the Northern and Western U.S. But glory be, our new church has it.

Second, just wait until Melissa turns 30. Having your younger siblings reach a milestone in age like that is worse than reaching it yourself, IMHO.

Marni said...

Oh my goodness, I feel your pain. I had a "shot record meltdown" when my I went to register my oldest daughter for kindergarten. I took her shot records to the school and they wouldn't accept them because they had the dates, but no signature beside each. So I asked what I was to do and they told me to contact my daughter's doc and get him to fax me the signed records.

We had moved away from our previous doc so I called the office and got the dreaded "do do do, this is no longer a working number" sound :) After hours of trying to find him (this was before Google) I learned he had moved to Lubbock to teach med school students and his records likely were destroyed. I was panicky!! I called Dallas County Helath Department to see if they had records of my child being immunized since her doctor was in Dallas and they said "No". I asked them what to do and they said....wait for it..."Start over with the shots so you have record of them". Unfortunately, that is when my witness evaporated. I didn't lose my tongue, but I lost my emotions and started sobbing and asking the lady how my sweet 5 year old should have to get several shots all over because some dumb doctor didn't do his job. Then I hung up.

And then the devious side of me kicked in :) Here is my confession...I took the existing shot records, signed the doc's name to them and went and enrolled my daughter in kindergarten. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I did pray for forgiveness though....

I'm glad you got your shot record drama worked out. Being a mommy is some tough work.

You are a blessing. I love your blog!

Allison said...

Notarized??? Wow that is a serious MDO..we don't have to have anything like that!!! Glad you worked it out.

Ashli said...

I have such a bright spot for you to look forward to... When he actually goes to MDO, you are gonna love every single minute of accident-free alone (or breakfast with best friend) time. My kids still talk lovingly about "Sunbeams" MDO at our church. Even though they finished two years ago, I will never forget those precious women who loved them and taught them fun songs about Jesus!

Anne N. said...

Oh..I've had stuff like this happen to me. My kids are older than your son, and I still have these moments! BTW..I have a great pediatrician, not too far from you (I-10). Email me and I'll send you his name and number.

lori said...

I tend to put things off as well.
Please tell Melissa happy birthday

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh no, my blood is boiling for you. Do you want me to drive over there today, and give them a piece of your mind?

Well, glad it all got settled!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is such a relief to know someone who is just like me! Those forms for school are the bain of my existance EVERY year. Only the Lord can help me to remember the details and change me to be proactive. Thanks for sharing!
Jenny from VA

Anonymous said...

Don't most doctors give parents a little book that they write in each time a shot is given? We get a print-out copy of the complete record each time we go in which tells the maker of the vaccine, the dose, the date, who gave it, etc. If your doctor doesn't hand one out, surely someone out there has made one to buy or download and you could request the nurse fill it out each time. It seems an important thing to have not just for MDO situations, but in the event your child has a reaction after a vaccine, you can hand that info right over if you're seeing someone new or are at the ER.

BethAnne said...

Nothing like a little drama when you are trying to potty train (as if potty training isnt enough drama - maybe that was just at my house). Anyway, I posted a recipe at my blog that will make you feel so much better as soon as you make it and eat at least half of it.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Awww, Amanda:) poor thing!...we all have meltdowns at some point (LORD knows:) it's how the LORD uses them to teach us something new and heal us that is beautiful:)...Yay, I would send a card too-NICE!:)...Melissa's birthday! Alright! Hopefully her and Colin got to go out to eat or somethin':)Happy Birthday to Melissa!!!!!...Melissa's a little bit older than me, I'll be 26 in Jan...What? That is dangerously close to thirty, and then we will be thirty-somethings, wow. Sometimes it feels like as you get older, life goes faster:)

Love in CHRIST,


AugsburgDaisy said...

Hope you treat yourself to some ice cream and maybe a bubble bath tonight! What a day!! I'm hoping to snag my daughter a spot at the only MDO I can find in my new neighborhood tomorrow. Finally got an appointment! Woot!

Thanks for your message back to me on the blog. I do appreciate it!

Rita Loca said...

All's well that ends well, right? Your life sounds as hectic as mine right now, lol! said...

As a mom to 9 and 6 year old girls and a part time nurse practitioner working in a busy family practice I thought that I could perhaps offer some helpful hints for keeping your reader's dealings with their doctor's office a pleasant one.

1. Find out how long your office allows for each appointment. In my office a sick visit (sore throat, ear ache, etc) gets 15 minutes. More complicated things (abdominal pain, pelvic pain, etc) usually get 30 minutes. Well child visits get 30 min, well woman exams with pap get 45. If you think you need more time than they are giving you because of either the severity of the problem or the number of issues you'd like to discuss please ask for more time. We want to spend all the time necessary to help you out.

2. Fill out all forms as completely as you can. If you have a shot record please fill in the dates the previous shots were given unless specifically asked not to. That way the provider only has to verify and sign the form.

3. Always ask for a copy of your child's shots anytime they get a new vaccine. You will use it numerous times for all sorts of forms all the way until they leave for college. It will also be helpful once you switch your child from their pediatrician to a family doctor. Without a shot record I have no way of knowing what shots were given and many times the only way to check immunity is to draw blood and nobody likes that!

4. Make a list of the questions you'd like to ask during your visit. If there are several issues you'd like to discuss make sure you get to your top 2 first. This goes back to point 1...making the appointment for the length of time you need.

5. Please be on time. If you are 10 minutes late for your 15 minute appointment it affects all of the patients who are scheduled behind you. If you are going to be late, please call. Usually we can switch things around and work something out.

6. Every office will have it's bad days but if you are consistently feeling slighted or are treated rudely then find another practice. But please let the business manager and your doctor know the reason you are leaving. That way they can investigate the matter and take any needed action.

I hope this will help. Certainly there are going to be exceptions to all of these suggestions. Personally, I think the office in Irving took the confidentiality thing a bit too far but all offices have their own guidelines about how strictly they interpret these rules.

Glad it all worked out in the end and enjoy your time alone this fall:)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say HI!!! I don't think I've been a very good commenter and I've been thinking of you. I just took my 15 yo to get her 4 wisdom teeth removed. The doc said she'd either be happy or sad when she was in recovery. Ha! She was bawling and she didn't know why!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH By the Grace of God we made it through, each with a full head of hair ;).

I had to do 8th grade registration last night, which included taking proof of registration (easily accessible from the wonderful world wide web) when my computer wouldn't work, no matter what I tried. So, easy solution, I'll drag the printer to another computer. Of course, the printer had to be all set up, and I sat there watching the minutes tick by and the time I was supposed to be at the school come and go. Luckily, I got it all printed and got there in time to sit at my station!!

Life is fun, huh????


Shelly said...

I had the same thing happened when trying to get my immunization records to go to grad. school....what the pooh! It's my own shots and I paid for them!

:( booh

Anonymous said...

Doctors - bless their hearts. But I really do think some of them exist to do nothing but make us CRAY-ZAY!!! Glad everything worked out for you.

And I know what you mean about your sister. Seriously, how dare my brother be 37. I'm older than him, so does he realize how old that makes ME??? He needs to take it down a notch or two if you ask me - lol.

Little Women said...

I've never commented on your fun blog before - but I completely identify with this entire post. The meltdown; the doctor's office; the procrastination. I love Melinda's story with the cradle cap. Here's how one of my low moments went with our pediatrician's office with my second newborn daughter:
me: Hello. I am calling because my baby has been crying nonstop for 3 days. I know it's collick, my older daughter had it as well, and I just need you to PLEASE call out some hyosciamine drops for her.
nurse: Yes, and how do you KNOW it's collick? Sometimes babies just cry, mom.
me: Does it sound like this? (and I hold the phone near my very miserable and screaming crying baby, then proceed to get back on the phone while holding screaming baby in my arms and continue...) "Here's the deal (now I'm crying) you either call out the hyosciamine drops for my baby because she is HURTING or call something out for me!
nurse: What's your pharmacy's phone number?

Sometimes moms have to be a squeaky wheel.

MITZI said...

Amanda, why no pictures of Jackson lately? I miss those big blue eyes and sweet smile.