Friday, July 18, 2008

The Theme of the Day...

...Is pee. Adeline unfortunately just took one for the team. We had just spent a ton of time in the backyard, so I naively thought we were okay. I will be diligently setting the microwave timer now. At least she had good aim. It was right on top of a yellow flower.

Star is actually not the reason for today's theme. Jackson is the culprit. He has developed an extremely awful habit this week. Yesterday during this nap, he stripped off his shorts and diaper and peed all over his crib. Today he put his hand down his diaper and made a tunnel for the pee to exit the diaper and soak his shoulder and the back of his pants. He has been soaked almost every morning this week and I just clued in to the tunnel effect. I do not even know what to say right now. I am not freaked out about him putting his hand in his diaper. I am trying to discourage it, but I know that's a pretty normal boy thing. I just cannot deal with having a pee soaked child! It's just gross! Has this happened to any of y'all before? What did you do?

*Edited to add:
Jackson will be 2.5 in August. I have been planning to wait until that time to start thinking about potty training. I feel like I'd rather wait longer and have him train quicker than do it too early and have an extended period of accidents. Anyway, this evening we were playing in the backyard with the dogs and Jackson pooped in his diaper. He came over to me right away, indicated that he had pooped, and laid down on the concrete for me to change him. He has never, ever done that before. So maybe he is ready.


Anonymous said...

Hi! My google reader recommended your blog - hmm...I guess we DO have something in common! I have spent many a hour as my mommy mind went through various "plans" to keep my daughters in their diapers and PJ's. I thought it was just a girl thing! What a mess!!

Here's what I did: I bought a sleep sack (if you have a toddler you can get them online, just google it) and put it on over their clothes at nap and bed. It has a zipper and is meant to substitute for a blanket but it does the job since they usually can't get out of it - which means no hand to diaper contact!

I have other friends who have similar "issues" and they have done things like put on PJ's backwards (or forwards in your case possibly since your sweetie isn't a nudist...yet :) Or even a onesie type shirt could work.

All involve work, but NOT as much work as changing a crib sheet! Uggh! That is such a pain.

Let me know if you have a two year old who is able to unbuckle themselves from their five point carseat harness or stroller. How many times I have had the thought "I WILL not be outsmarted by a two year old!"

The joys of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

Oh I so remember those days! But nothing a little duck tape wont' cure! I just put some tape around the tabs so that he could not get it undone and could not make his way down there but of course not too tight. Hope that helps some. Although the tinkle is bad, I have heard worse if you know what I mean UGH! That is a MESS to clean up!!!


ChaChaneen said...

Ahhhh, this too shall pass... and then it will be something else. Take it all in stride and keep your humor~ Have a great and DRY weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts humbly offered because I am truly not the end all in parenting...

You can instruct him that he is not to take his own diaper off and discipline if he does. After a CODE BROWN 2 weeks ago and being handed a dry diaper with pee everywhere last week, that has been our focus with one 2.5 yr old boy who is showing himself lately.

As for the tunnel effect- um, I'm so sorry! You can't even blame the diaper... Maybe it's time to start potty training, and it may help if you limit drinks before bed times. We used to allow a sippy cup of water by the bed- no more.

Anonymous said...

Boys will be boys.

Often if you discourage it, it becomes more appealing. So we took the it is ok to do that, but you must do it in the bathroom.

What toddler is going to want to stop the fun thing they are doing to run to the bathroom to "check their diaper". It worked well for us.

We also used this approach with nose picking. And yet to this day I have never seen my 7 year old with a finger in his nose.

Good Luck!

Judy said...

Ahhh... when to start potty training. The big question. My son was a month over three years when my husband insisted we start trying. (I had a 2 moth old by that time.) He was a CHALLENGE! Despite the fact he was older, he had many accidents. Especially #2. Ugh. Perseverance. He did start kindergarten totally potty trained. :) His little sister... So Much Easier to potty train. Maybe pray for a girl next.... Good Luck!

Tiffany said...

I am a faithful reader of the LPM blog & happened across your blog through my google reader too! I can certainly relate to your boy issues! I have 2 boys - #1 will be 3 in October, #2 turned 1 in May. The tunnel effect is ever so nice...thank goodness it does pass, hopefully quickly in your case! I would recommend putting him to sleep in one piece outfits (onesies/overalls) to prevent him from taking his diaper off, however, he'll more than likely figure that out too :) I think you are smart to wait on the potty training. We attempted it a couple times too early & were unsuccessful b/c he wasn't ready. We are finally there, Praise the Lord! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

it's been a while (he's 11 now), but I remember definitely limiting drinks at naptime/bedtime (nothing after 7 or 8 depending on their bedtime, mine went to bed at 10 when they were little so they'd sleep later in the morning) and even then it was only water in a sippie cup in between meals (pediatrician recommended that one -- great advice!) it sounds like he's for sure ready for the potty training. :)

we started potty training around 2ish, and it was so much fun for him to stand on a stool and aim it in the toilet (with help mind you!) and make the bubbles in the water. and peeing in the backyard was a big hit too... especially with daddy! the excitement from getting to do that made him WANT to, and not go in the diaper. modeling behavior from dad is just priceless. the more fun potty training is, the easier it will be. (and when it comes time to sit on the big potty, be sure he has a stool under his feet, because then he won't feel like he's going to fall in that big ol thing if his feet are touching something!)

can't offer anything with the taking diapers off... I'm blessed I guess that mine never did that. but I will tell you, as a pediatric physical therapist, it helps them with potty training if they ride those little kid tricycles. (you know, the little ones for toddlers). the coordination and muscles used, it just somehow helps them with the motor control needed for potty training.

hope any of this is helpful :)
take care,

The Milams said...

As a successful potty trainer of one boy :) and soon to be working on another, I say let him go diaper free as much as you can (like outside) and it will help with the potty training. Summer is such a great time to work on it. I held off on my 1st son until he was a little over 2.5 b/c everyone kept saying that the longer I wait, the easier it will be. I think it was perfect timing for him. My other just turned 2 and seems to already be very interested in training which I am sure is due to watching older brother.

With all that said, if we were having messes, I think I would go ahead and jump on it.

Here's my last bit...if you try it for a day or two and it's totally frustrating and he's so annoyed, ditch the effort and wait a few weeks to start again!

I am laughing that I am giving advice b/c I am so far from an expert, but maybe something I said will help.

Tonya said...

Oh my goodness Amanda, this post is cracking me up! I've got a 4yr old boy who has a minor obsession w/his friend "peni". He's also been known to drop his drawers while we're outside to do his business. Boys are great fun! ;)

I don't really have any words of advice about the peeing in the crib thing. It's probably just something new he's discovered he can do on his own and he's gonna keep doing it until he discovers something else that's new.

I guess be thankful that he's not pooping in his crib too! ;)

The Wootens said...

My son Noah (3) is potty training right now...and I hate to say it, but I don't think waiting until later had much of a positive effect for us. The peeing isn't so's cleaning the manly smellin' poop out of his drawers (which is happening all-too-often these days). I think if I had started training earlier...maybe the poop would've smelled a little more baby-ish? I don't know for sure, but that's my theory.

Things that DO help when potty training (at least according to my friends who are much better at P.T. than me):

friends/family who are all potty training at the same time...or a friend with some older children who seem to have the knack/gifting for encouragement...have them over, and do the M&M's bribery thing...when Jackson pees in the potty, he gets 3 M & M's, and all the rest of us get 1 to celebrate with him...when he poops (trust me--you REALLY want to encourage this) in the potty, he gets five M&M's and all the rest of us get 2 to friend Heather (super-mom of 5 kids--who somehow resembles you for some reason...I think of her every time I see a picture of you) has a mother-in-law (who is the super-super-super mom of 11 kids, most all of them grown now) who came to stay with her children while Heather got to go on a missions trip to Honduras (because she finally had a summer when she wasn't pregnant or nursing). Mother-in-law decided to do Heather a favor and try to potty train Joseph (the youngest) for Heather since Jo woke up dry the first morning she was in town. She figured that by the fifth one, Heather would be over the sentimental factor and be grateful for the help. So, "Grandmama" made a big deal out of the trip to Wal-Mart to buy big boy underwear, and she used the strategy described above (employing the M&M's and help/encouragement from all 4 older siblings), and Mr. Joseph was COMPLETELY potty trained (even through the night) by the time Heather got back home at the end of 10 days. Heather said it's the best gift her mother-in-law ever gave her.

Swiffer wet jet is your friend...keep plenty of pads and cleaning solution on hand.

Even though Melissa may beg to differ with me...go ahead and get the plastic shopping bags while you're potty training. You can wrap up all manner of smelly stuff in those while Jackson is learning and keep your house from smelling like a run-down nursing home. Plan to stay home a lot (or at least make short trips to places with clean restrooms) until he "gets it," but if you MUST go out somewhere with no toilet, you can keep plastic bags, a short trash can, and a container of kitty litter in the back of your car, and you'll have a tod-sized personal port-potty for emergencies.

My friend Deeann swears by the "hundred dollar method". She describes it: Get your laundry ALL caught up, plan on keeping it that way so your washer is free to handle any sudden large batches of soiled towels or dirty clothes. Let your child live in his/her underwear. Give the child MUCH liquid to drink. Set the timer for 10 minute intervals for the first 6 hours of training, and put the child on the toilet for at least 2 minutes each time the timer beeps. Use puppy pee pads under the sheets on the crib/toddler bed to save yourself some substantial grief,and taper off on the drinking about 3 hours prior to bed time ("We stop taking our sippy cup to bed when we wear big boy underwear like Daddy!") Reward every pee or poo in the potty. After 6 hours, begin extending the timer's intervals by about 5 minutes every 12 hours or so until you've worked up to 1 hour intervals. Practice with that for about a week. Then, pay a hundred bucks and have your carpet cleaned. :) At that point, you should have a fairly-well potty trained kid.

BUT, while I'm blessed to have such great and smart friends, and while I write children's Bible curriculum, and people come to me for "how to's" with their kids ALL the time...I STINK at potty training, and Noah still hasn't gotten it! Even my daughter (and we always hear it's supposed to be easier to potty train girls) was nearly four by the time we had really accomplished it.

So my only real tip of what HAS worked for me: if you feel like you're gonna gag your brains out while cleaning up poo, standing your kiddo in a private area of your back yard and using the water hose to wash away the bulk of the smelly stuff (espcially out of the underwear...I find myself gagging ALOT when I do the "dunk the underwear in the toilet like a cloth diaper" thing)--well, if your neighbors are understanding...won't hurt your boy at all...especially in the heat of summer in the South!

Potty training will GREATLY enhance your prayer life! I can promise you that! :)

Anonymous said...

As the mother of 2 boys and 1 girl... I waited until my oldest son was nearly 3 to potty training- couldn't deal with it during pregnancy. My daughter did it on her own around 21 months. My youngest boy pottied trained prior to his 3rd birthday. By far, the oldest was the most difficult- I think I waited too long. Maybe that will help encourage you! If he is starting to tunnel it, he is aware, knows what he is doing, and might as well aim for safer ground. The hardest problem potty training a younger one is the height issue- especially difficult in boys wanting to stand up. Invest in a couple of stools and you will be set!


3girlsmom said...

First, if he isn't ready, forgetaboutit. It will make you crazy. If he is ready, it will be quick and easy (relatively speaking).
As for the nap/pee issue. Put him in a onesie. They have them up to size 3T-4T. Then put shorts on top of them. If he can't get to the "goods" he can't make a mess with the "goods." There's always a time when my girls would figure out how to take off their diaper. Fortunately for me, girls can't make any sort of a "tunnel" and aim. Still made a mess, but not as bad as a boy. So they slept in onesies for a while until the curiosity went away.
I'm struggling with my middle daughter to potty train right now. She turned 3 last week and wants NO PART of the potty. Frustrating.
Good luck!

Holly said...

After four children and with two boys, I don't know what to tell you. It happens. A lot. And potty training for both boys? They were 4 by the time they really got it....I am so sorry!

I would recommend not driving yourself insane trying for a certain number. Just go with Jackson's flow (hee hee! sorry that was not intentional)...and keep on teaching and trying.

Also I would recommend putting on jean shorts or something with which he cannot create the tunnel effect.

The best things about being a parent are the wonderful ideas that God gives us to battle the daily themes. Praying that He will do just that for you, Amanda.

Lauren said...

Yeah, the pee stuff is pretty upsetting. I remember my grandma going to wake my 2 or 3 yr old cousin up from a nap, only to find that he had pooped, stuck his hands in his diaper, and PAINTED THE ENTIRE WALL NEXT TO HIS CRIB IN POOP.

So all that to say that pee is bad enough, but it could be worse!

Shelley said...

Oh my, Amanada...OH MY. Is this what my sweet 22 month old boy has in store for me?! He is already fascinated with shoving his hand down his diaper, but usually only at changing time. Like you, that doesn't freak me out, I know it's normal. My girls did that also. But a TUNNEL?! Oh my. Keep us posted on what works to stop it, I'll need to know!

Anonymous said...

I have a 6 year old boy who LOVED to peepee outside. That was the best way to begin our potty training. Anytime we were outside I asked if he needed/wanted to go. It was lots of fun aiming at certain things on the ground (i.e. bugs, rocks, etc.). It is at this point that you begin teaching him to AIM at something. Not just let himself go willy nilly anywhere.
I completely agree that it is time to begin the potty training whether you are ready or not. My son was so easy and completely trained by 2.5. My 3 year old daughter, not so much.
WOW! I can't believe I left such a long comment. I've been lurking here for so long and never commented before.
Good luck with the training!
Cheryl in OKLA

Anonymous said...

My son is 2.5, and I am going to attempt to potty train (again). I have no advice, but thanks for bringing up the topic. I read all the comments, and feel a little better now. Isn't motherhood a blast?!
Rhonda, Oregon

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Maybe you could just get a few more rugs and put them in your bathrooms.

If you can't beat 'em....


Anonymous said...

Another perspective about the commenter who let her son "go" outside -- I never did that with my boys because I had friends whose boys shocked them by pulling down their pants and going in public! They don't have much judgement for a few years!

Who is Adeline?


Kimberly said...

Both of my kids have woke up soaked through on multiple occasions but I don't think it has anything to do with tunnels...that is talent!

As far as PT goes, I have one recommendation as this is a frontier we are been navigating. I read a parenting book, "Teaching Children to Mind Without Losing Yours", that suggested you buy a baby potty (I know they are gross, which is why I so put this off!). He said to just leave the potty in the bathroom but never say a word about it. Buy it and put it in there next to the big potty. He says within a couple of days the kids will take an interest and start using it on their own. I SO wish we would have tried this instead of the whole "pee and get a treat" and all the hype. It quickly became a power struggle because my rascal realized how important it was to me that he do something and for the first time he was in control. Does that make sense? Anyway, I would really, really advise giving this a try. Worst case scenario is it doesn't work and you go to plan b.

Whatever you do I wish you luck!!

Have a happy Weekend!


Heather said...

We had that happen and so we just made sure we put him in a onesie during naptime and night time. Solved the problem pretty quickly.

Hope it goes better!

Linsey said...

All things seem to be pointing to the fact that he is ready. Good luck with it. Can't offer any advice, but am eager for you to share the experience with us so I can be ready!

Missy Grant said...

Hi Amanda - giving you some words from a mother of 4 (two boys, two girls) who have now moved beyond the potty training stage. Potty train the boy....there are many indicators of potty training, but those which you described are all part of it. It is summer, a great time to start. Let him go commando as much as possible while you are outside. Put him in underwear inside. I think he will surprise you (in a good way!). He sounds very engaging...keep talking to him about your nighttime expectations and limit liquids in the evening.

These are trying times for mommies. All four of mine handled potty training a little differently, but we had great, quick success. And yes, my boys would pee outside regularly (and my girls a few times as well!) Just remember that the actions and pace of your family will be very different from others. It is good to ask for advice, but remember that God created each person uniquely and you, your husband, and Jackson will do this the "Jones" way.

Praying for you...


Longmeadow Mama said...

Whenever you're ready for potty training I HIGHLY recommend John Rosemond's "Naked and $75" method. (I'm sure if you googled it you could find out about it) I used it with all 3 of my kids and they were trained in a week. It's not an easy week as you're pretty much confined to the house for 3-4 days but it is so worth it.
Just my 2 cents...Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've potty trained 4 kids, three boys. Let's say it's my least favorite part of parenting so far. My advice is to go for it now. It's warm outside and will stay that way, and it's so much easier to do it now in simple shorts than wait until winter with jeans, etc. I will say my boys were closer to three, not ready at 2 1/2. Oh, and just for laughs, ask Curt if it's okay for his son to use toilet paper after going pee. I had no idea this was unacceptable and taught our first son to wipe when he got done so he wouldn't drip. Hubs saw him and freaked. Didn't make that mistake again!

Kara Akins said...

Every time I had a child inform me of a dirty diaper and prep themselves for a change I KNEW I was receiving a big "clue" they were ready for potty training. All of my children transitioned through this stage very easily (even our one boy)and had it down by 2yrs. My sister bought my son these things that float in the toilet and he was to aim and try to hit it. They were a hit (no pun intended). I think the fact the Jackson has discovered how things are working down there shows he may be ready for the transition. What I am trying to say is you may very well have lucked out and gotten a boy that is easy to potty train.

Jan said...

You'll get so much potty training advice it'll make you see double :)

I let Bill and Joe run around the yard in Batman underwear at that age. Don't laugh, but this worked: if they can hear themselves pee in a soup can, they'll want to "aim" for that sound again and again. A few times in the yard and we moved to the potty. I threw a few Cheerios in the potty so they could aim for those. It worked like a charm. Three M&Ms as a reward and we were done in a week's time.
Good luck! He'll get it...


Unknown said...

It seems like while Jackson is a little preoccupied with all things "boy" right now might be an excellent time to begin to intorduce potty training. The two things I did with my boys were-

#1. Purchased a potty seat which sits atop the normal potty. For some reason they did not like the little training potty...maybe the smell? I don't know, but it worked for us.

#2. I also trained them in the seated position on the potty. When they were little and couldn't really reach the potty to aim well, it saved on the messes.

I didn't use a reward system...only because I didn't really need to. My boys were closer to three...but don't let others discourage you in the can be done before three! I have seen it!

You know your son and you and Curt will get through this phase! Have FUN with it! Also...there is nothing like a little boy walking around in his "Toy Story" undies! While I am sure the popular undergarment of choice right now would be "Cars!" Still...SO. CUTE!

Dana said...

Sounds like he might be ready! All I know is that summer is way easier to potty train (backyard training is the best!). Maybe give him a test run and see how it goes!y64

The Ugly Beautiful said...

Maybe Jackson's incentive for potty training could be to reward him with some starbis? :) Not that I know anything about potty training though. Although yesterday I did feel like a mom b/c I had to go to the chiropractor to work on what he calls the "mommy pain." Apparently you get this pain in your middle back from holding your toddler. I seem to have gotten it while in Africa...but what a sweet pain to come home with! P.S. Get Smart was a good movie! :) Can't wait for the siesta fiesta! Thanks for your fun blogs, Amanda! You're a blessing! :)

Fiffer said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and had to smile. Been there, done that.

I'll tell you a few things that helped for me. First of all, I used a book called "How to Potty Train Your Child in 24 Hours." It really worked, but the key is, Jackson has to be ready.

The main point of the book is that moms are so busy and often miss their child needing to use the potty until it's too late. So you set aside one day to potty train. And summertime is the perfect time to do it! You set up what's called a "Friends Who Care List," with anyone Jackson would be excited to tell his big news (adult friends -- dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc). So every time he does anything in the potty, you let him call a few people on this list. Tell these "friends" in advance to expect a call and praise him BIG TIME when he calls.

Also you use a little bribery and have ice pops or candy to offer every time he uses the potty so he feels big-time rewarded for his actions. (He won't end up expecting these rewards forevermore -- he'll know that this is a special potty day!)

Summertime is the perfect time to work on it...take his potty chair outside and depending where you live either have him bare-naked or with just undies on. So your whole focus on the day is potty training him -- talk about it, talk about who he can call next, talk about how grown up he is, tell him he's getting just like Daddy, etc. Also give him lots of liquids so he has to go often.

This really worked for me with each of my four kids but I didn't try it until I thought they were ready, which wasn't until 2.5 years at the earliest. Every child potty trains on their own timetable, and my biggest advice is not to stress yourself out by comparing him to friends' children or pushing the issue too early. Boys do potty train later than others. If you wait till he's ready it can be a really fun day for him. Too many moms turn it into this major issue and the kids sense disappointment when they have accidents, but if you keep it exciting and happy he will probably rise to the occasion and want to be a "big boy!"

From a "friend who cares!" (albeit a new one),

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend - I feel for ya! We actually just turned to potty training corner and Will is totally trained. (I am scared to type this for fear of a revert). Anyway, I agree with the later potty training. With both my boys I waited until they were 3. Also, boys do stick their hands down there a lot and I did not fight it, just tried to explain as my older one got older what was appropriate or not. I told then they have to do that in their room and it helped. As for the dry thing I have no advice. So sorry for rambling!!!!

Love Gulley

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

You are so smart for waiting until Jackson's past ready. You are just setting both of you up for lots of frustration otherwise.

Don't know if you'll appreciate my parenting tip here, but I told my number three (who really loved keeping his hands down his pants) that it'd fall off if he didn't quit messing with it. For some reason, that freaked him out and he stopped.

Of course, he was 7 at the time so I don't know if that will really help you with Jax..:)

Good luck, girlfriend!

Sandy said...

From a mom of 5: Duck Tape is a mother's friend!

I never fooled with potty training until they were 3 because I had no doubt that they *could* do it and they knew that they *should* do it, so I felt comfortable pressing the issue. But more power to you if you can manage it earlier!

FitzandMolly said...

I totally agree with "the milams" - he's probably ready to start, but if it's too frustrating/stressful, take a break from it and try again later. You don't want the potty to be a source of anxiety. Here's where we are in this process: Moriah will REFUSE to potty at home, and as soon as we get to a public place, she wants to use the potty. When I finally put her buns down on a toilet paper-covered dirty seat, she decides she doesn't want to potty after all. Talk about bringing up some anger issues in me - I already have issues with public restrooms!

Anonymous said...

My son will be 3 next month and we started potty training about 4 weeks ago. He's basically day-time trained now. We have maybe one accident a week, so that's wonderful! But I will say that I waited until he was really interested in going potty and was actually taking himself, stripping down, climbing onto the toilet and everything. I figured that was my hint that it was time to start training. I agree with the previous poster who said that pee is bad, but it could be worse. My son went through a phase that lasted 2-3 months where every time he was alone in his room he would poop and smear it everywhere! It was so utterly disgusting. We started giving him cool showers afterwards because our pedi said that if we were giving him a nice warm bath or shower it was like we were rewarding his behavior, so he recommended a cold shower. I couldn't do cold, but we did cool and he didn't like it. I don't know if that stopped him or if he just got over the phase. Now he wants to take naps in his underwear but I tried that the other day and ended up stripping the bed when it was all said and done. I wish I had a solution to your problem, but I just wanted to let you know that you are definitely not alone. Boys are so much fun, aren't they? :)

Patty said...

I think Jackson is ready for potty training. I started my sons about the age Jackson is now. Pullups worked great for my boys at night and they wore big boy underwear (as we called them) during the day.
You might as well give it a try and see how he does with it.

Hopefully Star will do good today but props to Queen Esther Star for hitting the yellow flower!! :o)

lori said...

Oh man he is so ready. And boys are easy to potty train.(I think so anyway) For my son (who would beat me for telling this) I would out a cheerio in the potty and tell him to sink it, he was trained in no time :)

Amanda said...

I have twin boys who are 3 months younger than Jackson. Mine have been lying down with their feet up to have a diaper change for probably 6 months now. And we haven't really made any progress with the potty training. But we do have a potty, and when we go to the bathroom they go with us. It may sound gross to some people, but they like to see what we are "doing". They also like to sit on their potty, but nothing ever happens. I guess it is a start.

I have heard of one woman who duct taped her child's diaper to keep the child from pulling it off.

JenB said...

No experience with the peeing in bed thing. Sorry!
But as a mom of a 3 yr old, I would definitely be on the 'wait a little while' side--for potty training. Hayes was about 2 mos away from 3 when we officially started (we had a few days of trying it months before and after MANY accidents we decided neither of us was ready). Even through travel with my husband's work and being away from home he did great. SOOOO much easier when they are definitely ready. Just my 2 cents.

MITZI said...

Amanda, I think the little Mister is ready for potty training. Buy him some big boy pull-ups and he just may get the hang of it. And if he doesn't, don't stress it. They all learn in time. Like a kindergarten teacher once told me, "I've never seen a child start K in diapers."

Heather said...

Amanda- I know you already have a lot of advice (maybe too much!) but I have a little boy just a little older than Jackson (he just turned 3) and we are just now starting potty training. It is going well, I think, because we waited. I know kids can be ready at all different ages, and it depends on the child...but for us, the "I'm wet/stinky can you change my diaper?" wasn't the sign of readiness. He has just shown NO interest in the potty itself, even though we have had it in the bathroom for over a year.
You know your child best, but I affirm your comment that you don't want to start yet....I think you're right.

Anonymous said...

one tip...dont rush. good luck 8-)

Ashley said...

My boy will be 3 in September and has just finished potty training. Like, he wears underwear all day, evening during nap. We still wear a diaper at night, but 99% of the time, he's dry in the morning. I am SO proud of him. And you know, he wasn't interested for a long time. He would got tee-tee and poo-poo in the potty, but it was just more convenient for him (and for me) to just go in his diaper. I had been trying to potty train him while he was wearing a diaper and as long as he was wearing one, he would go in his diaper. So one day, about 3 weeks ago, I put underwear on him on morning. Then it was time to leave to go to sister's swimming lessons and to the health club. I almost put a diaper on him, but thought to myself, "you know, if we are going to do this, we are just going to have to do it!" So I packed two pairs of shorts and underwear in his bag and off we went. And he did great! Of course, we had already introduced the potty and he had sat on it, etc.

Get Jackson a little potty and let him start going. Make a big deal out of it! Go buy some CARS underwear. Set the time like you did for the dog. Haha! I did it!

My boy hasn't every ripped him diaper off though and peed everywhere, thank God! I am so sorry it's happening to you! :) And the hand in the pants thing...I think it's just a guy thing. My boy does it. And I'm like you, I'm not freaked out about it, I just try to discourage it!

Anonymous said...

Potty training a puppy AND a toddler....Girl, I'm interceding for you right now!

jeni said...

Hey Amanda! Hang in there! I remember those days with my boys. :) I found with my boys that it worked so much better when I waited until their third birthday. But, everyone is different. My daughter trained much earlier, right before her second birthday. Just go with your gut as you know Jackson the best.

Sherry said...

Bless your heart. It sounds like he's ready. Hang in there, this will all be behind you before you know it.

Angela Baylis said...

You are a wise woman for waiting until he is more than ready. There is no hurry! I will keep you in my prayers, because as cute as this sounds, (having been where you are several years ago) it is a stressful time. I admire you for asking advice from other women who have been there!

Praying for this special Mom!
Angie xoxo

Michelle said...

GIRL! Keegan took off his diaper last night! YIKES! They must of planned it! I am about to start duck tapping his diaper on. I am so mad at myself right now because I just put him down with doing it! I am praying for no pee or poop on the walls!

Cindy said...

Hi Amanda,

My "toddler" will turn 18 next week and we had potty issues back then too. He didn't take his diaper off, but I thought I would give you a couple of tips for when you do start potty training.

We would put cheerios in the toilet and tell him to hit them, also going outside was a hugh hit. Like he was marking his territory.

My son was past 3 when we started potty training. Sometimes it is just better to wait awhile. As soon as they make their minds up, it is easy.

Marla Taviano said...

So, I'm sitting there trying to figure out who Adeline is... (got it now)

Oh, the things you miss when you have all girls! Who knew you could do cool things like make tunnels for your pee??

I'm a potty-training imbecile. Started girl #1 right around 18 months, about a week before girl #2 was born. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She wasn't completely potty-trained until close to 3.

Girl #2 is as stubborn as they come. Refused to use the potty. Finally, 2 months before she turned 3, she did it. All in one day.

Girl #3 turned 2 in January. She has peed on the potty one time. She tells me when she poops, she asks me, "Mommy, what color my poop? Lellow? Brown?" But does NOT want to go potty.

And frankly, that's fine with me. But, then again, she's not taking off her diaper or making tunnels...

Love you, friend! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I think you are smart to wait until he's a little bit older to potty train. I did have friends that potty trained their kids earlier but it usually took much longer. My son was 32 months old and seriously, he was potty trained in 3 days. I know it's because I waited until he was ready. I just knew I didn't have the patience to drag the whole thing out for months.

Also, I only used pull ups for night time. So many kids end up in pull ups for months. By the 3rd day he was in underwear with minimal accidents. After my first package of pullups were gone, he wore underwear to bed. He had two accidents that first month and that was it. You just have to go full force with it when you do it. No back and forth with the pullups when you are going places. You just have to suck it up and take a chance. I think boys get a bad rap for being hard to potty train.

olivia and henry said...

hey amanda!! henry started doing the hand-in-the-paints-making-way-for-pee-or-poop when he was 16-18 months. we keep him in onesies when he is sleeping with pants over the onesie so that he can't get in there, at least in his crib. he is pretty good about telling us before he needs to go now, but there are still many times when we just have to be so quick and ready to get his hand out! ;) oh the joy of having a BOY! soooo different then little olivia. it sounds like jackson is ready for potty training...i'd try it, girl! henry is only 22 months but is definitely ready for training. we started a couple of weeks ago and it's been great!

bethany said...

Let me know how the whole potty training thing goes for you. I think I'll wait till Jak is three or four-he seems to have NO INTEREST and is scared of the toilet at this point. Makes the whole potty training thing difficult...

CountryKat said...

I am SO THERE with you. A couple months ago my morning started by cleaning my sons room with bleach. That is all I will say about that.

He hasn't figured out how to take off his onsies yet. We now put a onsie on then he wears one piece zip up pj's with a snap over the zipper ON TOP of the onsie.

Putting them on backwards would never work because he doesn't unzip them, oh no that would be simple, he pulls his arms out through the neck hole and then pushes the pj's down and off. The onsie seems to be helping for whatever reason.

Good Luck!!!


Michele said...

Girl, he is so ready to be potty trained. If you start to potty train him and then he starts to rebel on some days I would throw Cheerios in the toilet with my son and tell him he got to tee-tee on the Cheerios (of course, you know to start training boys sitting down, not standing up). Also getting your hubby to take him with him when he goes to pee is a good trick too. To poop in the potty we had a bubble gum machine (just one of those little inexpensive ones). I actually took all of the gum out and filled it with M&Ms b/c my son swallowed gum. Everytime he would poop in the potty he would get a penny and then get to go to the bubble gum machine (I did this with my 2 girls too). It worked everytime. You could do this with peeing too. With all 3 of my children, when they would go to the potty, we would do this silly "potty dance" and make a HUGE deal out of them going. Good luck.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hmm...interesting Amanda...I don't think I'm necessarily qualified for this one:) I do have a neice who's 2 1/2 and a nephew who's 3. The neice seems a bit more ready for potty training than the nephew though. I think it might depend on the child. If they are motivated or not...?

Have a blessed day!:)


Anonymous said...

My son does stuff like that too! When I can I keep him in onesie type shirts and my mother in law bought him some one piece shirt/shorts. They kind of look like a polo shirt.
Maybe it is time to start potty training :) Fun times.

Deedra said...

My little boy turned 2 in June and after the first night of VBS when he saw all the little girls in his class asking to go "potty", he wanted in on the action. So after that first night, every time somebody had to go potty, I took him with us. He just stood there watching in amazement. After that, he wants to pee pee in the potty all the time! We're still working on the "poop in potty" thing.

I haven't been pushing it, but one morning while I was feeding my 2 month old he decided to try for it.

He was very quiet and I just thought he'd went into his bedroom. He did. He took off his diaper, pooped a little there...stepped in it, ran to the bathroom (remember, with poopy on his feet!) and
finished pooping in front of the potty! He then ran to me and announced his achievement!

Ughh! Poopy everywhere!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have a funny picture (at least I think it's a funny picture NOW) of my first son as a toddler....sleeping soundly in his toddler bed, not a stitch on his little behind, and a big wet spot spread all around on the sheet! He used to do that too. :) Another bizarre thing is that occasionally as a baby he'd wake up with surrounding sheets and PJs soaked, but diaper itself....dry. That's what comes of having hardware that can aim perfectly out a hole in the diaper, I suppose! I learned from day 1 to "tuck the wee wee down" at the end of every diaper change. Then, after 2 boys we had a girl, and I was so used to doing the change and tuck that I found myself trying to do it on her! LOL

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I don't have time to read thru the other comments, so I hope I am not just repeating everything everyone else said, but...

I have 3 boys (and one girl), and they all discovered the tunnel thing around Jackson's age. (Can I just pause here to giggle pretty hard? My *baby* just turned 5 on Friday, so NOW it's kinda funny)..

Anyway, here's my advice for what it's worth (and in bullet points, no less):

*Onesies are you friend. No access, no tunnel. :D

*Hopefully your Curtis isn't a hyper-modest fellow because it is MUCHO importante that little man can see Daddy doing his business (you too, but Curtis would be really effective). Say something like "Oh, I have to pee, so I am going to the potty!" Then take him with, and do your thang.

(I know, I know... but you should have known when he threw up on you for the first time that parenting isn't for the prideful.)

*And lastly, go get yourself a fruity drink and some Advil (though NOT together...even if your tempted) because your going to need it.

Hang in there, it will be over before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good suggestions - bottom line that I desperately clung to during those days with my own kids is this - they will eventually stop
1. taking their diaper off while they are in bed
2. emptying the contents of their diaper
3. get potty trained
4. give up their passy
5. give up the bottle/sippy cup

I have never attended a wedding where the bride or groom was wearing or emptying a diaper, sucking a passy/bottle/sippy cup and I resolved that if mine was the first one on the planet then at that point it would become their spouses responsibility to duct tape the diaper and dig for their passy in the couch.

TRULY this is such a short season of his life - though at times it seems it will be the most trying season - hang in there - you'll turn around one day and wonder how that little boy who used to stick vanilla wafers to his head can be driving off in your car!!

Okay my own issues are showing now so I'll leave it at that. :)

Ashleigh Carroll said...

Put him in overalls at nap time. That way he can't get to his diaper.

Beki said...

Hi Amanda! I read your blog often but have never left a comment but couldn't pass up this one. I KNOW what you are going through. My little boy is 22 months and just accomplished the big PT task. And boy was it a ride!!! We have started and stopped PT @ least 3 times since December b/c he would show interest and then stop repeatedly. Don't push it but it sounds like Jackson may be ready. I let Noah watch his dad, read him a book about potty training, and rewarded him w/ Starburst when he pottied. However, it sounds crazy but all the advice in the world may or may not help your little one b/c as you know God created all of us different. You will have to find what "triggers" your little guy to potty and go from there. Good luck!!! Get ready for some interesting conversations-especially in public restrooms!! Children are definitely a blessing from God!!!!

Momma 2...5 said...

Go for it girl!!! My youngest jsut turned 3 and I think we are headed down the potty trail! Anyway, if he's not ready he will let you know!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh my. My son started making messes with the contents of his diaper, only is was with the poo and not the pee. Fun stuff. At my husband's urging, we began potty training. He was 2 in May. Truly, it has been no big deal. We do the Pull-up thing when we go out, but even then he stays mostly dry. If it were me, I'd give it a try and see what happens. You can always wait longer if it doesn't work.

connorcolesmom said...

It looks like you have already gotten a ton of comments :)

I hope some good advice too
I have 2 boys so I totally know what you are talking about

It does sound like Jackson is getting ready to potty train

Good luck :)

Holloway Family said...

just let him take his time on potty training. the whole thing with stripping, that is normal, or at least it is with my kids. My daughter still wakes up, stripped down at her baby sitter all the time. My son, did a little bit, but not much. It does get better :)

Billie said...

People may not agree with this, but I trained both of my children by...letting them sit in for a while. Both ways.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Yeah, I've got NOTHING. :)

Forever His said...

Glad to know this is the "theme" for others as well :-)

I have twin 2 year old boys and have been struggling with when to truly start the potty training. They like to sit on the potty but can never "make" anything happen until they are then running around the house playing. I have to also consider whether or not our sitter is ready for the challenge as well since I am not a stay home mom. I know that our 7month old son will be easier as he will have big brothers to "encourage" him and demonstrate for him....he already likes to mimic them :-)

I continually remind myself that this is only a season - one which I will one day feel as though it passed too quickly and yet most days right now feel as though it is passing way too slow and at times feel that God picked the wrong person for this job. But I take encouragement reading your blog and comments by others who are in a similar season or have made it through.

Praying for wisdom and creative ideas for you Amanda as well as a few giggles and hugs along the way!!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Hmmmm---my daughter was/is and "own her own terms kid" so she pretty much potty trained herself at 3, my attempts prior were not working...but Jackson is showing an interest...I'm inclined to say go for it.

C:M:W said...

This is so so funny!!!

Superchikk said...

I'm the oldest of 7, and Mom of one who is a while away from potty training. So I have lots of practice with kids who are not my own. Ha!

One of my siblings took their diaper off all the time. We started putting it on backwards.

And one of my brothers had to be potty trained using the "naked" method someone else suggested. As long as he was running around without any pants on, he never had an accident. Took about two weeks and he was all good!

Good luck!

Cinde said...

Hmm, I think he might be ready too! Couple mommy to mommy hints for training little boys: Pull-ups never worked for my guys because they prevented the "feeling wet" sensation. They were just glorified diapers to them. Getting them big boy underwear for the day time and then using the pull-ups at night seemed to work great. I also floated Cheerios in the toilet bowl for them to take aim at...once they were tall enough to use the big toilet. If the Cheerio container was empty my youngest would hold it until I ran to the kitchen to get some more! Lots of praise, lots of patience, and just accepting that you might be doing some extra laundry for a few weeks is the best thing for a mommy to do!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

I've got to say today was the first time I had heard the phrase "tunnel effect". As a mother of 3 I have experienced the tunnel effect many times, just didn't know it had a name! About the whole potty training thing...when they're ready, they're ready. When are they ready? Anyone's guess! Just make sure you are ready to begin it because I think consistency is key. Switching back and forth between diapers and underwear is confusing for a toddler. At night time nd nap time we did use pull ups, but we called them "sleep time" underwear. It worked for us. Take care, Julie
P.S. Love your blog!

Miss Theresa said...

mothers have good advice...her saying "The summer they are 3 you are free" She was right when it came to my two sons, then I said goodbye to the diaper bag!

::Traci:: said...

I am not much help! I have a 33 month old foster child {whom I've only had for the last 4 months}. He's peed on me more then he's peed in the potty. While he enjoys sitting on the potty, he never actually goes in it. Havne't had any tunnel effects issues ... sorry!

My big moment came when I put him in big boy Thomas the Train undies. I thought he'd realize once he was all wet that he needs to tell us he has to go. That idea backfired - the wetness doesn't faze him. I've just been cleaning up puddles of pee. .....sigh....

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

As a veteran mom of three boys ages 17,13 & 9, I can COMPLETELY relate. I think I can safely say that I've been through it (and cleaned it) all. I have heard, though I have no personal experience on this, that girls are easier to potty train than boys. What I know for sure is that little boys will not train until they are ready. Mine were around three years old.

Having said that, it sounds like you may be able to start the process with Jackson. I agree with putting him down for his naps/bedtime wearing something that he can't easily remove. Since he is so crazy about his Daddy, I would definitely use that angle to start talking to him about getting to wear big boy pants like Daddy! Taking him outside to practice aiming would probably be fun for him. And then building up to a shopping trip to Target or wherever for him to pick out his own big boy potty. In essence, with boys I found that you have to slowly build it up like using the potty is a great big fun thing.

I can tell you what did not work for me. Pull ups didn't work. I guess they are too absorbent like a diaper. Bribing with treats didn't work for me either.

Hang in there!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I love that someone else is going through this too!! =) Even if it's the third time around for me, it's still not easy.

I would wait. Wait until he can hold it for longer periods of time. Introduce the potty and find a video, they are oh so annoying, but they really like to watch them!!

I know boys are different than girls, but that is a sign that's he's getting ready, but his body being ready and his mind being ready are hard to get together at the right time!! =)

Stick some undies over that diaper in the mean time!!

Anonymous said...

Pee... such an interesting word and discussion that only moms get into... Charlie, almost 5 yrs old has decided that he can pee when he needs to wherever he is... In the past month he has peed under the picnic table at the cable in an ENCLOSED porch and then most recently in our living room, yes, our living room because there were two bathrooms less than 15 feet away but that was too far and he couldn't make it :O)

When he was younger I used to duct tape his diaper together... it's not child abuse, simply necessary.

Completely separate note, we are in the middle of a decision. It's scary because they ball's in our court at this point...

Tessa said...

Wow...Amanda I am going to be purchasing training pants by Imse Vimse. They look like a great way to introduce our toddler to the feeling of underpants. Also we bought a potty chair awhile back and when we go to the bathroom Cooper goes with us and sits on his chair. The one thing that I am going to be putting into our routine soon is when he wakes up in the morning and from his nap, he goes right to the toilet. Even if he does not go, it is still showing him the routine.
Try letting Jackson pick out his potty chair. That will give him a sense of ownership.
I hope that you are blessed with patience.
tessa clark

Sara said...

Hi Amanda!
I've not commented here before, but I'm a reader of the LPM blog as well as BigMama and BooMama...and I'm also a fellow Aggie (Class of '01) and I've lived in the Houston area most of my life. I also have a little boy who will be 2.5 in August - he was born on Feb. 13, 2006.

We've been trying to figure out the right time to potty train him as well - and I am so thankful that I looked at your blog today, just to see all this information coming in on your comments! So many great ideas!!

We are at the same stage, dealing with such similar issues. It's reassuring to know that my hub and I are not alone in dealing with our little guy! :)

What a rollercoaster, this parenting thing. I'm so glad I got on the ride, though! (twice now - I also have a 7-month-old boy - much easier the second time around, so far!)

Thanks for your honest blog - I've enjoyed reading!

Sara (in Katy)

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Oh my heck, girl. Here I was all excited - practically GIDDY - today that I'm due in 2 1/2 weeks with my baby boy. Now that I've read your post, I'm back to being scared. Hands down pants? Tunnels for pee? Say it ain't so!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

OK, that story about Jackson laying down on the concrete is great! I can totally picture it!

Anonymous said...

I'm mama to one potty trained girl, so much of your pain, I just have not felt. But I can second, or twelfth, what some other ladies have said:

1. If he's not really ready for the potty, don't push it. Diaper awareness is a start, but my experience has been that that is a phase leading to actual potty training readiness. Taking a dry diaper off first thing in the AM can be a good sign the kid is ready to start training.

2. The longer you wait the less frustration you're likely to have with accidents etc. I found that it was much easier to potty train a child who could understand everything I was saying, and more importantly, who could use words to express herself while training. So more vocabulary means an older child, like 3 or so. I made 2 short-lived and unsuccessful attempts at training when she was 2y9m and just past 3. At 3y6m it took about 2 days to day train her and within about two weeks of that she was night trained as well.

3. Anecdotal evidence in my group of friends points to the eldest child being the latest and most challenging to train - the younger ones are easier either b/c you've done it before or they see big brother/sister doing it and want to do it too.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi! Just wanted to encourage to do what is best for your family with the timing of potty training. A child may show signs of readiness but that doesn't mean that you have to start potty training. It really is a family thing and the whole family, house, other caregivers need to be ready as well. My oldest was ready to be potty trained (and 3) around the same time as a cross country move followed only weeks later by the addition of a new baby. So, he was ready, but the family was not and we waited a few more months until everything calmed down and everyone was adjusted to all our new changes. That being said, because he was almost 3 1/2 by then, he potty trained in 1 day. I am not kidding. To include being dry overnight. A year prior I had tried potty trainind him and it was hit or miss with the accidents and honestly a very frustrating experience for both of us. So, all that to say, start when you feel it is a good time for your entire family and whatever else you have going on in life. And, I'm sure he'll be fine whether you do it now or a year from now. Just my two cents...Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I meant to share with you about our PT experience, but time has just gotten away from me. Not that you need any more stories, but I wanted to share in case it's an idea you could use.

PT was such a non-event with my son. (He's an only, so I have no idea if I could have done the same with another child.) I was still in the throes of recovering from a terrible divorce and all the shattered dreams that go along with that. I was busy, emotionally distracted, and didn't have the energy to push PT or the wherewithall to remember to consistently arrange my child's visits to the potty or dole out rewards or whatever else my "program-oriented" brain might devise.

Still, my boy had developed an icky habit (due to lack of control; not maliciousness) of always peeing and occasionally pooping in his bathwater. I became real tired, real fast, of cleaning the tub, changing bathwater, re-bathing a boy, etc. He was around Jackson's age now, but had shown no interest in PT, though like Jackson, he was showing some awareness of how things worked. I also didn't want to mess with little potty chairs and cleaning those up -- yuck!

I bought one of those vinyl potty seats with handles that he could sit on atop the big potty. It takes away that unstable feeling of falling in for little ones, and they can learn to put it up on the big toilet seat themselves. It had a deflector on it for little boys, and I taught him to aim straight into the water. I also bought a little step stool so he could climb up there by himself and have something to rest his feet on. (That stool was necessary later when he wanted to learn to go "like PawPaw" but couldn't reach the toilet.) Every night before bath, I would sit him on the potty and let him enjoy a toy or a book or something until he "went." Then I could bathe him without needing a do-over. It became part of his bath routine, and often running the bath water while he was on the potty was just the "trigger" to get him to go, so he never sat there long. Sometimes, I'd let him sit there after his bath, too. I never mentioned it any other time.

After a few months of this routine, he one day decided he wanted to use the potty and wear "big boy underwear." I let him. He had precisely one accident on the bedroom floor and was mortified that his new undies didn't keep it contained like a diaper. After that, he decided he could wait till he got to the potty, and was potty trained from that day on. He was near 3 by then, but it was SO EASY and effortless on my part!! (I don't know if that was just a special gift from God in my frazzled condition back then, or if it's a principle that would work for most moms, but I was so grateful.)

Perhaps you could start the same type of "before nap routine" and increase Jackson's chances of a dry awakening, which might just smoothly help him transition into a potty-trained little boy.

Oh, and one more thing -- When he started standing to go, I also taught him to use a little toilet paper and clean up his "drips," "splashes" and "misses" from day one. He is ten now and remains VERY considerate about that, which makes my job so much easier and keeps him (for now) from having full responsibility of cleaning the toilet as a chore! I also know I can trust him with that in other people's homes, and - I expect - it may one day endear me to a daughter-in-law. :)

Anonymous said...

I have two boys and they both potty-trained before they turned two. My first son was 20 months old and had been waking up dry for a couple weeks, so I decided to give it a go. I was also 7 months pregnant with son #2 and didn't really look forward to two in diapers. We did the "naked method" which was easy for me because we lived in Hawaii and had linoleum floors. :) Cause and effect worked wonders. I didn't use any reward other than excitement and fun. He was trained in a week. With son #2 I wasn't even thinking about potty training, he was NOT waking up dry, but he wanted to do everything his big brother did! So he asked to potty in the toilet and he trained himself. He was 22 months old. He is also very independent (we called him the "me do" kid).

I also used cloth diapers on both boys and have heard that helps with the potty training because they can feel the wet and it's uncomfortable. They would rather avoid that feeling.

IMHO, if you wait too long it becomes a battle of the wills and is more difficult.

It looks like the advice you are getting is all over the map! Everyone is different--moms and kids--and you will have to do what works for you. I don't think I could do the naked method in my current house with new carpet! :)

Go with God! LOL

Eliza said...

Hi, so...I thought I had posted, but maybe I didn't. You don't have to post this on your site at all, that is fine, I just thought I would give you some ideas. (Since you are lacking in that area...hahaha) I love reading your blog, since my Noah was born around the same time as your Jackson. And we are potty training.

Basically, he could be a little ready. I started out Noah sitting on the potty while he was watching his favorite show. No pressure, just the idea that yeah, that is there and this is what you do. It seemed to work for him. Then, I decided to go all out one week. I dedicated the entire week to it about 4 weeks ago. I read the book "Potty Train Your Child in Just a Day" by Teri Crane. It was great! I learned a lot, and that was what I needed. I was very nervous trying to potty train Noah. Seemed overwhelming, really.

Well, I had the treats ready, doll ready and everything, and it seemed to go pretty well. But then? He got SCARED. VERY SCARED. I tried to make him, but I just couldn't do it. I stopped after 2 days. I don't know if he was really scared or just manipulating the situation, but thought I should stop.

Last week I decided to try again. He was now aware of the feeling of "potty" and was a bit more relaxed. HE DID IT! I started Monday and by Tuesday he was telling me when he had to go! Of course there are accidents, but YEE HAW!! I am so amazed at the difference. REally, though, it seems to take a lot more have to drop everything when he says "I go potty mommy!"

Why am I telling you this? One big reason. The potty chair. This is an art, I have found out, b/c you can have him sit or stand, but sitting is a lot less messy. I think MDO would prefer sitting anyhow? Of all the potty chairs out there, there are not ones that are the greatest when they (boys)sit. BUT there is one that is the Elmo potty chair. It is very cute, says phrases with a big high five and has a large cup. The cup is the key! You know, as I type this I am are going to think I am some nut. That's ok...I am. I just thought that saving some pain would be good for you at your stage in your pregnancy! Congratulations, by the way! I got the Elmo potty chair at KMart, but saw one at Walmart the other day. I am not sure about Target...we don't have one around my neck of the woods so don't get to shop there often. The chair is large enough that if he wants to poo, and potty comes at the same time, it doesn't go everywhere. I got one chair from a thrift store and it was a bad bad experience. I used the little kid's potty at the church nursery and oh my, I missed the first half of worship b/c, well, it didn't have a cup! ICK.

So, you have a crazy person here writing all of this "advice" to you, but I think you should go for it! I liked introducing it to him casually like I did, but every boy is different, and every mommy is different, too. Oh, and by the way, Jackson probably learned counting to 20 by Sesame Street. I about flipped one day when Noah started counting that high! I bet Jackson can count a little in Spanish too, if you asked!

Love reading your blog!