Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fifteen Months

Dear Jackson,
You are now fifteen months old and I cannot get over how much fun we have together. As you get older, more and more doors are opening for your amusement. For example, when we go to a playground you can play on the toddler equipment instead of just the swing. But you dearly love to swing. It was a sad day for all of us when you outgrew your baby swing many months ago. I wasn't paying close enough attention and you flung yourself forward and nearly tipped out of it. We hated to get rid of it, but it was obviously time! You love to find any kind of steps to climb up and down. The two on our front porch are perfect for you. At Gymboree you figured out how fun it is to shimmy backwards down a slide. I'm finally comfortable with your ability to climb off the couch, although I'm trying hard to discourage you from walking on it.

You are learning so much! You say mama, daddy, oh, achoo, and as of today, uh oh. We are working on identifying your body parts, although I should have started that with you a while back. Sorry, son, your mom is new at this! You love for us to read to you and I think you enjoy holding and flipping through your books just as much as playing with your toys.

If our bedroom door is ever accidentally open, you are in there in the middle of all my things in ten seconds. You get so upset when mommy catches you and removes you from the scene. Yesterday I let you play with my Velcro rollers and my toiletry bag instead of confining you to the exersaucer while I dried my hair. The amazement on your face that I was finally letting you do that was priceless.

Until now, you've never had a "lovey." Your brown velvet and satin blanket came close, but the matching pillow is now definitely it. You toss it on the floor, dive onto it face first, and then roll over with it over your face. You do this over and over again. Mommy laughs so hard seeing it.

Your bath is probably the highlight of your day. You love to stand up and then plop down, splashing water all over Mommy! You are mesmerized by the water coming out of the faucet and you like to put your hands underneath it. Sometimes you dip the side of your face into the water like it's a pillow. Yesterday there must have been some shampoo in the bottom of the tub because you ended up with a bubble bath. It was VERY exciting for you. You were not happy when the bubbles went away. Armageddon happens when we take you out of the water and it doesn't end until you're lotioned, diapered, clothed, and coiffed. You make me chase you around while you squeal and squawk and flop your body around like a fish. I once heard a very strange southern saying that I can't help but think of every time we go through this ritual - it is like a goat ropin'!

At bedtime, Mommy rocks you and gives you a bottle. When you're done, you lay your head on my shoulder and we snuggle for a few minutes while I tell you how smart, handsome, strong, fast, and lovable you are. Then Daddy comes in and tucks you in your crib like a burrito. You laugh and kick your legs when you know it's coming. You love being wrapped up like that. You adore your father and I love watching how you two play together.

I will probably think of ten more things to say within an hour of writing this. You have so much life and energy and I could spend hours describing you. Your daddy and I love you so much and we thank God every day for entrusting such a wonderful soul to our care.



Miss Mommy said...

Oh my gosh- am I the first to read this? How exciting when you have such a large fan base ;) I gave up on the exersaucer months ago and Rebekah's only 10 months! She loves my make-up, especially my blush brush- such delight truly is priceless!

Amanda said...

The exersaucer is only for containment purposes while I beautify. There is no way he would willingly go in it!

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

It only gets to be more fun:)

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

This is the stuff, dear one! My babies are past this age now and boy, do I miss it. You'll never regret chronicling these days for him....You'll find later one of his favorite things will be for you to tell him things he did when he was a boys love that no matter how old they get...

This was just precious!

Alicia said...

um...I can't believe how big your baby is now. He still looks so much like Curtis. It seems like just yesterday we were at camp (go red team) and you told me you were pregnant! I can't wait to get to know the little guy.

Michelle said...

So precious! Miss y'all! Jackson you are handsome and recieve many compliments here in DC when you picture is shown off!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I need to start doing this at each month's birthday. I guess I'll start today at the 10 month mark.

We have goat ropin' of our own after bathtime. Oh the drama! It is so Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He goes from the cutest, happiest little boy splashing around in the tub to a writhing, crying, inconsolable baby. I've wondered if he knows bedtime is coming...

Oh by the way, I've been reading your blog for awhile - linked from a friend of a friend... you know how that goes... :) I like to read people's blogs who update them frequently and have clever and inspiring things to say. I feel like a voyeur at times, but I often comment just to introduce myself.

As it turns out, you're linked on a lot of my friend's blogs! Even some friends I've just made - like Melissa Schmidt! (We were in a babywise class together)

I think you may have found our blog that way too, though. My husband showed me a comment you left on our Texas A&M visit a while back. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on yours!

Stephanie Hsiao

Holly said...

Don't worry about time frame for words...they'll come naturally enough in his own time. You're a great Mom! Jackson has a very intelligent look about him, so I know he will learn everything very quickly...soon you'll be out-witting him at every turn.


Michelle said...

I agree with the Preacher's Wife. I too miss the little years and one of our fav things to do with the kids is look at scrapbooks and tell/read what they did. They're 11 and 13

What a blessing this blog will be for him, and you, one day.