Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blessing Book for the Walkers

Liz and I are teaming up to help bring encouragement to a very special family that you may remember me mentioning several months ago. Back in October, I told you about a friend of ours, Kristi Walker, who had just given birth to her third child and was subsequently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis in the liver, spine and pelvis. Kristi is only 30 years old. You can read my original post about her here.

We want to send Chuck and Kristi Walker a Blessing Book - full of prayers and words of encouragement from all over the country.

Will you take a few minutes today, whether you know this family or not, and write a note to them letting them know you care, you are praying for Kristi's healing, for each of the boys (Cade (4), Mason(2), and Zane(3 mos.)), and her husband Chuck? Chuck is attempting to care for the kids and for her as she has been in and out of the hospital. Pray for strength, energy and peace for him.

Chuck has said time and time again that words of encouragement from friends and family have really helped boost Kristi's morale.

We would love for you to write the letter (or type it) on a standard size sheet of 8x11 paper (plain or decorated). Then mail the letter (unfolded and in a flat envelope if possible) to the following address.

12131 Malcomson Road
Houston, Texas 77070

**Please mail it no later than Friday, January 16th.

Liz will gather all the notes that come in the mail and will bind them in a beautiful binder for Kristi and Chuck to keep and read any time she needs hope and encouragement. We will ship it to them sometime next week.

Here is the rundown of what is going on with Kristi and how to pray:

Chuck and Kristi Walker are the proud parents of 3 young boys, Cade, Mason, and Zane. During Kristi's third trimester of pregnancy with Zane she started experiencing extreme back and hip pain, requiring her to be put on bedrest. On Friday, October 17th, Kristi was admitted for an emergency C-section due to what was believed to be 'Hellp Syndrome'.

Kristi was transported to another hospital following the birth, and after several days of extensive testing, the doctors diagnosed Kristi with Stage IV breast cancer with metastasis in the liver, spine and pelvis.

Chuck and Kristi are believers in the Truth of the Bible and in salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. They believe in the power of prayer and that this is truly the greatest help to them.
Please pray:
- for healing for Kristi – both from the cancer (effectiveness of the chemo) and recovery from delivery procedure
- for recovery from headaches due to the spinal tap
- for strength and comfort for Kristi
- for endurance through chemo treatment procedures / meds – for minimal side effects.
- for wisdom for the doctors
- for energy for both Kristi and Chuck
- for comfort / energy for parents with the kids / baby
- for wisdom in what / how to communicate to the kids more about Mommy's sickness.
- for contentment for the kids
- for healthy / smooth development of baby Zane
- to be able to have joy and time to savor the miracle of Zane, a precious new life from God
- for encouragement for Chuck and not to become overwhelmed
- for faith to know our God is the Great Physician, the Maker and Sustainer of Life
- for grace to find peace in resting in God’s sovereign will
- for finances

-The most current update I have is that the cancer counts in the blood have gone way down, which is a huge praise because it means the cancer cells are reacting to the chemo. At the same time, Kristi is back in the hospital battling an infection and low platelets this week.

Thanks so much for caring and praying for the Walker family!

Chuck and Kristi

Kristi with Cade and Mason

Chuck and the boys with new haircuts to match Mommy's

All three boys at Christmastime


Swan Family said...

Hi Amanda....I will have to admit I'm a blog stalker! hehe I have read your blog and love it..(I got your link from my dear friend Becky Davis). I am so excited and would love to make a page for your friend Kristi! What an awesome idea and a great way to lift up her spirits!

Have a blessed day!

Kara Akins said...

She is so beautiful. I will try to get something out by the deadline. Our hearts go out to her and her family. Believing God to move on her behalf and we are giving Him a praise for the good results that came in!

Lina said...

I've written and am putting in the mail today. I can't describe the urgency with which the Lord moved me to write-right now! God bless you Amanda for your loving gift of friendship to this young woman. I am praying for many to read this and cry out to our God on her behalf!

Gretta said...

I have been praying for this precious family since you mentioned them back in October. Will continue to lift them up....please keep us posted on Kristi's progress. Praying for peace, comfort, and healing...God bless this family.

Holly said...

Glad to! Will get it in the mail tomorrow.

Love your heart that cares for your friend this way!

Michele said...

Oh Amanda. This so touches my heart. Thank you for sharing. I will be on my knees for this precious family. I will also mail you something to put in their book. I am a runner and I like to send the medals that I win in races to cancer patients along with a note comparing their cancer battle to running and then running to my relationship with the LORD. I will be sending one of my medals with a letter also. So, if you see a big manilla envelope, that is from me. Thank you so much for reaching out to this family and doing such a random act of kindness. I am truly honored to be able to participate.

Patty said...

I would be honored to do this!

Tara said...

Wow Amanda! What an awesome thing to put together for this sweet mother and family! I will be sure to get mine in the mail and thank you for letting us be a part! What a precious family they are and I will continue praying on their behalf! Blessings VPG! :)

Heather said...

I am adding them to my prayer list and will work on my letter of encouragement this week!

Amanda said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, ladies! My blog readers are some of the kindest people on earth!

Kelly said...

This story has just broken my heart and they have been on my mind so much. Thanks for sharing pictures - it makes it even MORE real. Kristi is beautiful and I know she is on the inside as well. I am praying for them and I will be mailing a letter tomorrow.

Sitesx6 said...

I'm so thankful your update. Since the first time you posted about her, I've thought about her.

What a BEAUTIFUL girl. What a beautiful family. I'll work on a letter and send it STAT..and I'll be praying. God please bring comfort to this family. This story breaks my heart LORD. It must break yours!

Kristin said...

Hi Amanda,
Thank you so much for organizing this - wonderful idea! I am so thankful that Kristi will receive these sweet letters from dear women all over the world. Praise Jesus! I hope you are flooded with them. You are so right that they have been blessed & encouraged by positive notes filled with hope & Scripture!! Yay, thank you so much for doing this! I have forwarded this to many who are faithfully praying for our dear friends & I pray you get tons of sweet letters for Kristi and Chuck!!
Kristin Violi

lavonda said...

I'll be honored to write her something and send it to you.

I'm also going to send what you wrote to a friend of mine who was diagnosed before she was 30 with a very aggressive and rare form of breast cancer (her daughter was just a baby). She was given a less than 40% chance of living one year. That was 5 years ago, and she's in remission now, Praise the Lord! I know Amy would be honored to write and encourage Kristi as well.

Thanks for being such a servant to our Lord... you have a precious heart.

Rose said...

Amanda, I work at MDACC and have access to some great brochures, about speaking with kids, would that help?? Let me know. Thanks!

Kristin said...

Yay, this is just the greatest idea ever!! Thank you Liz and Amanda. Chuck and Kristi will absolutely love these sweet letters of hope and encouragement. I will pray that you are flooded with precious letters for them. And how incredible to know that so many continue to pray over their family!! I am forwarding this to many of friends who have been faithfully praying for our dear friends!
Thank you guys!!
Kristin Violi

lori said...

Awesome idea and will do!!

Lindsee said...

What a sweet blessing, and encouragement this will be to them. I am so on it! Thank you for letting us be apart.

Andreea said...

Oh my goodness!! Wow. I will definitely be parying. I don't know if I'll have time to send out something by mail. But I will definitely be praying. Praise God that the counts have gone down. I just love a good report. I hope we'll see more of theose.

Andi said...

Amanda...I know you don't know me but if you don't mind me asking where is she being treated at? The reason I ask is because my mom has been battling stage 4 Breast cancer for about a year and just recently underwent a stem cell transplant and she is at MD Anderson. My mother has went through alot, been in and out of the hospital, and it to had metastasized to her liver spine and sternum. She as of right now is doing very well. She would be happy to visit with Kristi and uplift her. My prayers are with them!


thank you for sharing her address. i'll for sure write her whatever God lays on my heart.

Sister Lynn said...

This is a beautiful opportunity - thank you for making it available to us.

God bless you!

Sister Lynn

valerie said...

What an honor to be asked to pray for and encourage this precious family.
I'll get my letter written and in the mail tomorrow.

Marc and Charity said...

Amanda,I would love to write something for the Walkers, however being overseas I'm not sure if it will get to you in time? If I mail something today or tomorrow (Tues./Wed.) it would most likely take 5-7 days- is that too late? If I could email something, it would obviously be better, but not very pretty :) Any suggestions?


Lauren said...

Amanda, I had no idea you had a blog. I'm a Siesta from the LPM blog. I will make sure to keep checking back on your page. Mine is www.travelwithlauren.blogspot.com if you want to check it out sometime! Be blessed today girl :)

Haley said...

My letter is on it's way, today!
What an Awesome way to help in a situation where there is not much you can do but pray! Very good idea!

Smith Family said...

Hey Sweet Friend. We are sending letters your way. I am going to try to get my bible study to jot down encouraging words for Chuck, Kristi, and the boys. Our study is on Esther, so I pray God would guide these women of faith to write words of strength, endurance, truth, and light that Kristi and the family may experience Gods perfect love in every moment of every day. We sure do love this family, and thank you for this precious idea Amanda! What an eternal offering for The Walkers. Thank you for being obedient to our Lord. We are sending our letters from East Texas, so we hope they arrive either Monday or Tuesday. We love you guys.
~The Smiths

Lora said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of this sweet family. Thank you kindly for including us in this opportunity to encourage them.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

On it, girl!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us. I just finished making a page for the blessing book and I'll be mailing it tomorrow. :)

Also, I was curious if there was a way we could send donations and I saw on Facebook that there is a group set up, and a fundraiser.

To find the fundraiser, just search for "Kristi Winters Fundraiser" where you can see information about mailing a donation in if you can't actually attend the event.

May the God of all healing touch this family.

bethany said...

Amanda...thank you for this opportunity to support our sister in Christ. I would be absolutely honored to write her a few words of encouragement and will have it in the mail to you by Friday...so glad that I stopped by Starbucks today so that I could see this!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Amanda,

I will pray and will do my best to get a letter out to you to send to her. They have been on my heart since you first posted about them. Thank the Lord for the opportunity for all of us to be used to encourage them to keep fighting the good, noble fight of faith, even in the face of hard illness...

Love in CHRIST,

Psalm 27

Maridith said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and have been praying for Kristi. I am sending something today!! So please be on the look-out. Some things your just can't procrastinate. Thank you for sharing her story with all of us so we can lift her up in our prayers! Maridith

Amanda said...

Amanda, found your bloggie from Kelly's Korner. Thank you for putting together such a sweet book of encouragement and allowing us an opportunity to participate. I just put a little scrapbooking page in the mail today (I know, so last minute...sorry). Love the chance to lift up and encourage another sister in Christ. Thanks again!

Renee Swope said...

Hi Amanda,

I have never commented before, but this post was one where I just had to.I have a close friend (Kim) who is fighting stage 4 breast cancer and it's all in her bones. She's the mommy of three (4, 8 and 12). I have seen how the love of friends and prayer have given her strength and hope. I will also be praying for your beautiful friend Kristi, and her precious family!!!

Lysa told me you're coming to GNO! Can't wait to meet you. We're going to have so much fun.

Before I go, I just have to say that I love your blog and your heart! We're in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia so I really loved the girly page with all those adorable outfits!

Okay, so I just made up for all the times I didn't comment.

Sweet blessings,

Unknown said...

Are you still able to accept these if they are mailed on Tues.(the 20th)? I know Mon. is a holiday, but it's still later than your deadline of the 16th...

deborah said...

My family and I are currently living in Holly Springs, NC. I know you are far away in Texas, but I would be honored to be your "hands" here in NC if you think there is something I could do in your name for this family (food, books, smile, etc.) Please write and tell me if there is anything you would like me to do. Can't wait to see your new baby girl. I bet your mom is too excited for words!