Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A List for My Dad

It's my Daddy's birthday! Happy birthday, Pabs! In honor of you achieving 52 years of life, I've made you a special list.

10 Things I Never Would Have Done or Been If You Hadn't Been My Dad:

1) I would never have been the proud owner of Coco the Wonderhorse and I never would have played with a BB gun.
2) I never would have achieved such greatness at the age of 9 in Future Problem Solving.
3) I never would have figured out stupid fractions, decimals, or variables. I probably would have failed second grade.
4) I never would have gotten a blue ribbon in the science fair for my cricket project. (I still regret not doing the alligator gar thing! Maybe Jackson one day?)
5) I never would have tried to understand why people are the way they are and learned to be more compassionate.
6) I would never have made it through adolescence without our talks about friends being fickle and how "goodbye" is a necessary life skill. I would be drowning in false guilt in my adulthood.
7) I wouldn't know how to fix a toilet. I would never dare stick my hand in the tank. I wouldn't know that Charmin is the best way to abuse your plumbing system.
8) I'm pretty sure I would have been a vegetarian had you not been my dad. I might have even been in PETA. But how could I get away with that in your house? So because of you, I'm going to enjoy a nice filet tonight.
9) I would've had a lot less confidence and courage to do new things.
10) I would look exactly like mom! ;)

I love you, Daddy! I still need your influence in my life BIG TIME!


Kelly said...

What a sweet birthday tribute.

There is nothing to bless a girls life like a good daddy:-)

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

So sweet, that Daddy of yours...
Happy Birthday Mr. Keith!

Jan said...

What a sweet tribute to your daddy.
And yes, Charmin is RotoRooter's best friend...

Anonymous said...

this is so sweet! what a good idea!

Wencked said...


I just came across this software myself and wanted to share it with some fellow bloggers.


It creates a book out of your blog posts.

Kelly said...

This list is cute!
Your dad and my mom have the same birthday! So fun!

Holly said...

Dear Mr. Moore,

Happy Birthday!! I have been thinking very often lately about these words: how "goodbye" is a necessary life skill.

Not only have they impacted ME in a healing way; but also (and I'm crying as I type this) they have helped me to understand why my parents have disowned us when we moved to Colorado three years ago. THEY have not learned this necessary life skill. Maybe a kind gentleman will one day help them to get this skill.

My Chris thinks the world of you--he, too, is quite a maverick.

Thanking God for you this day!
With Love for all your family and best wishes this day,

The Schmidt Family said...

I'm so thankful for you knowing how to fix a toilet in college!

Fran said...

Well, a Happy Birthday indeed to the man of the Moore house!!!

Blessings, blessings, blessings over you. You have an amazing family and we are so grateful for your role in their lives.


Big Mama said...

I am so disturbed to learn that Charmin is bad for your plumbing system. It's like my whole way of life has just been disrupted.

Happy Birthday to your sweet daddy!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! You are one lucky girl and he is one lucky dad! God has just blessed you both. Thanks for sharing this. Not all of us have dads (like me) and this was very special.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

What a beautiful post.

Aren't dad's such a blessing?!?

connorcolesmom said...

That is so sweet and brought tears to my eyes
It also allowed me to reflect on all the things my dad has taught me - :)

May God continue to bless you and your family
May He surprise you with His many wonders and delights
May this next year be full of health, happiness, and peace

lori said...

Awe it's my son's birthday today too!
Happy b day to Mr. Moore

Anonymous said...

I loved your tribute to your Dad for His birthday! What a great list!!

Tyna said...

Amanda, what a great tribute to your dad! Makes me wish I had one...

Don't ever forget to be grateful!!!

Kristi said...

Charmin is bad for your plumbing? New info to me. I loved your post today. There is something special about fathers and daughters. Thanks for sharing your blesings w/ all of us. Happy birthday, Mr. Keith.

valerie said...

Awww, that is so sweet. He is a very special man and a blessing to all of us who have been through years of Bible study with your mom.
I love that your dad prays for all of the women out there.
I can tell he's a very tender man.
I'm thankful you all are near to enjoy this special day with him.
Yummy....a filet sounds really good! Enjoy!!!

ncmama said...

What a tribute! Happy Birthday, Keith!

I can't help but ask, if not Charmin, then what? Please don't say Scott Tissue!!! :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Happy Birthday, Pabs! You done good with your girls.

(Loved number 10, Amanda. That made me chuckle.)

Unknown said...


Angela Baylis said...

This List is so cute, I could just cry! You love your Daddy and I think it's SO sweet!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Moore!

And what should we be using if not Charmin?

Amanda said...

The fluffier the t.p. the worse it is for your system. If you don't want to get to know your plumber you should use...Scott! Dern! But there's a lot of stuff between Scott and Charmin.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh, I didn't know that about Charmin! Making a mental note. I hope the generic Target brand is gentle on my plumbing.

Happy Birthday to your dad! Hope y'all have fun celebrating!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

I remember your dad as saying to your mom: I may not say it as good as you do (who does??), but I know it in my heart. He's a man who will never give up on his God, his wife, his children---and that's quite a marked man. He is the warrior who has stayed by the baggage. Isaiah 33:6 - God has been the stability of his times and a wealth of righteousness. And he has given to you all that stability. I don't think your dad could wish for a more loyal loving daughter...Happy Birthday Keith!
Adorable post!

carridawn said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Moore!!
Hope you had a very special day!
What a sweet list for your daddy:)

YES - we have just learned about Charmin and toilets. Our little girl who is potty training unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper and clogged the basement toilet and it ran for 8 hours before we found it. It flooded the play room, 2 bathrooms, hallway, family room and 3 closets. We now have a rule of only 4 squares - and we will not spare a square. Of course I had bought the 96 rolls from Sams - so we have a lot to still use up. It was a long week of pulling up carpet, throwing away the pad, drying carpet, moving furniture, getting a new pad, relaying carpet (some areas of carpet are ruined due to it being torn while being pulled up!), and getting our house back in order. I think for one of her wedding gifts we will give her sweet husband a BIG PLUNGER! (You can see pics of it all on our blog www.crazylifebutcrazyinlove.blogspot.com with the entry titled A little bump in our daily life).

Sending y'all lots of love from Kansas!
(PS - we are Moores too - and refer to y'all's family as our cousins, haha:) Our home church was FBC Houston too!)
carri moore

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll be returning my unopened package of Charmin
Didn't know the pipes it would be harming...

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweet Dad!!! I just found your blog! I'm kind of new to the blogging world so I just barely have mine up. I LOVED the Deeper Still Event and was able to sit just three rows back from you but never got the chance to hug your sweet neck. Hope you have a great day!! Bethany

Marla Taviano said...

#10 is too funny. YOU'RE funny. :)

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Aww, what a sweet post:

Marni said...

What a sweet tribute. God has blessed you mightily with such a godly daddy!

Now I'm freaked out about Charmin! I better go Google that...

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Moore!

Amanda... can you expound on this Charmin thing? What toilet paper are we supposed to use?

Katie said...

ok sorry, just saw that you already answered that...

katiegfromtennessee said...

Aww, Amanda this was sweet!!!

Happy Birthday to your precious Dad! I'm way late! That's cool that your parent's b-days are close together...what's even cooler is the fact that your dad was there for you, protected you, and loved you and I have a feeling told you so, and PRAYED for you! Blessing of all blessings!!!...Prayer...other than salvation of course:) Ya'll are cuteness:)


Dana said...

Love the post, but it is so funny the tp response you brought to the surface! We all love us some Charmain!


Marla Taviano said...

I wrote a little blurb about you on my blog just now. :)


I sure do appreciate you!!

Ashli said...

I know this seems kind of trivial after all the sweet thoughts about your Dad, but I have to know... Charmin is bad? Really? I love Charmin!
Death to plumbing? Man. That is a lot to take in for me.

Anonymous said...

Scott is better anyway....it lasts longer! 1000 sheets! There's nothing I hate worse than toilet paper that runs out the day after you changed it.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Awwww...this is so darlin'.

Am I the only one who's wondering what an alligator gar is?

Nicole said...

Ok..so I am cracking up at all the Charmin comments! I have thought of your blog for days as I visited the little girls room and really am distraught! I too buy ULTRA Charmin by the dozen at Costco...every bath room has several packages in the cabinets! Every time I unroll now...I hear the words Charmin-abuse-plumbing system!! SO I google this and find that yes...fathers always know best! Charmin is "particularly slow to dissolve." Tell your dad happy belated and thanks for saving my plumbing system from any further abuse!

Mrs. Shaimaa said...

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I think what you wrote to your dad is realLy special.I think each one of us should do the same.

God bless you and all your family.