Sunday, May 13, 2007

Because I'm Your Mom

Dear Jackson,
Because I'm your mom, I've seen the Wonder Pets help Baby Joey find Mama Kangaroo three times. And all three times I've cried.
Because I'm your mom, I would be as fierce as a mama bear if anyone tried to hurt you.
Because I'm your mom, I've become a morning person.
Because I'm your mom, I laugh more than ever.
Because I'm your mom, a great day of shopping means a bag full of little man clothes.
Because I'm your mom, I would go down a waterfall in a canoe, chase a tornado, bungee jump, and then eat liver just to hold you if that's what it took.
Because I'm your mom, people around me always seem to be smiling. They're smiling at you!
Because I'm your mom, I pray that you will love God and love His people with all your heart.
Because I'm your mom, I have strong arms.
Because I'm your mom, I have an excuse for not wearing earrings.
Because I'm your mom, I can't wait to show you the world.
I love you!


Military Mommy said...

He is adorable.

I'd say it is a double benefit!

You are so blessed to be his mommy & he is so blessed to be your boy.

:) Happy Mother's Day!

Alicia said...

sweet sweet! Happy Mommy's Day!

Big Mama said...

I love this.

Happy Mother's Day!

Myrna said...

I just had to drop in for a commentwhen I read that--with tears!

He is adorable--You are all blessed.

Love and Happy Mother's Day!

Holly said...

Precious...precious boy and precious Mama's heart! I love your Mom even more to know that she loves carbs, if that is possible to love her more!

I had a 2 pickles at Jason's Deli in your honor today...staring right at the mountains in the background and the open sky sitting on their patio. I thought about you and hoped you had found a pickle to munch!
Happy Mother's Day to you and to your Mom!

boomama said...

Sweet thing.

Both of you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Janelle said...

What an amazing testimony to the joys of motherhood! Thank you for sharing your life and your love.

Shelly said...

And did the respective comment mean that you don't like to wear earrings!!?? Girl - I love them about as much as I love shoes. Okay - exaggeration. I love shoes far more than anything :)

Anonymous said...

I can so totally relate. Aren't we lucky?!

God bless!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi- I'm a friend of Michelle's from TX and checked out your it! Great job! I have a precious 10-month-old baby girl, Rebekah, and am also a pastor's wife who loves to blog (by blog, I mean post pics of my girl, of course). We now live in IA (seriously, how did that happen?). Anyway, just wanted to say hi! (me) (my man)

Kelli said...

What a precious post about being your baby's mama! And what an equally sweet post to your mama!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mindy said...

Again so sweet! AND - the thing about shopping? I never shop for myself anymore. Even if I go intending to shop for myself - I end up at gymboree shopping for my three girls!
BUT it is all so worth it, isn't it?

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Those pictures of Jackson are so sweet! Wow, he DID used to use a pacie! Happy Mother's Day, friend. You are one of the best moms I know, and such a gift to Jackson!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That baby picture is heart-breaking. Your Jackson is so stinkin' cute! (My highest compliment.)

You must have more babies. Not that you asked for my opinion or anything. But a girl with those eyelashes?!? Lord have mercy!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

These two posts of yours were just beautiful...And that baby of yours? Divine...

Hope you had a wonderful day!


jen said...

sweet sweet blog! I love the photos. He is just too precious!

Liz Ferguson said...

That was so sweet!

You have such a beautiful little man. You are a blessed mommy indeed!

jennyhope said...

I love your posts sweet Amanda! You are so gifted in your writings seriously. I came from such disfunction that it is my prayer that my little morgan will feel the way about me that you do your mom. The Lord has used your mom's studies to set me free...seriously! When your mom was in Bham...she blessed me in the name of Jesus and it meant so much because I have never had a blessing from my own mom. I let her off the hook a long time ago for that...
I was so sick this week and had to weather the storm with Jesus...I prayed that I would be able to be there for morgan when she needed her mother...because I haven't had that either. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me because I have been so blessed by Jesus...but I am just so grateful that you are the mom to Jackson that your mom was to you!!