Thursday, November 08, 2007

Twenty Months

Dear Jackson,
Life around the Jones house has been anything but boring this fall. You have been keeping Mommy and Daddy so busy! It has been amazing watching you learn and develop lately. I can hardly believe how much you're changing. Here are twenty things about your twentieth month:

1) You dribbled a soccer ball across a friend's backyard. Then you stepped on the ball and got your first little sports injury. You limped for a couple of minutes, but you didn't cry.
2) You learned to say "please." The second day after you picked up this word, you were whining because you wanted something. All of a sudden you stopped mid-whine and said "peesh" because you remembered that you had a new way to ask for something.
3) You learned to throw the basketball into the hoop. You have long since been able to tip it in, but we are amazed that you can make an overhand shot.
4) Three days ago you said "No Mommy" and then you combined the words into "Nommy," which you have been saying repeatedly.
5) Yesterday you tried to say your name for the first time. I tried to get you to say "Jacks" and you said "Dacks."
6) That same day, you saw your old pal Ella across the room at church and you said her name without any prompting! We all screamed with excitement.
7) You had your first real live stomach bug. It was so sad.
8) In the past couple of months you started saying animal sounds like meooooow, neigh, tweet tweet, moo, baa, and squeak. You still don't want to do the dog sound, but that's okay.
9) This fall you also learned to identify many body parts like fingers, toes, eyes, hair, teeth, tongue (your favorite), elbows, feet, knees, ears, and nose. You're very much obsessed with your bellybutton.
10) You finally started repeating after Daddy and me anytime we teach you a new word. It's been so much fun! We got really excited when you learned the word "Bible." One day you were pointing at my Bible and I told you what it was. Then you went and got your little Bible, brought it to me, and told me what it was.
11) You've been more affectionate with Mommy lately and you've been saying her name so sweetly. She's totally loving it.
12) You started puckering up really good for kisses and you give them out liberally. In fact, one night at DoubleDave's Pizza, you and Ella kissed each other over and over. I will always laugh that your first kiss was with a big bite of pizza crust in your mouth. You guys were so happy with yourselves.
13) Your current nicknames are The Mister, The Sir, Sirmin the Wormin (like Sherman the Wormin from The Backyardigans, I think), Bubba, and Monkey. Sirmin is the only new one we've had for a while.
14) You learned to hop and jump.
15) You sometimes stand there with your hands on the waist of your pants, which are eventually pushed down several inches. When I lift up your shirt in the back, I see your hiney, all bright and shiny. What can I say, but that you honestly come from a long line of plumbers.
16) One day when Mommy tried to take you out of the bathtub, you laid all the way down on your stomach in the water in protest. You decided you liked that and now you swim around in the tub like a little fish. You're not afraid to put your head under the faucet or to put your face down in the water.
17) You started fighting me when I try to brush your teeth.
18) After you got sick, you would only eat bread and crackers. Mommy was very scared that her good eater was gone forever. But now you are back to eating almost anything I put in front of you. You really enjoy chicken strips from Chick-fil-a, but if I'm not looking you stuff half the thing in your mouth at once.
19) You learned to say "Pappaw" and "Bibby," which we think might turn into "BeBe."
20) You have continued to be a joyful, smiley, people-loving little boy. You have very strong opinions about things, but you generally wear a big grin and you don't shy away from making eye contact with strangers and trying to win their attention.

What a special soul you are, my son! I feel so blessed that I get to be your Mommy. I love you with every bit of my heart and more. I see so many strengths about your personality, and I pray that God will mold each one into something great for His kingdom. I know that He is going to use you in very special ways.

September and October pictures

This was the day I played in the sprinkler and ate some dirt. While Mommy was grabbing her camera from inside the house, I ate one serving too many and I threw it up. But I bounced back quickly and decided to go visit my neighbor's driveway, which I love for some reason.

I made it!

Then I got a bath and felt so clean.

My monkey and I used to be about the same size.

I'm serious about eating.

Thank God, my belly button is still there!

The great Pants Migration.


Traci Anne said...

So. Darn. Cute. All of it. I love the first kiss with the pizza in the mouth!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

lovin' that rocking chair picture...

what sweet times :)


Hillary said...

What a great post! I love that you are very real about what motherhood is all about! Very encouraging for those of us who don't have children yet! It's nice to see the good and the not so good i.e. bad moods and tantrums!

Lauren said...

How appropriate that this post came after the last one. :)

I especially love #10. And his face in the monkey picture is AWESOME!

boomama said...

He is adorable.

And you are so smart to write down EVERY BIT OF THIS. Such a sweet time.

Ivymamma said...

What a great list and great memories. My mom used to tell me that kids eat 5lbs. of dirt by the time they are three. What a relief to know mine are "normal"!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! He's so precious!

Shelly said...

The last one = priceless!

Erin Ward said...

Oh goodness, we miss this little guy!

AbbyLane said...

i love your memories of your sweet thing! i think i am going to start writing down things like this for the little boy i nanny...his mom is so busy and it might make for a good present well within my budget one day!! ;)

those pictures are precious...he definitely takes the cake with those eyes..

Fran said...

Amanda...your little/big guy is just growing up by the day! Can you even stand it?! I remember the Febraury weekend in Birmingham AL when we wondered if our beloved Miss Beth would make the trip! And, when she belted out that he had come and showed us a picture......the house went nuts!!!

We have been so excited for all of you since the very beginning!! He is just darling and as a mom of all boys, I could just eat him up.

The dirty, the sweet, the words, the precious-ness, their everything! Such a gift. You are so blessed.

Blessings Momma!

ocean mommy said...

What a sweet post! Of course, when you have such a handsome subject, I imagine it's easy!

Thanks for sharing the photos with us. That rocking chair shot is precious. There's nothing like a freshly bathed little one!! So cute.


Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

I read in my quiet time today Joshua 4:6 -- When your children ask you what does this mean? Tell them...You will be able to share so much of your heart with this precious boy who is bringing you his bible at twenty months cause he recognizes it is of ultimate importance in his mommy's life. Your post made me smile for the sheer enjoyment that you have in your precious boy on loan from your glorious God. Jackson will see a Strength in you he can't manipulate, A Love he won't ever lose. You will live your life giving this little fella a taste of God---you already have. Precious post! You are such a good mom!

Holly said...

Precious Mama for recording this! I love how he says the words and who could not picture the sweet kisses he gives Ella with the pizza?

Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! You are writing a beautiful journal for your son!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

LOVE your sag, Jackson. And you are too cute for words!

Ava's only slightly steaming with jealousy that you kissed Ella.

Darlene R. said...

I wish that blogging would have been around when all my kids were so little. What a neat way to account for all of Jackson's memories. Baby books just don't get written in too much. Ben, my youngest, is going to be a little disappointed that his is almost blank.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Jackson is so going to appreciate reading your "letters" one day!

BTW, regarding #10... we're currently fascinated with some, ummm, less talked about body parts. And I'm currently in the dog house w/ hubby for the nicknames/terms/euphemisms Woggie has picked up from me. Nothing profane or anything... just maybe not very masculine. :-)

jennyhope said...

It is going too quick for me over here! I am loving these pics. He is adorable Amanda! What a blessing!

Val R said...

I just came across your blog through Big Mama's site! I loved this post!!! My son is alsy 20 months...he is a sweetie, but we have been experiencing some "strong-willed" moments the past month or so...I can totally related to your previous post. I read through some of your archives and realized that we delivered at the same hospital just days apart! That is awesome...small bloggy world! I was blessed to have had a wonderful playgroup with my daughter (who is now 6) when she was my son's age but just haven't found that same group of folks for me and my son this time. I notice you have a playgroup on your side bar...would you mind letting me know how you all met up, was it through church or a mom's group? I've wondered about joining a mom's group for the social aspect for myself and my son to find kiddos his own age. You can visit my blog and send me an email when you get a chance so it does not have to be posted for the whole bloggy world...

Cute little one you have there...I am really enjoying my son...he is so different that my daughter, each with such precious individual gifts...and frustrations at time;-)

Kimberly said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Our boys sound much alike, mine only a couple of months older than yours. This was such a sweet post, one that will be fun to look back on one day.


Anonymous said...

Very fun, Amanda! :) My nephews are 29 mos. -Jack Eugene & 17 mos. -Maxwell David and are waiting on the new niece or nephew to arrive in April. I enjoy seeing Jackson's cuteness & fun. :) You are providing him with *such* an awesome history!!! What a gift! If I am ever blessed with children, I hope to be able to do the same for them. Thanks much! :)

Lisa Pierre said...

ok, that's my boy there, loving some Chick-Fil-A!
The all-clean pic is the bomb.

MamaCass said...

Sweet jackson. Sweet with a mind of his own definitely. I love these letters to Jackson. I wish I had thought of this for Tobey.

Jaclyn said...

i can tell you are a wonderful mommy. What a lucky baby boy! I just love his superman shirt :)

kim said...

This may be a weird comment but reading your blog and seeing your son's cute little pix makes me want to have a son; I come from a family of all girls and I have a litte girl of my own (who is Jackson's same age). I thought I wanted just girls too since I have only sisters but reading your blog makes me yearn for a little boy! Thanks for sharing! Your little boy is so handsome!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I love your family so much and Jackson is so precious. I love those pictures of him. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Unknown said...

I love the picture of Jacks in the rocking chair! Mr. Personality!

connorcolesmom said...

So sweet - he is growing up so fast. He truly looks like a little boy and not so much a baby!
I love all the new words.
My littlest says "I wub you mommy" and the other day he said I love you. I looked at him and said "no no it is WUB you mommy" hehe

Enjoy that darling little boy of yours pizza kisses and all :)

Jan said...

He is sooooo cute. The pant migration is cracking me up (no pun intended)

If you get a chance, I have a prayer request I'd like you to check out on my blog :)


Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Okay, that post-bath picture is the cutest!

Each month when I read your month-synopsis I think to myself that I've GOT to get on the ball and get better at recording things for my girls. But I don't. So THIS will be the month...! (Until next month...)

BethAnne said...

I think it is awesome that you are writing these letters to Jackson. He will read these one day and know how loved he is and always has been. He has the most beautiful blue eyes! You better get ready, he is going to be a real heartbreaker in about 12 years.

AnnG said...

Thanks for sharing your little boy with us. He is truly adorable!

Unknown said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

The pic od Jackson with his monkey is the most darling thing!

Anonymous said...

Jackson was so cute about your twenty months that I cried because I wanted to see him!

Grandma Wanda

Beth said...

What incredible memories you are creating. I am not a journaler but I do it monthly for my daughter. I don't want to lose any of the funny or profound things she says and does. Because old brains do start losing things. :-)

The Schmidt Family said...

Oh so handsome!! I love this boy!

Allison said...

he is so handsome and such a gem! I adore him and I've never even met him!