Thursday, March 26, 2009

People You've Prayed For

I feel like I'm swimming in grace this week. Curt went to California for a couple of days to speak at California Baptist University's chapel services and I never lost my mind or even came close. That was only the Lord. Also, guess who got to pick a Hot Wheel out of the treasure box at school today? Mr. Jackson Jones. And I just happened to be the one picking him up today. Sweet redemption.

I've had a link on this blog for a long time that says Pray for Coy. Coy was born at just 23 weeks gestation...and at this moment he is a happy and thriving one year old boy. He is an absolute miracle in every sense of the word. I grew up with Coy's Aunt Jenny and they have one of the neatest extended families I've ever seen. I never knew his sweet mommy until last summer when we got to do the No Other Gods Bible study together. Ann Marie is precious. She's also 18 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and already having some worrisome symptoms of pre-term labor. I wanted to let you know about this because many of you prayed for Coy while he was in the hospital. (He has been home exactly one year.) I thought you might also like to pray for his sister.

Also, little baby Cole Cattan, whom I mentioned here and here, is doing really well. Praise the Lord! His parents set up a Caring Bridge page and I also have a link to that in case you want to keep up with and pray for him. His parents are friends of ours from Sunday school. On the day the Cattan twins were born, we were at church. We had some major prayer needs in our class at that time, so we spent that morning in prayer for two couples. During that time we got word that Ali and Cy's babies had been born. I absolutely lost it, y'all. I was sitting there with my huge belly at 37 weeks pregnant and I was perfectly fine. And my sweet friend, whose tummy had not even had time to get big yet even though she was carrying twins, had given birth. It was too much. So today I'm beyond thankful that God has been letting little Cole thrive and live up to his name, which means "Victorious." I can't wait to meet that little one! One day when he is big and strong, he and Annabeth will get to play in the church nursery together.

Annabeth is getting her 8 week shots on Tuesday, so we're really close to getting to take her to church. I realize not everyone waits that long, but that's how I roll. I can't wait to get back to it! Also, we looked down at her in her bouncy seat today and she was hanging on to one of the toys attached to it. She also grabbed on to my hair just now. It was the first of many times, I'm sure! Sister wanted to play from 4-5 a.m. last night, so I feel like a zombie right now. I've nixed every plan I had for tonight and I'm going to chill on the couch until after ER. Only 2 episodes left! Get 'em while you can!


JenB said...

I love me some ER! I seriously thought I was the only one still watching! Everybody I know stopped watching yrs ago! I've watched from the very beginning and have never wanted to give it up. It started (as did Friends) my senior yr in nursing school so I was all about a medical show. It's going to leave a void in my Thurs nights. :( Maybe I'll get to bed earlier or something! (nah, probably not!)

Marc and Charity said...

I hope her shots go well, as well as they could possibly go! Ha.

I was cringing last week taking Addison on the train to London and the underground...ewww!!! And an airplane in a few weeks!!! They do shots at 8 weeks here, so she won't have any until we get back. I'm praying like crazy over her!!

Yeah for Jackson getting his Hot Wheel!

Teri~Facedown said...

YAY for Jackson Jones! I'm elated for that little boy!

lori said...

Will pray for the little sister.\

And it's time for some more pictures of Annabeth

Chelle' said...

I've been praying along side you for both Coy and Cole. THank you for sharing the praise reports. There's a reason the Lord tells us to recall His works in our lives. He has been faithful to us and will continue to be faithful as it is who He is!!!

I am also praying for precious Annabeth and her big brother. Enjoy her milestones! My youngest is now 5...

Happy Spring Amanda!

Fran said...

I just about squealed that Jackson got him a car today at school!!!!!!
I felt so proud!

Swimming in grace is something so beautiful. I'm glad you are taking it all in. When God is up to something so just need to swim in it and truly enjoy it.

love you much...

WendyB said...

Congratulations to Mister Jackson!!! I know he is so proud of himself for earning that car!!!! Bet it will be his favorite one always.

creative gal said...

I love ER!!! :o) I can't believe it is going to be "over" in a few short days!! I started watching with Season 1 and loved it!!

KK said...

Yeah for Jackson!
So thankful for answered prayers. I'll pray your precious little ones shots go well next week.
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend and thanks for being the blessing you are to your readers,
Matthew 21:22

Keri said...

Very happy about Jackson getting his Hot Wheel.....did he get a McFlurry, too? Seems only fair!

Will be praying for your friend.......I pray that baby will stay put!

I still watch ER, too. I have faithfully watched for years and have really loved seeing some of the old doctors reappear - it's fun!

FYI, Kelly Minter is speaking at C3 at The Met on April 24. She is speaking on No Other we have fancy, yummy cupcakes. Good times!

Sharon said...

Congratulations, Mr. Jackson Jones!

Sharon, NC

Joyce said...

So happy for Jackson and for you too. I love that phrasing...swimming in grace. Have a great weekend!

connorcolesmom said...

Thank you so much for the update
yeah for Jackson! - way to go big guy!
Thank you for the update on cole - baby Victorious - should have known that was his name since I have a cole ;)
So glad he is doing well - thank you LORD
HAve a great one

ThirtysomethingMom said...

Wow, you are having an awesome week! So glad that Jackson got to get a hot wheel. That is wonderful!!
Have a blessed day!

Jen said...

Thanks for the updates. I was listening to KSBJ the other day and Michael W. Smith was on and some listener called in and said "I went to a concert of yours 16 years ago and you asked for prayer for your friend who had just had a heart attack and I've always wondered if he made it".

It's just amazing how long these events stay in our hearts. (By the way, Michael W. Smith's friend is still here and living an wonderful life. He was so amazed that she's been praying this long!)

So glad that Mr. Jackson is doing better. Praise the Lord!

Marla Taviano said...

Praise the Lord for healthy little boys! And obedient big ones! ;)

lovelaughterandbobbies said...

First all let me say that I have followed your blog for quite some time and I just LOVE it! I am from where you used to live.
I am SOOOOO excited Jackson got to go to the prize box. I am a teacher myself and won't get into how I feel about all that...but I am sooo excited for him! I read that post when the prize box and it BROKE my heart!
Also, I want to thank you soooo much for posting about his behavior and your struggles with it. We have just entered the "terrible twos" - I googled the term yesterday and it describes my son to a tee! I know your son is not two, but it REALLY helped to know that I am not alone in struggling with my child's behavior.
Anywho....keep up the good work!

kelly said...

Goodmorning Amanda! I wanted to let you know something....My son attends California Baptist University, and he was telling me about his chapel the other the speaker (a guy from Texas, as he and his friends said it) was so real, had the joy of the Lord in him, was funny at time, and encouraged them in their walk with the Lord. Please know and let your husband know, his word from the Lord was not in vain, that he blessed a bunch of college boys hearts that day, and they walked out of that chapel with their hearts encouraged, and wanting to keep pressing on with their own walks with the Lord! What a blessing you and your family are! Please tell your husband, thank you from a mom who is so blessed to know her son heard a word from a man who loves the Lord!!!
With His Love,

Carlos and Jamie said...

I hope her shots go well. I will be praying for her and you. Everytime Payton gets his shots I cry almost as much as he does. Praise God for baby Coy and baby Cole. I will be praying for Coy's sister as well.


Jessica said...

Yay for you! As a pediatric nurse I want to give you kudos for keeping your little sweetheart home from church for so long. I have seen many babies this winter who got sick because they got too close to too many germs too fast. Obviously, not all moms have an option to keep them home, but I'm glad you did! :)

twinkle said...

Swimming in grace with Shamu! In the Gulf of Mexico.
Love the visual of you doing that, Amanda.
Praying for the needs you mentioned AND celebrating Jackson's reward. The longer wait makes is so much sweeter...

Heather said...

I have been meaning to watch ER all season and just haven't done it! My loss. I hope her shots go well next week and yay for getting back to church!

I will be praying for these sweet children you mentioned. Congrats to Jackson for getting a hot wheel at MDO!! I bet he was proud!!

Bev Brandon said...

i love your merciful heart for your friends

bethany said...

Hi Amanda!
I've been out of blog land for a while now so am here at the local starbucks catching up....loved reading your recent posts. Annabeth is getting so big! And she is truly more adorable each time I see a new pic of her!
Thanks for the meaning of the name Cole. I've looked before for it and have never read that meaning. My 3 yr. old nephew is named Cole so that was special.
I hope that you have a blessed Saturday...glad to hear that you will be back in church as a whole family soon! Praying for Annabeth not to get sick with her shots on Tues.

Lindsee Lou said...

I had dinner with Mandy a few weeks ago, and we were talking about how excited she was that Ann Marie was pregnant again, but also nervous because of what happened last time! Then, the same day you posted this, my friend Claire was telling me that she was on bed rest already. I took it as a sign to pray!

Secondly, I am just wondering if you have ever seen these websites about baby bangs? Seriously, you need to look at these. I am concerned.

And lastly, it was fun to see y'all last night. I was gonna come say hi but figured y'all had a baby to get home to! You looked cute, though. And you were having a good hair day, at least from the back!

Hope you have a great week!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow, I will pray for them...Only in His strength-it's true...Yay, victorious little guy! Praise the Lord!:)...that's how you roll?:) Funny!! That saying makes me laugh:)


Rose said...

YAY!!! for Jackson getting a car, that story broke my heart when it happened! God is good!!

The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha! I KNEW I liked you...I've been an ER loyalist from the beginning. As sad as I'll be to not be watching it anymore, it's kind of a get to the end of the story (and aren't they doing a good job of giving us some closure?). One of these days I'll be able to walk away from TV entirely...I just know it! :)