Monday, October 06, 2008

Surrendering the Secret

Melinda at Traveling the Road Home is talking about a secret that one in three Christian women reportedly have. She explains it a lot better than I can, so I will leave it to her. Please go visit her blog and see what she has to say and what she's doing about it. In 6 years married to a minister, this secret has only been shared with me one time by someone I know personally. When I think about the statistic that one in three women are holding onto it, it grieves me that so many are suffering in silence. I'm praying that God will use Melinda's blog to turn the tide and bring healing to many.


Melinda said...

Bless you, Amanda, for spreading the word! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And know that you are welcome to enter (twice, including the link to your post in one of the comments) and donate the kit to your church, or a CPC or counseling center.

Big hugs!!

Deanna said...

Her statistics are very accurate but to take it even a step further - 1 in 5 women with this history have some level of relationship with Christ and associate themselves with either the Protestant, Catholic or Jewish faith. Not 1 in 5 women at the mall, or at work but 1 in 5 women sitting among us just yesterday....odds are good she was within reach on "our" pew.
I am so thankful that God led me to a similar study and that He is a God who forgives, heals and restores!!!
I now work with a ministry ( that was originally founded for this purpose but is now expanding to help women with another secret shame shared by FAR too many.
Thanks for sharing the link to Melinda's blog - it's great to see that God is leading others into this area of ministry!!

Jessi said...

This is such an important issue to talk about - especially for believing women. I work at a maternity home for unwed mothers and see women who make the right choice be forced to carry out the hard steps of what God has for them. So not only is encouraging women who have had abortions extremely important - but providing support for those who make the hard choice not to is as well.

Thanks for letting your blog be a platform for this!

GratefulinGA said...

as someone else just pointed out, if the numbers are so great among women, imagine the men who may or may not have a clue.
just one more layer of guilt and shame the enemy uses to keep freedom and healing from all.
thanks for pitchin in Amanda
much love

barbara head said...

I also know many who have this secret. Some of them forgiven and healed but some not so blessed. One thing one person told me is "God revealed to me to name my baby and that helped in my healing". For some perhaps this would help. I pray for healing and forgiveness. God is faithful and He forgives!!

The Allens said...

That was a wonderful post.

Fran said...

Isn't it just unbelievable to think about all the secrets that we keep? So afraid to tell anyone?

I just know that this study is going to fall into just the most perfect hands.

I love Melinda and I love that she is giving this away.

Hugs Amanda,

katiegfromtennessee said...

Amanda, I didn't realize it was that many...They really shouldn't be afraid to get help! If they have believed a lie, they can still be healed. This is a great resource! I hope women who have made that decision in the past do take advantage of it.


Pat said...

Thank you Amanda. I am honored to have your support for "Surrendering the Secret".

It is truly amazing to understand how many women sitting in our churches and Bible studies feel that a past abortion is the one of the most shameful secrets they have hidden in their hearts. They often understand that God has forgiven them but feel that others in the Body of Christ never will.

I have discovered during my 22 years in this ministry that many women we deeply love are trapped in this lie.

Thank you for helping reach those who desire to be set completely free from any part of the past, present or future that Satan wants to hold on to.

Bless you!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Thanks for pointing the way toward healing and hope for thousands of sisters, Amanda. This is such a prison of shame and darkness and self-revulsion.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I have such a passion to work with women who are considering abortion!

How sad that we overlook those with the "Secret"!

I am very excited about this book! And can't wait to give a copy the the precious women in my life struggling with this!

Thanks for sharing this!