Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Trip

This weekend the Jones family took a little road trip to North Texas. A friend of mine from our old church is getting ready to have her first baby and her shower was on Saturday. When I met her almost four years ago, she was going through an immense trial that no one would ever imagine going through. Over the next few years I got to see Jesus bring her full circle and bring tremendous beauty from ashes - ashes that were the result of another person's rebellion and not her own. The Lord has given her a wonderful, handsome, godly husband and now a bouncing baby boy on the way. There was much to celebrate!

The shower was on Saturday morning, so Curt, Jackson and I drove up to Irving on Friday night. We stayed at the Embassy Suites because I'm a sucker for a good breakfast. My boys dropped me off at the church after we drove by our old house and got to visit with one of our neighbors who was watering his yard. We found out there are people living in our house for now, which surprised me. We sold it to a developer and they never even had it inspected, so we thought it would just be torn down. Who knows? That is probably on the horizon. Everything looked okay except there are no cute rocking chairs on the porch and there is a big dent in my pretty red door from someones knee. I was so sad! Then I remembered my beautiful white house in the burbs and got over it.

A few minutes later I walked into the fellowship hall and was greeted by a ton of sweet Irving friends. It was so good to be home. I'm telling you, I feel like I have three homes - Houston, Irving, and Missouri. But really there is only ONE home and one day I will get to see it with my own eyes, walk on it with my own two feet (which are hopefully smaller and more dainty in glory), and fellowship with my Savior in person. That is going to be awesome!

Anyway, the shower was cowboy themed and it was just amazing. The ladies had gone all out and my friend surely deserved it! For those of you who are like me and believe that the point of every shower and wedding is to eat cake, it was delicious. It was so good to get to visit with so many ladies of the church, from the very young to the most senior of saints. A ton of my girlfriends were there and it gave me so much joy to be with them and chat while we watched our friend and her hubby open present after present for almost 2 hours. What an outpouring of love for this couple!

After the shower, Curt and Jacks picked me up and we drove to Dallas to make a very quick stop at JD's Chippery. Thank You, sweet Jesus. When I walked in I needed a "cone of silence" (anyone see Get Smart?) so I could properly express my delirious happiness. I won't even tell you how many cookies we got because I'm too embarrassed. We intended to share them with our friends but they left us too many to take home! I have a ton of them on my counter and that is dangerous. Very, very dangerous. I also got a cherry limeade and I decided that theirs are better than Sonic's because they aren't fizzy.

Then we went to Janelle and Heath's and just sat on their couch and vegged for a while. Ella and Jackson had a ton of fun playing together. Jackson stepped on Ella's foot right off the bat and there were a few tears. My child's feet are like the size of a six-year-old's, so I couldn't blame her. Bless her heart...and his too. They also swam in the baby pool and Ella was very patient with her friend who likes, no lives, to splash water.

Later we met Sunni and her crew at Central Market for sushi and burgers. Sunni did not get to go with us to Deeper Still because Xavier had been sick and in the hospital that week, so it was great to see her. Ava had grown so much, I couldn't believe it. Once the tods got antsy we sent them to the playground with their daddies. The playground was extremely crowded and it was not that fun. Due to the heat, crowds, and fussiness of tods and maybe even one adult whom I love very much, our time was cut shorter than I would have liked it. But I was very thankful for the time we did have. The Lazos had to get home and pack for their Cancun trip early the next morning. Poor things!

After dinner, Janelle's parents bravely took on our hot, sweaty, exhausted, cranky toddlers while we went to see Get Smart. I am still laughing about the "cone of silence" in case you couldn't tell. The popcorn was amazing, thank You Lord.

On Sunday morning we got ready for church, had a good breakfast at the hotel (bacon and spinach omelet for me), packed up and went to First Irving. It was so good to be there. I can't say enough about how great it was. The church members are so incredibly loving and they truly care for each other. It is a special thing and I think people can see it even on their first visit. It's truly a family.

My only disappointment at church was that Jackson did not perform like I was hoping he would. It was such a lesson for me. I had hoped he would walk in and be all smiles, hug people, and just be charming. (He really is a people person. It wasn't that much of a stretch.) He was dead-set against it. What can you do? Let go, Amanda!

After church we headed out to Fort Worth to have lunch with Jennifer and Sabrina (my bff's from high school) and their families. Jennifer has a newborn and we had not all been together with our kids. It was kind of a huge moment. I was thinking about how different our conversations were now compared to when we were sixteen. (Thank God, right?) We still talk a million miles an hour though. I must add that Jackson was p-e-r-f-e-c-t during this visit. Props to my boy.

After that we drove down the street to see the Burgers who had literally just gotten home from their own road trip. We got to meet their newborn son Justus and catch up with them for a bit. They have a pastor from Sudan living with them while he goes to seminary. His name is Victor and he is a wonderful man of God. Victor entertained Jackson for like an hour with some matchbox cars and a race track. He is not only Jackson's new bff, but mine as well!

It was finally time to head back to Houston. It seemed like it took forever to get home. For-stinking-ever! We all slept like rocks last night and I swear I could have slept the entire day if someone had let me. If I could, I would reward everyone who made it through the end of this post with a JD's cookie, but it would totally be stale by the time it got to you. So I'll eat one in your honor. I know you appreciate it.


Heather said...

Oh I was totally craving a cookie as well! Glad you guys had a great trip and got to visit with friends.

su said...

I made it all the way through and I wouldn't even mind a stale cookie!! But I will eat a brownie instead. Life is so hard.

Your weekend sounds glorious. You saw so many friends, I'm amazed Jackson did as well as he did. I laughed every time you mentioned wonderful food and thanked Jesus for the memory of it.

Have a good week.

Patty said...

What a great weekend!! I am with you on the cake. I went to my friend Denise's house today and she bakes for her churches coffee shop, I walked in to homemade blueberry muffins, banana nut muffins, all manner of cookies and when I was leaving she was making from scratch, a Reese Chocolate cake, it was a peanut butter cake with chocolate icing and crushed Reese cups all over it. Oh my word it smelled delicious and I didn't eat a thing. Proud of myself but I wanted to, badly.
Thanks for the cookie. :o) In my mind it was good.
Have a great week.

Jeano said...

I love stale cookies! Your blogs rock and get me a rollin!

Holly said...

Oh, we love the Embassy Suites breakfasts, too! That is why we stay in Grapevine on our way to East Texas almost once every time we go to Texas.

I am so glad for your friend. Reading between the lines--sound like a miracle I am blessing God for her blessings!

And the cookie dangle? That is just SO NOT FAIR! :) Hee hee!

Also I am sorry about your old red door :(

Have a blessed week recovering, Amanda!
With love,

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Glad you had a nice time!

This post made me hungry for about 30 different things! :D

connorcolesmom said...

Goodness my head is spinning from all the fun you guys had this past weekend
And that was just one weekend - man I bet you guys are exhausted :)
I love friend reunions
We are headed to Destin on Thursday to see my hubby's BFF since HS
HE and his wife are both pastors so we are thrilled to be able to watch them speak on Sunday
I told my hubs we needed to sit on the front row and make faces at them (they are fun kind of people) - hehe
Plus they have 2 boys and that is going to be a treat for my 2 little guys
God bless

Kelly said...

Eat a cookie for me! I love about you that in your weekend posts (or week posts) always mention the foods you ate and how much you loved them. You are a soul sister to me. :-)
I'm glad you got to see so many old friends. That had to have been so fun! And visit your old church. I feel that way about our church now. I remember once on a video - your mom was talking about her church and she stopped and said "OH I HOPE YOU LOVE YOUR CHURCH" and I just teared up because I do love mine SOOO much! There is nothing greater than a good church family. (well - maybe there are a few things greater like marrying that man you love or having a baby.....but you know what I mean).

Unknown said...

I am so glad yall had a good time! It was wonderful to see your bright face! Miss and love you guys!

Purplelicious Janice said...

I loved the cone of silence... so funny! :D

Darlene R. said...

I read the whole thing..
and now I'm hungry. Go figure!

Fran said...

WOW! What a jam packed fun weekend y'all had. Sounds awesome and I'm glad it went so well. Jackson is growing up if he can hang like that! :)

Have a great week!

Melissa said...

You know what I love about this blog? You keep it real, girl. Thanks for being honest about your kiddo having his moments of not behaving as you'd hoped. You have no idea how encouraging it is to me when women are honest about real life moments! As I like to say to starry-eyed couples who have just gotten engaged, "Marriage is WONDERFUL, but you don't wear your veil when you're scrubbing the toilet!". :) So glad you had a sweet time with your friends back home.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm stuck on the bacon and spinach omelet. Sounds fabulous...

Glad you had a great weekend!

Ashley said...

I've never been to JD's Chippery. But a cookie sure does sound good right now at 10:30 at night. So glad you had a fun-filled weekend with friends!

I love eating breakfast, too! And that Embassy Suites in Irving is awesome!

Lisa Pierre said...

I enjoyed "Get Smart" too.
It's been too long on revisiting our old church, NPBC, in Phoenix, AZ. I don't think there's many people we knew still there.
I love great cookies and cupcakes, so I understand ya. Do you do 24 HF and enjoy a great teacher out there? Would love to check out a class with you someday, if so...

Lindsee said...

The cone of silence.

You don't even know how hard I am laughing right now. I'm pretty sure I annoyed the people around me I was laughing so hard.

And the laughter continues...

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Can I trade my cookie for a cherry limemade? That sounds amazing right now.

There's nothing like getting to reunite with friends you just left. Glad you had a fun weekend.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Wow, the adventures with Amanda, Curtis, and Jackson remind me of my older sis...she moved from Nashville to TX (Fort Worth) whereas she was originally from here (Knoxville). Everytime she comes back, her schedule is packed with people to go and visit with. Sometimes though, esp. when she visits Knox, she makes sure she spends most of her time with her fam (with us!)...I've been to Central Market! I love that place! We don't have anything like that here...reading about your adventures with the "tods" makes me tired! Should I be concerned?? I will have to gear myself up for this nonstop, 24/7 mommy thing-only in the Lord's strength!:)


sending again...not sure if got sent:)

Michele said...

Thanks for eating the cookie in my honor. My sister lives in Wylie (outside of Dallas). I will have to ask her if she has ever had a JD's cookie. Glad you had such a great weekend. It is always so good to spend time with good friends. Thanks for all the details. I so appreciate your love for food-ha!ha! I can't wait to see "Get Smart" myself.

Missy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!!
Cookies = my weakness!

Lisa said...

I have never been to a JD's Chippery....How great are they????? he he. Im with the rest of the gals, I might take a stale one.

Love reading your blog -

Love , Lisa

Grace said...

I have to tell you that I got both the Anne Rice books and have enjoyed them so much. They give you such an interesting perspective of what life might have been like for our Saviour. Thanks for the suggestions!

I don't know what kind of cookies you like, but I make one mean chocolate chip. It's frankly one of the few things I can actually make successfully. ;o)


BethAnne said...

I am so thankful that I am not the only person who goes to wedding/baby showers for the cake. Oh, and if the cake has 'whipped' icing I am completely mad. You know how there are people who are "King James Version Only" people? I am a buttercream only kind of girl.

kinsey said...

JDs is the best. their snickerdoodles and peanut butter chocolate chip....oh my, i'm about to have to get in my car now and go get some!

Kristin said...

I love hearing about your family and it sounds like you had a great, fun filled, jam packed weekend! Thanks for sharing and now I think I better go eat a cookie in your honor. Have a great day!

Becca said...

It was so fun to hug your neck this weekend! Love ya'll!!!

valerie said...

I've been so fortunate to attend the same church for 40 years. I know what you mean about how the people just become like family to you.
If you get a chance check my latest post on my blog.
My dad is also my pastor. He's 74 years old (and still going strong!) and we just celebrated his 40th year at our church and 50 years of preaching.
It was a very sweet & emotional day.
I'm glad you had such a special weekend with all your friends.
You sound as blessed as me!

Lauren said...

You crack me up! And I totally made it through the whole post and have never heard of JD's cookies until today. Guess I am missing out?

Amanda said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm de-lurking. I LOVE reading your blog and finding morsels of encouragement for the mothering road ahead of me. I'm glad that you had a nice weekend road trip! :)

edub said...

I love, I love, I love Get Smart.
"Would you believe...Chuck Norris with a BB gun?"


Marla Taviano said...

I made it through, but barely. I might need a cookie.

Hooray for old friends and yummy food and the hope of heaven!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I need a cookie now. And a cherry limeade... Sonic will have to do here in Alabama! :-)

Sounds like a wonderful trip w/ GREAT food.