Friday, March 06, 2009

As it Turns Out...

...Two kids are twice as much work.

I hate that I've neglected to blog, but I've been too busy doing the things I want to talk about. That's a good problem to have as far as problems go. The blog has fallen a few rungs on the priority ladder. There is always something else I need to be doing. Right now what I should be doing is showering or napping since The Mister is in la la land. But alas, my daughter does not want to sleep unless she is within 12 inches of my person. Pretty sure the shower water would wake her right up. Oh, and have I mentioned that she loves to party while her big bro is napping?

Here are some things that went on this week:

-I felt so bad that all of your comments on my last post were longer than the post itself.

-We decided to do Disney! Curt's mom is coming with us. I am really excited and Curt is SUPER EXCITED. We are going in the beginning of May. I know it will be hot, but Orlando and Houston have similar climates, so we won't be in shock over it. Also, Jackson only got harder to take places the older he got, so we feel like we have a small window of opportunity with Annabeth unless we wait quite a while. Next summer is not an option because I AM GETTING AWAY WITH MY MAN AND THE CHILDREN ARE NOT COMING. Not that I have strong feelings about that or anything.

-I've tried really hard to catch up on my personal emails. Speaking of that, I finally got a new cell phone number. If we're homies, please email me if you don't have it yet. What? Are you making fun of me for saying homies? I will not apologize for being a child of the nineties.

-We had "Backwoods Bunco" on Monday night at Christine's parents house. Christine and her hubby recently moved into the depths of East Texas, which should explain our theme. We played in honor of Kristi Walker, who was dearly loved by everyone in our group. In fact, she had lived in the home we played in for a season. Instead of buying bunco gifts with our monthly dues, the money will be sent to Chuck and his family. I'm sure it will just be a drop in the bucket, but hopefully a lot of drops are coming into the bucket! There were lots of sweet memories shared about Kristi and a stack of pictures that were very bittersweet to look at.

-Thankfully, there's been no more school drama for Jackson.

-My parents kept Annabeth so I could attend Wednesday night church with the boys. That was an awesome night that needs its own post. We enjoyed getting to focus on just the Mister for a while. He has been uncharacteristically snuggly with me since then. I'll take it!

-Kay and Judah came over yesterday while the big brothers were at school. We had such a great visit and even finished our conversations. Imagine that!

-Annabeth went with me to the grocery store for the first time. I covered her carrier with a blanket and stuck it in the basket. But then I had almost zero room for the food! My list was dramatically shortened.

-She's also been doing five and a half hour stretches at night. Praise the Lord. I am still really tired though. I've never appreciated my morning tea more than I do now. When Jackson wakes up, he is 100% full on, so caffeine is a must.

-Melissa and Colin are in town this weekend. Yeah!

That's all for now. Happy Friday, peeps!


Cathy Davis said...

I've been reading through google reader and haven't commented since precious Annabeth was born!

Amanda - She is ADORABLE (even when she's mad and crying!). Thank you for all the pictures. I absolutely ADORED the one from Valentine's day with her & Mister. Took my breath away.

I'm so glad your parents are close by to help you. I can't wait to hear the Missy/Mister dance tails your mom will be sharing!

(Remember - two kids are twice as many as one...)

Katie said...

Since I'm about to have my second one in about 7 weeks, I was really looking for a "Just kidding" after the first sentence of this post. :o) I'm sitting on the edge of excitement and fear waiting to see what TWO kids will be like. Oh my... I reckon I will make it since I won't be the first! Have a good weekend!

Fran said...

I love this update and am grateful that all is good with the fam. And, I'm beyond excited about Disney!!! It is going to be fabulous. Its my favorite place on planet Earth beside the beach.

On another note...can you let us Esther girls know what your mom was saying by calling the group "GP" in session 6? Driving me crazy. ;)

Have a GREAT weekend. Blessings all around....

Shelley said...

You all are going to LOVE Disney! We took our three little girls last summer and it was the BEST. We "kidnapped" them during the last day of school and headed straight to the airport. They had NO IDEA! It was amazing. We went the last week of May and the crowds were not bad at all. Cant wait to hear all about it :) I love reading your blog... so cute! and yes, two kids is hard and three is even tougher but triple the joy!

Keri said...

I am so glad you are going to will be so happy you did. Besides, sweet Jackson will essentially have you to himself since he won't be having to share ride choices with his sister.

Planning the trip will be almost as fun as going! Oh, and one thing you may not read about, you can ride in the very front of the monorail with the driver. You just have to ask one of the Disney people when you get in line.......a hands down favorite when my boys were Jackson's age.

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Be encouraged- It gets SO much easier! I have two babies 21 months and 8 months, please don't do the math. At first it was quite a task, and leaving the house is still pretty hard. But they really entertain each other and love on each other all the live-LONG day!! I think it helps when they are opposites sexes as well, less competetion. You're doing awesome!! And yes PRAISE the LORD that your parents are close. I can't imagine not having mine around.

Hope y'all have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Rebekah Boone
Bryant, AR

Kim said...

I think it only gets better (having two children myself)! They are more fun every day!!

Holly said...

Enjoy Melissa and Colin!! I hope much laughter fills the rooms...and that memories made will be precious and sweet together.

I remember having two and being where you are. I remember treasuring the times with friends and at church SO much. Now there's four, and I'm still napping every once in awhile. Fortunately the work does not quadruple!

And a week sans kids with my Chris next summer sounds so wonderful, I pray that God will open the way for that kind of week for us someday! I am so glad for you and Curtis!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Seems like you are settling right into the routine of 2 kiddos! In about a month, you won't even remember what life before Annabeth was like.

You are a great mom - your little ones are lucky indeed.

In Him,

Heather said...

I liked getting the update! I am sure it is a hard adjustment to 2 children....but it seems like you are handling it like a pro!!! Have a great weekend with your sis!
And I'm excited for your Disney trip....those will be some CUTE pics!



Prairie Rose said...

Oh, Disney with Jackson will be SO magical -- if you know the tricks to doing Disney. PLEASE do not go without knowing them. If you want more info, email me. I'm serious. When we go to Disney, we do everything we want as many times as we want and the longest line we ever wait in is ten minutes, most are less than five. I know how to do Disney... If you email me, so will you. :)

frontiergirl @

su said...

I enjoyed catching up on your life but I must admit that the best part of your post was hearing that Melissa and Colin will be up this weekend. It just made me happy to think about it. Have a great time together. Will this be Colin's intro to Annabeth? I can't remember.

Melissa said...

Once you get into the groove of things having two is pretty easy.
Also, I just wanted to comment about your trip. Give yourself plenty of time to stop and nurse so you don't feel rushed! Just take it easy and do the best rides first.
And having a toddler and an infant car seat all in one basket does make it hard to shop! The bottom of the basket has become my main storage for shopping now.

Lauren Kelly said...

Soooo good to hear from you Amanda!!!! YAY for Disney World!!!! I live outside of Orlando, and I know you all will have a BLAST!!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

Karen said...

Oh I had to laugh! My Kate is almost 10 months old, and I also would put her carseat down in the basket with the blanket pulled over. When I grocery shopped, I had a carseat stoller base that I would set the carseat in and I would push the stroller in front of me and pull the back of the shopping cart with the other hand. I know I got stares, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do right? We are still in cold and flu season and you are doing the right thing. PS that baby girl is too precious for words.

Spicy Magnolia said...

That's so fun that you all decided to go to Disney! And I'm really impressed you've been out with Annabeth to the grocery store...I think my first attempt to do that with Brennan will be next week. :)

Oh, and I'll be your homie if you'll be my homie! :) :)

3girlsmom said...

Excellent choice of dates for the Disney trip. I used to live in Florida and started to learn a little "inside scoop" on Disney. The best advice I EVER got was "If school is out, don't go to Disney." Meaning - Spring break, holidays of ANY kind (including little ones like President's Day in Feb), and summer vacation are HORRIBLE times to visit Disney. The crowds are just too big. If school is in session, the crowds are much smaller.
Also, rent a Disney stroller. I guarantee you will be willing to purchase it by the end of the week. They're awesome.
And you're right, 2 kids will shake up your world more than 1 will. After 2, though, it's all downhill. Because you already know how to share your attention. Well, unless your #2 and #3 are 16 months apart. That will shake up ANYONE'S world.

Laura said...

Amanda, you are right. The transition from one child to two children is HARD. Fortunately, for those readers who are thinking of a third, or fourth: it's not much different from two.

Lauren said...

That is so strange. My 7 month-old can tell when I walk away from him when he is asleep too.

Disney sounds fun, but so does a week away with just the husband!

Kimbirz said...

Amanda, nice to hear things are going smoothly. Maybe auntie can help a little while she's in town so you can get a little extra r&r.
Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

We just arrived home from our first trip to Disney two days ago... it was awesome! We have a little four year old girl and two incredibly rambunctious identical twin boys who turned two in November. Disney was a wee bit tough for the boys because of their extreme distaste for stroller riding these days - they literally hurl themselves on the ground screaming if one attempts to put them in one... loads of fun, times two! There are some cute little playgrounds for them, but the long lines made it challenging for us to keep them entertained, and they usually ended up back at the hotel with my parents (Praise God for selfless grandparents!) by mid-day. Our four year old absolutely loved every minute of it. I also think your baby will be a perfect age - I will admit to experiencing pangs of jealousy as the moms of babies walked by with their little nudles peacefully snoozing in the Bjorn, while I tried to keep my two hoodlums (precious hoodlums, but hoodlums nonetheless) from picking every flower in the Magic Kingdom. Your mother-in-law will be a huge help, and you will have a wonderful time. I took about 300 pictures, and they're almost all of my little ones' faces, because I don't want to ever forget those priceless looks of excitement and joy.
I am so blessed by your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Heather Kay said...

My kiddo's are two and a half years apart. Those first few months are killer but then they really start belonging to each other. My daughter bought her brother a stuffed blue bunny at a garage sale for a dime when he was 4 months old. We put it in the crib with him and he attached himself to it and it became Nee Nee. He still has it, and it is real, very much like the Velveteen Rabbit.
Your choosing the perfect time for Disney. I am another ex Florida resident who knows. :)

Michelle said...

No worries Homie... I did not laugh out loud just to myself on that one! Word!

Jen said...

I ran a race at Disney World last May (the first week also) and the weather wasn't too bad at all. Just be sure you slather on the sunscreen and you'll be fine. We were grownups and had a blast!

Jan said...

I've been out of pocket and haven't been able to comment. She is SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm jealous (in a good way) because I never had a daughter and wanted one so badly. But I have ordered granddaughters. Think it works that way?

Enjoy your sweet family, Amanda.


Moose Mama said...

Fran...GP is from Kirk Franklin's Stomp with the group "God's Property" (GP). Go to Youtube and you can see/hear it. I think that session 6 was recorded right around the time that Beth had just come back from the Christian Music Awards. Remember she was in the elevator answering the song (Stomp) in the elevator? He says it a lot in the song. GP are you with me? take all the time you need for your family. No one here complain.


Marla Taviano said...

So much to rejoice over! Disney--woohoo!!

Love and hugs, homie! (how do you spell homie?)

BigMomma said...

I'm a friend of Sunni's and a Disney nut. We've been 4times with my kids..Got lots of tips and ideas if you'd like any.....

Membership Required said...

More fun with two than with one. I am praying for another to make it three or maybe more. Grocery tip.....put her in the bjorn....most people will just look and wont touch because she is so close to your person. Besides the only thing sticking out at this are are her legs. I used the bjorn up until the LAST possible minute with each of mine. I hate that I got the original bjorn that only holds them til 23#'s. When I had both babies with me one sat in the cart and the other in the bjorn. I have also been known to Stroller shop.You would be amazed at what you can get in the under basket of a travel system stroller. Bigger baby in stroller and baby baby in bjorn and then just load up. Basket and then an arm basket if you need a little more room. But I do reserve the stroller shopping to smaller grocery runs. Each day will get easier and easier as you get use to two instead of one....doubling your fun. ML

Brandi said...

Have fun at Disney!

Your little girl is just a little younger than mine. They are fun! Although I don't envy that you have two...Marlee is my first and I don't know if I could handle two yet!

Anonymous said...

Puffy heart your blog.. nice to read... makes me smile.. and reminds me that I have a loooong way to go as a pastor's wife.
CeCe Garrett

Dionna said...

I bet you are so excited for Disney! Oh the stories and memories you'll make! :)

As an aside - how old were you when your mom first took you and Melissa on a missions trip? We're thinking of taking our girls on their first one this summer - ages 10 and 12.

bethany said...

Sounds like your life is forever eventful!
I had the kiddos yesterday (Cole and Kensley) for the entire day...which was quite a day since I'd gotten in from a Chris Tomlin concert in Sacramento at 2:30 AM and the kids came at 9!!!
We had lots of fun's fun being Auntie!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Uh, yes. Two kids ARE twice the work...maybe more??? Which would be why, at this moment, I only have time to comment on this post. I am way behind on commenting on your previous posts, but maybe tomorrow the girls will both sleep at the same time, and I can rekindle myself with the blog world.

I SO wish I could drive over to your house for some cheeseburger therapy tomorrow...but that will have to happen another day. Soon, I hope!

Clara feels the same way about the 12 in. from me. When I shower, I put her in her bouncer next to the door.

I'm so glad Melissa and Colin were in town, and you also got to spend some alone time with Jackson.

Yay, about Disney! And double yay about next summer and your trip with just your man! we're doing the same thing.

love you. must go sit somewhere and stare & drool--do nothing.

connorcolesmom said...

Yes 2 is twice as much work :)
But TWICE as much FUN!!!
So glad things are going well
Always praying for you and your sweet family!

Eliza said...

I too have realized how much work two take. I am really impressed at how amazing you are at keeping up your blog so well. You are my hero!

Mitzi said...

I was asked once, which was harder, going from none to one child or one child to two children? HANDS DOWN, it was going from one to two. Now, mine were 17 months apart, so that made it harder, but still. The good news is that I am far enough on the other side (they are 4 and 5) to tell you that it gets easier and it is so much fun to watch them learn and develop and grow and become such totally different people from each other--- but still best friends, that I wouldn't trade it for anything. You will have vague memories of how hard this time was, but you will have wonderful memories of watching the siblings together, forever. Good luck-- You'll make it through.

Kimberly and Grace said...

We are doing Disney the first week of May. So excited! Grace and I have never been. She'll turn 9 while we are there. We are looking forward to the family time with just the three of us. The funniest thing, though, is that it will be the second of three trips to Orlando.

My husband and I are leading a work and witness trip to Orlando in two weeks (thought we'd be doing hurricane relief work in Galveston), then Disney in May, and then work will take us there in June. A little crazy, but we didn't want to do Disney in June when it would be packed and HOT!

Having only one child I don't know how anyone does more than that! You all are super moms!! ;o)


Lindsee Lou said...

Woo Hoo for Disney! Y'all are going to have such a great time. I hope y'all had a fun weekend with Melissa and Collin!

katiegfromtennessee said...

That is cool that you are going to Orlando! You will love it:) I still think about Kristi and Chuck and her children...when they cross my mind, I pray:)...alone time with your man is a plus, ALWAYS a plus!:) Yay, you got to see your sis! I get to see my sis this week!


Mary - Joy Filled Living said...

Amanda -- I LOVE Disney! We started going when are girls were little and have been....oh, who knows how many now. I'm also a book reading, researching doing nut (we're starting our own 12 step program).

I love Birnbaum's guide but my all time favorite is the Unofficial guide to Disney (has lots of great tips and tricks). Another LIFE SAVER is tourguide Mike (you can google him).

We went Spring Break (call us crazy!) and never stood in line! My son-in-law's family goes every year in the off season and he said that we had less crowds during Spring Break than they did in off season. (This was the trip where my daughter got engaged -- it was a precious trip).

Tourguide Mike knows his stuff!

Have lots of fun! And May is during the Flower show (I think) and the place is gorgeous.

Me said...

Oh my word, you have to visit every baby care center. There is one in every park. They have a nice cool quiet nursing room with rocking chairs (some of the parks have private nursing rooms). The hostess greets you at the door and offers to help you with whatever you need. There is FREE cold water, videos playing for siblings, along with changing stations, high chairs and even extra diapers and clothing (to buy) if you have forgotten something. We went with our three kids when our youngest was 9 weeks old. It was awesome!!!