Monday, October 06, 2008

What We've Been Up To

This is not a man-friendly post. It discusses the pregnant body, which I promise is not something you want to read about. I'd also like to say that in no way do I think anyone cares to read about my life in this much detail, but I am writing it all down for myself so I can be amused by it later in life. Peace out.

Last Tuesday:
This was our last full day without Curtis. Kay and I put our boys in mother's day out and we went to the Trellis Spa at The Houstonian hotel for prenatal massages. It was so wonderful! It had definitely given us something to look forward to while our men were gone. Afterward, we had lunch at this neat restaurant we'd never take our kids to called Tiny Boxwood's. That name gets me tickled. The Lord gave us a table outside in the shade. I had the grilled cheese panini with pesto and it was incredible. We rounded out the afternoon with a trip to Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. After I picked up Jackson from MDO we had the ice cream debacle at Sonic. We then went across the street to a frozen custard place and I delivered ice cream to my little man as promised. He loved it. However, the sugar high mixed with his lack of a nap that day at MDO made for an interesting evening. Bedtime arrived a little early at 6:30. But he slept till 7:30 the next morning, so he must have needed it!

Curtis came home! That evening we celebrated our family togetherness with a trip to a different DoubleDave's than we'd been going to since we moved. This one was a much better experience, as I didn't find myself totally distracted and depressed about being 4 hours away from the Hartsfields, who were our DoubleDave's buddies in Irving. If you have never been to DoubleDave's, you must try it.

Curtis took the day off. Jackson went to MDO. Curtis and I had a really great lunch at Chuy's (a Mexican restaurant). They have some AMAZING salsa there. I like it almost as much as Pappasito's. We spent the rest of our time together shopping for Jackson's new furniture. We didn't find anything that we (I) liked. I have my heart set on a bed from PB Kids, but I wanted to exhaust the other options before we buy it. After we picked up Jackson, the three of us went to see a kids movie. We thought we were seeing a movie about monkeys in space, but we ended up seeing Fly Me to the Moon, which is about...flies. Jackson did not stop asking for the monkeys the whole time. This was a 3D film and the Mister could not really be bothered to wear his glasses. Although for the five total minutes that he did wear them, he was the cutest thing I've ever seen. The movie was so horrible and the popcorn so very average that we left before it was over. All was not lost, however, as we played video games in the foyer before leaving.

Jacks and I were sad to say goodbye to Curtis in the morning, but this is real life and not fantasy world. Hubs was suffering some jat lag that afternoon, so we hung around the house. I made taco salad for dinner.

We drove out to the Woodlands to see if the PB Kids there had the bed I wanted on display. I would love to see it in person before we order it. I also needed some new support devices for my...self. Victoria's Secret is now dead to me, as their workers are not properly trained to handle desperate, slightly irrational, hormonal pregnant women who are having conflicted feelings about their changing bodies. So I tried the Soma store and I have to give major props to the saleslady there who bent over backwards to help me out. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the worst part of dressing myself for pregnancy is not the large belly, but my other features which take on a life of their own. Help me, Lord Jesus.

We stopped at Baby's/Kid's First Furniture on the way home and may I just say that Curtis Jones is lucky I did not know about that place when we were buying Jackson's crib? Wow.

That night Curtis and Jackson had more taco salad while I made one of my favorite soups - roasted chicken and wild rice soup. (Curt is not a big soup eater, especially if it's not a cheesy soup.) I ate it in a bread bowl from HEB and it was divine. I took some to my friend Missy who had strep throat last week - poor thing. She blessed me in return with some chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Oh my! If you are a baker, you should definitely make these. Thanks, Missy!

We went to church and were quite late because Pregnant Girl had some outfit drama. I am carrying this baby differently than I carried Jackson and it is really messing with me. Plus, I am missing three skirts and one pair of black pants from my maternity wardrobe and I now have 2 things I can wear to church besides jeans. And have I mentioned that the Boobs of Doom are taking over my life? Ugh! (Honestly, I fought a bad attitude the entire day. I'll just go ahead and admit that right now.) After church we met up with Michelle, a friend from college who was in town from DC. We also got to meet Katie, a Phi Lamb from A&M, who was delightful. I love college students and I miss being around them! After lunch at Pappasitos' we took naps. Last night we had our Dinner 8 group at my friend Allison's house. My mom is a rock star and took Jackson to Chuck E. Cheese so that we didn't have to take him with us. Later came our experience with the neti pot, which I have detailed here.

I am meeting up with Missy to go on a walk this evening. If Beckham is lucky I will take him with me. He helped himself to some of Missy's cookies the other night and his fat little behind needs to go on a walk. And after all the food I've mentioned in this post I see that I need it just as bad!


Michelle said...

Just for the record, I think it's always fun to read about people's lives. Maybe I'm just really curious, but I think people's stories are fascinating. We can always relate to each other.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, Amanda, your blog made me smile! First, I love hearing about all the fun things you've been up to lately with both your misters. Secondly, you experienced this weekend what I did last weekend! This is my first go-round with the whole garment issue and I blogged about it here:

I was shocked...I still am! This whole body changing thing is quite traumatic to me. In case you need further help, I found the ladies at Mimi's Maternity very helpful.

Your soup sounds really good; I'd love the recipe some time. Hope you all have a great night and that you all feel better soon!

Holly said...

Ohhh, we miss DoubleDave's Pizza!!!! Wahh! We miss college period. But honestly, if the Aggies do not start winning some games, I may just have to root for UT.

Praying for your week...for wonderful times with your family and blessings to boot.

Tara G. said...

2 things- I so feel your pain. I just went through it with #3 and it seemed it happened even quicker. Secondly, regarding your no good, horrible bad day with Jackson that you wrote about earlier- I feel your pain there, too. My husband, who is also struggling with the boy, reminded me (us) that we are not looking for a well-behaved child (although that is so nice!), but one whose heart is right...kinda helped put things in perspective.

The Allens said...

I COMPLETELY relate to the body changing issues that have nothing to do with the stomach.

Brittney said...

I am feeling the love. This is my first pregnancy and I am having a difficult time with these bodily changes. Some serious causes for outfit dilemmas/meltdowns, especially for church,or any other outing. I have gone through 3 sets of bras, and I keep thinking surely this has to stop. No such luck, so I am told. Not to mention there is some hip spreadage. How was your husband's trip?

Dionna said...

You do mention eating out a lot. I'd love to try all those places you've mentioned! They sound heavenly. And I love pumpkin choc chip cookies. Now I know I'm going to need to make them in the near future. I can almost smell them now...

katiegfromtennessee said...

Little Momma:)

It looks like you have had a real busy week. All that good food:) Ooo, a movie! I like movies. My husband and I still have got to see Fireproof...I think I'm gonna try the cookie recipe!:) Mmmm...Chocolate:)...Hope your walk is the best!


Big Mama said...

The next time you find yourself in San Antonio, we have got to meet at Rosarios. You are missing out on a salsa blessing.

Also, "boobs of doom" will bring me joy for the rest of the week. I'm not lying when I tell you I had to double bag mine before my pregnancy was all over.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Oh, that soup looks SOOOOO yummy! I'll definitely be trying it as soon as the weather is a little cooler.

Heather said...

I am laughing about you talking about your "betty's!" You are so hilarious! I guess all you can do is laugh at this point~! :)
And I am also cracking up at Big Mama saying she had to "double bag" hers! Too funny!

Darlene R. said...

The Boobs of Doom ~~ too funny!

Mine were LARGE when I was pregnant. I'm talkin' "I didn't even know they made supports that big" LARGE!!

I hated that part of being pregnant.

R said...

ahhhh, double dave's. please be proud knowing that you converted us into big fans of it, too! your double dave's rewards in heaven will be great. :0) and we're even more excited because it's an aggie-owned business!

Kelli said...

Your post made me SOO hungry for two of my favorite places.... Double Dave's and Chuy's. Pizza rolls and the salsa I could eat with a spoon. We will definitely drive the 35 + minutes from our part of town to get to Chuy's.

I hope you got to hang out with Michelle P. I worked with her at CBS and just adore her!

Good luck with your "boobs of doom"..... I do not miss the stress of trying to fit into something maternity!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

AMEN to the Boobs of Doom, my friend. And since I'm still nursing, mine are still here.

I saw a picture of myself on vacation last week, and I cringed at the size of my chest. I don't mentally see myself that way.


(Is it wrong to talk about food that much? I didn't notice.)

Tara said...

Thank you for sharing the events of your life! Just like Michelle, I enjoy reading about it as I do believe that we can all relate to each other!

And I have to say that you are cracking me up with the "boobs of doom." When I was pregnant with my twins, I had hoped that I would be blessed to with an increase... be it ever so small, to go from a AA to maybe a B? Anything would have been good! But even with pregnancy, I was barely a B!!!! To what is a curse to some, is a dream to others:)

barbara head said...

Why do you think celebrities do so well in the public eye? Ordinary people love to look at other people's lives. Thank God, you are one to follow because you follow Jesus. Just as Pastor Gregg said Sunday "We follow others first who follow Jesus. Keep on following Jesus, Amanda, and you will well influence people in the blogesphere!!

judy said...

Oh, Chuys!!!!! That is my all time favorite mexican restaurant in Dallas! (and one in Houston too. YEah) (fyi; Jessica Simpson and her family came in one time when my daughter and I were there.....I'm just sayin'!) :)

'Boobs of Doom'....I'll be sure to share that with my pg daughter as she is suffering with EXTREME GROWTH!!

Wanda said...


You are so dang funny! I love your stories....and I'm just wondering....Can I have your eating out budget? You are one lucky lady!
My family thinks I'm flaking off my duties if we eat out more than once in the same week.

Hang in there with the boobs of really does get better!

Cheryl said...

I am about 12 weeks preg. with #4 and I can't believe how fast my body is changing!!!
I've copied the choc. chip cookie recipe and can't wait to make some!!!

Emmy said...

"Boobs of Doom" Hysterical! After nursing four babies I have "Boobs of Gloom" my poor husband... (hope that isn't TMI)

Thanks for making me smile! : )


Missy said...

Soup was delicious! Walk was so fun! Can't wait to see the new furniture. :)

TheFancyFritter said...

Hi! I'm having a giveaway on my blog that I think you may love! Come join and I hope you win! Thanks so much! :)

Lindsee Lou said...

DoubleDaves = Makes me miss Huntsville because that's where I would frequent it most! I never go here anymore. But, I'll have to start going again!

Chuy's = They had me at their jalepeno ranch dip/salsa. For real that is goodness.

Custard = We know how I feel about this. It is dangerous.

Phi Lamb = Also makes me miss Huntsville. :)

Missy = How sweet of you to take her soup! I felt so bad for her!

The end.

The Ugly Beautiful said...

I made the yummy! Thank you for sharing! :) Hope you feel better!

Rita Loca said...

"Boobs of Doom" Bwaahahaaa!
Sorry, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Loved your recap! All the food sounds so good. Um, my boobs of doom are terrible too. There is a lady in the Nordstrom bra section that I will add to my will. She helped me a couple weeks ago.

(got your msg...was going to call you on the way home from Xavi's fall concert...but my idiot phone battery went dead! call you later today)

Jenny said...

I love reading your blog and thinking back to when I was in your shoes! In fact after I read your blog, I told the girls a story from when I was carrying them.

Have a great day!

bethany said...

You're so funny! Glad that you found a few "items" to control the girls!

Mindy said...

I'm so sorry that your body is bothering you. My ladies still bother me and it's been 4 months. The nursing thing just makes me look so uneven:)

Kristen said...

Amanda, I've been reading your blog for awhile but I don't think I've left a comment before. I wanted to thank you for the soup recipe. YUMMY! I just made it for a friend who had a baby. I can't wait to make the cookies too.
I also have a little boy (5) and a little girl (2). I'm excited for you to experience both. They are great fun! I can often relate to your stories about your mister. Hope you have a great weekend.

Faith said...

I also TOTALLY relate to the body changing issues! My problem has been back pain when I can't find a garment that fits right ... and I struck out at most of the stores I tried. There are a lot of saleswomen out there--even, disappointingly, at Motherhood Maternity--who do not seem equipped to deal with hormonal women with changing-body issues. Ah well, I'm glad "this too shall pass."