Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shamu in the Gulf?

This kind of thing thrills me.

'Boaters shocked to find orcas in Gulf of Mexico'

Can you imagine seeing killer whales in Texas? Holy cow! If I hadn't wanted to go to Texas A&M in College Station so bad, I promise I would have gone to A&M Galveston and studied to be a marine biologist. I guess it's kind of pathetic that I picked my school before I picked my major. Oh well. I loved it!

Three things I want to do before I die:
1) Go whale watching.
2) See the Northern Lights.
3) Go back to England for another short season.

What about you?


Heather said...

I, too, dreamed of being a marine biologist! I love the ocean wildlife(that doesn't seem like the right word)!! My list of want to dos is very long, but swim with the dolphins and go whale watching is definitely at the top!

WendyB said...

1. Get my pre-baby figure back. (Okay, the baby will be 20 in May, but I can dream, can't I?)
2. Alaska cruise
3. Have my house filled to the point of ridiculous with grandbabies!

fuzzytop said...

Hi Amanda!

Seeing the Northern Lights is also on my list... no kidding!

And I'd love to go back to Scotland and also to Ireland, where I have never visited. My dad is Scottish and my mother is from London, so I have visited England and Scotland. In fact, when I was a kid and we were moving to the US from Malaysia, we lived in Scotland for a few months while we waited for our Visas. Quite an experience!

Other things on my list:

1) See Venice
2) Visit all 50 states
3) Take a trip to Australia


3girlsmom said...

Stop it. I was just at the beach. On the coast of Alabama. Obviously not 95 miles off the coast, but that still rocks.

Here's my 3 things (my bucket list, if you will)
1. Go to Australia
2. Travel around Europe with my husband and kids
3. Drive an 18 wheeler.

Ok, I know #3 is random. But I think it would be awesome.

ila said...

Well...I don't view Orcas as Shamu. My husband and I went on an amazing cruise in Alaska on a small yacht type cruise ship..we could go where the big cruise ships couldn't. Our church gave us this trip for my husband's 25th anniversary. Most spectacular trip of our lives ( that's on the get to go back to Alaska)
But...with all the countless wildlife viewing...we saw Orcas maim and play with a seal for a long time before eating it. It was horrible. Know it's the Circle of Life..but just couldn't watch it. But, it has permanently ruing Shamu at Sea World for me! Ha!
Other 2 places...anywere in Europe and Hawaii.

HappyascanB said...

You are so fun! I definitely picked my school before my major. I knew I wanted to go to UGA more than anything! I want to go skiing out west (I am in Georgia) before I die, tour Europe before I die, and most of all, I want to be a mommy before I die!!!

Heather said...

Amanda, my husband and I have been whale watching in Hawaii and it is breathtaking! I highly recommend it!! We also swam with dolphins on the same trip which was super cool as well.

Traci said...

1. Climb Kiliminjaro in Tanzania
2. See New York City
3. Adopt Ugandan orphans

and seeing Orca whales in the Gulf of Mexico would be pretty cool too.

Carley said...

That's crazy! My husband just took my to Hawaii for our 4th anniversary and a trip before our first baby comes. We went on a whale watching tour. It was awesome! We were surrounded by 30 humpbacks at one time. And we saw a mama and baby breeching together. Crazy! (there are pics on my blog)

Holly said...

My nephew did a summer program at A&M Galveston--he loved it!

1) Go hiking in Hawaii with my Chris
2) See Alaska from a cruise ship
3) Stay at the Broadmoor Hotel for a summer and write a book!

Lina said...

1) I've been whale California where live AND in Alaska and it is COOL!
2) Northern Lights would be awesome, I didn't see that when I was in Alaska.
Never been to England but would love to go.

But the thing I want to do before I die is very simple. I'd like to spend Christmas Day through New Year's Day in a snowy cabin somewhere. Just the hubs, the dogs, and me. We'd spend Christmas Eve with our grown kids, as is our tradition, and take off early Christmas Day for our snowbound holiday. This might be the year that we actually do this!

lori said...

1) Visit Ireland
2) watch the olympics is person
3) visit Africa

Tami said...

I am so new to this blogging thing Amanda, bear with me! But I definitely wanted to post about you wanting to go whale watching! It is the most amazing experience. Something you and your family would never forget! I used to live in Boston, MA and I went then 15 years ago. This past summer our little family went back to Boston and we went whale watching. We saw 40-50 whales. They were breeching and swimming underneath our boat. It was stunning. I bet your men would be most impressed! My son Cody kept saying "BELUGA, BELUGA" from Baby Beluga by Raffi. God's wonders never cease. Be blessed today. Tami

Rachel said...

the northern lights are pretty amazing! I am totally fascinated and intrigued by and yet sort of terrified of ocean life all at the same time. Last year my husband and I took our kids to Sea World and I won't lie, I was fantasizing about swimming with Shamu the whole time!

Anyway, 3 things I want to do before I die:

1. visit Australia, I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember

2. Write a book. even if it never gets published.

3. Go on a missions trip with my husband and kids.

Kathleen Cantwell said...

What a great question, Amanda!

1. Learn how to barrel race (I am 45 and don't own a horse)

2. A triathlon

3. Travel Europe-Greece,Italy for at least a month

The Haines said...

Hey Manda! Jeremy and I love reading your blogs. You crack me up! So glad we can keep up with you guys this way.

Lindsee said...

We must have been separated at birth. I too would have loved (if I had the brains) to be a marine biologist. Shamu is, and will forever be, my first love. I'm like a little kid at Sea World.

I can't believe those people saw that many. I am so jealous! How cool!

With that said, three things:

1) Swim with the dolphins. (Anywhere!)
2) Write a book.
3) Serve in some capacity in ministry with my husband. (Whomever he may be!)

That was really hard, by the way!

Heather Kay said...

1. Go on a cruise
2. Have a honeymoon (these can go together)
3. See the Florida Gators play at the Swamp!

Melissa Terry said...

Oh I love these kinds of things...

I want to:

1. Run a marathon
2. See the 7 Wonders of the World
3. Live long enough so that I can have one of those things on the Jetson's that you just walk under and it gets you dressed and fixes your hair!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

The Northern Lights are definitely on my list too.

Cool about the whales :)

Amanda said...

Ila, I would be traumatized forever after seeing that. That's why I no longer watch nature programs. I can't imagine seeing it in person.

Lina, I like your snowy cabin idea. I would love to have a Christmas like that someday!

Beth said...

1. Go whale watching with you.
2. Go see Northern Lights with you.
3. Go see you in England this time...and bring the babies back home to Bibby's.

Heather said...

I love shamu!! I got made fun of by our teenagers because I said I wanted to be that person at Sea World that would dive off of their noses! HA!! We are going to San Antonio in April with the kids and I think I am more excited about Sea World than them! I would have to think about a list, that's a great question. And no I couldn't imagine seeing a killer whale in TX, Crazy!!!!

Rose said...

OMG!! I had forgotten when I learned about them I think HS I wanted to one day see them! Wow, you really made me think :) thanks!
1. Northern lights
2. Africa Safari/mission
3.Jerusalem. .

Sharon said...

Hey Amanda,

I used to live in Alaska. The northern lights are awesome.

My three things:
1. Hawaii
2. 2nd chance at love...
3. Travel Europe

connorcolesmom said...

Oh that would be so cool to witness - now I just need to make another trip to Orange beach :)

1. Go to Italy with my hubby
2. Go on a mission trip - anywhere and take my kids
3. swim with dolphins - I love them!!

Shannon said...

I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights too. They sound amazing.

I'm de-lurking. :)

Mary said...

Well I went to A & M because I visited my older brother and was hooked. I couldn't have cared less at the time what I would major in. It's the truth! Then once I decided I still had to go to grad school so I just chose a major based on the prerequisites :) I'm quite the student. Ha!

Lauren Kelly said...

1. Go on a mission's trip
2. Be on Wheel of Fortune (Love that show, haha)
3. Get married and have children

sally said...

Go to Australia
Take my whole family to Israel and England
See grandchildren
re-do my home

Meli n Pat said...

Well, the Gray Whales are out now in our waters (something I really want to do - we may do for our 7th anniversary this year), but the Aurora is in a lull. I'd recommend coming up to see those in a few more winters (we gauge time in winters not years!) when they are supposed to get a bit more active! They are worth seeing, even if it is 2 AM and you are freezing on the porch while in your robe and slippers!
3 things:
New Zealand, if I can sit on a plane that long.
Bake a perfect loaf of Gluten-Free Bread - doubtful
Visit the South in the Spring when I won't melt and can enjoy the Azaleas in their fullest!

MITZI said...

What I'd like to see before I die not in order:
1. See it snow. Actual snowflakes coming down. Catch them on my tongue. :)

2. See my grandchildren's children.

3. Visit an eastern state in the fall.

Mitzi from sunny california

Anonymous said...

I too chose my college before I picked my major, Go Tigers, and I am currently loving it.

My bucket list of sorts:
1) Adopt a child from Russia
2) Travel to Italy
3) Read every book I've ever dreamed of reading

Carrie from Carolina

The B's said...

I too wanted to go to A&M. If we ever get to move back to Texas and live remotely close to College Station I will at least take one class there if not get my masters.
What do I want to do:
1. Go back to China and do missions again.
2. Adopt a little girl from China.
3. Go on a cruise with my hubby...alone!
4. Have our OWN house!

Brittany said...

1. Live in another country--no idea where or for how long or what I would do.
2. Go to Greece. Ever since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I have wanted to go there. I want to sit on the edge of one of those cliffs and paint. And maybe meet a cute man there too! haha!----I'm not married, so I think that's ok to say! Of course he would love the Lord!
3. Ride an elephant. Preferably while I'm in Africa.

JO said...

I don't know about the marine biologist part - but you are welcome to come to New England and go on a whale watch off Boston Harbor!(from one Aggie to another)

It is a very cool thing - and I do mean cool - brrr.

BTW - great blog.


Fran said...

Wow...this is kinda tough...I'll be all over the place here.

1. Talk to Beth Moore and tell her what a life changing vessel she has been in my life. ;)

2. Travel to Africa with family to see our Compassion sponsored child.

3. See Alaska with family

4. Work as a vet for a day

5. Write a book for teenage girls

6. live on the beach

twinkle said...

I want some breathtaking moments!

1. I would like to photograph a 12 month calendar of breathtaking places...wild horses running the desert, hot-air ballooning through the Grand Canyon, anything in New Zealand or Rome...
2. Take a train ride through the mountains...
3. Visit Ireland and sleep in cute bed and breakfasts...and maybe stay there!

Ohtobebeautiful said...

I would LOVE to live in England or at least visit for a few weeks. Of course travel all over Europe and eat amazing pastries in France, pasta in Italy...Is it sad that my trips revolve around food?

Longmeadow Mama said...

1. Meet your mom and thank her personally for instilling in me an absolute love and excitement for the Word of God.
2. Go on a second 13years of parenthood we've never gotten away for more than just overnight! (This may be happening this summer, God willing!)
3. Travel the world on the Amazing Race! That show looks like so much fun and the God glorifying possiblities are endless!
The list goes on and on.....!

MELISSA said...

whale watching sounds fun! i should add that to my list.

for now, i would love to go to africa. i would love to vacation in hawaii. most of all, i would love to become a mommy.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

1. Go to Egypt to gawk at pyramids and mummies.

2. Take an extended, extensive tour of the holy land as well as follow the course of Paul's missionary journeys.

3. Follow up the missionary journey with a couple weeks in Bora Bora.

Ashley said...

Oh friend - I LOVE your suggestion for my goal treat - and after working toward that goal, I will DEFINITELY be needing them!!!!!

Sarah said...

My parents went whale watching once and said it was awesome! And I saw the Northern Lights when I was little and lived in North Dakota. I still remember it--it was beautiful!

I can't think of anything for my list right now--how pathetic is that?? So #1 on my list is:
Come up with a list :)

ThirtysomethingMom said...

I would like to go to Alaska, Hawaii, and see the Grand Canyon. I love this blog. It is so neat to see what everyone would like to do.
Have a great day!!

Spicy Magnolia said...

That is so cool! I LOVE Sea World & Shamu and can't wait to take Brennan there this season. My brother wanted to be a marine biologist and I must admit, every time I see Shamu at Sea World, it makes me want to be one as well.

Oh, it's so hard to narrow it down to three things!! So I'll keep some of them rather general.

1) keep traveling! make it to italy, hawaii, make it back to banff with hubby, take him to australia, let brennan see as much of the world as possible with disney world being at the top of that last. ha!

2) organize a college reunion with some of our dear friends by renting a cabin up in the mountains for a few days

3) develop my writing somehow

i could definitely list more, but i'll keep it with 3 for now. :) fun question!

lavonda said...

1. swim with the dolphins (and see my kids get to do it too)
2. write a book (my college English professor told me she had no doubt I would be a writer and was confident I would be published one day... I've had the bug to write ever since, but just haven't ever done it)
3. go with my husband and children to several countries (like a summer long thing: England, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, and Italy)

*I'd also like to be a professional photographer... but could do that along with the other 3, right??? :)

Bonnie said...

ahhhh... whale watching. You should head to Washington State. There is nothing like seeing the Orcas in Puget Sound. They come so close to shore you can practically give 'em a hug. As for what I'd love to do before I die... get back to my high school weight, travel around Europe and see an end to human trafficking.

Moose Mama said...

We have the northern lights in Wyoming. You must spend more time here!

1. Be a normal weight.
2. Vacation in a house overlooking the ocean.
3. Have grandchildren (this one isn't really up to me, I guess).


Marla Taviano said...

I heart Shamu!!

3 things I want to do before I die (or before May 2009)

1. Meet YOU!
2. Go to Sea World San Antonio!
3. Go to 8 zoos in 10 days.

Wait, I AM doing all those things. :)

My real list:
1. visit every major zoo in the world
2. get completely out of debt
3. meet you. :)

These were fun to read! Your mom's made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Those are great!

Mine are:

1. Sing on Broadway to a packed house. ( I can't even carry a tune!)
2. Go on adventure packed vacation. Zip line, bungee jumping, white water rafting, etc. I want to do these in God's most beautiful places!
3. Most important have a family!!

Marlee Belle said...

My husband and I went to Maui about 2.5 months ago! WOW! Whale watching was the most inexpensive thing we did but the one thing I would FOR SURE do if I could have only done one thing. That's so funny because doing it made me wanna go back to school for marine biology (ok maybe NOT really). We only saw about 6 at a time though. Now I wanna go to Boston to see the 30 at a time!

Tara G. said...

1. Go to Ireland
2. Go back to Monemvasia, Greece without kids and when it's warmer
3. Learn how to use spices and seasonings correctly in the kitchen.

We lived in AK after we got married for 2 years- so beautiful. The kids and I saw whales a couple of weeks ago after church one Sunday at Point Lobos.

Lauren said...

We have gone whale watching outside of Boston twice. The first time, it was kind of blah, but the second time a whale actually got interested in the boat, which apparently only happens once or twice per season. He kept "spy-hopping," basically coming up out of the water vertically, to see us better. It was soooo cool.

Lynn said...

1. Go to the Holy Land
2. Visit Rome.
3. See the Grand Canyon
4. Drive a motorcycle (not just ride one)

barbara head said...

You can do two of those things on a cruise to Alaska or Greenland. Alaska would be a bit less expensive. The England thing--well you will just have to do on your own--although we have been there on a cruise also.

Bobbie said...

I've done two of your three "to do's" and I encourage you to do all three. Your "go back to England" is on the TOP of my list!! I've never been and really really want to go.

However, we were stationed in Grand Forks, ND and got to lay out in our backyard, on a blanket, ON THE SNOW and watch the Northern Lights literally dance across the sky many times. It was breathtaking! I just wish our daughter was old enough to remember she did that.

In 2004 we went on an Alaskan Cruise and went whale watching--so incredible that anything that gigantic can throw itself out of the water like they do!! Loved it, loved it!!

I just love God's creations! We're keeping a list of His critters we see in our yard since moving to College Station!! Kinda fun--til we see the first slithering one!

Tonya said...

How crazy!!!

1. I've always want to go on a fall foliage tour through the northeast...especially Vermont.
2. go whale 8yo dd is an orca fanatic
3. visit Ireland or Scotland

Inksstillwet said...

My brother lives in Seattle and we went on a whale watching cruise. It’s fascinating and incredible!!

1. Travel anywhere once every year for the rest of my life. I love traveling!
2. Visit Hawaii.
3. Visit Australia.

Kim said...

I was born and raised in Monterey, CA before moving to Houston. Lived there for 30 years and 10 days. I had never been whale watching and sadly, hadn't even realized that until someone offered to pay for my kids and I to go before we left.

As much as I hated the boat ride and the smell, we did see whales. Tail and all. And had some dolphins race us back towards the wharf when we were finished. It was amazing and I think you should have a "whale watching date" just as soon as you can. Of course I would argue you should have that date in Monterey, but tsk tsk, Galveston will do. ;)

Mandi said...

Oh my Gosh

My husband went to Texas A&M Galveston to get a degree in Maritime Engeneering, but has always wished that he would have had the guts to go for it (even thought he knew he would never make any money doing it) and get a degree in Marine Biology. We are living in WA state right now (Ben's is an Navy Submariner) and we have seen Killer Whales in the sound here and we see bald eagles all the time. I actually saw one yesterday and it reminded me that no matter how much I get sick of all the rain, there is so much beauty here that other people dont get to see on a regular basis.

Well a big Howdy to y'all!
Mandi Martin @ OWCBL

Kelli said...

1. Swim with the whales or dolphins.
2. Visit every state in the USA.
3. Take a trip to Italy with my husband.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Momma!:) I misses some of your posts while I was at the beach:)...Hmm, three things I want to do before I die:

1)go to Ireland/Scotland (fam heritage)
2)go to Hawaii (lifelong dream!)
3)tour Eastern Europe and see Jerusalem

Patty said...

Holly told me about this post today and I wanted to reply. :)

1. Go to Figi, (Turtle Island)
2. A cruise to Alaska
3. Tour the Holy Land with our pastor and church family. They take groups twice a year.
4. Own a home
5. Finish the book I am writing
6. Be a grandmother
7. Own a beach house in Destin