Monday, February 19, 2007

Jackson is One!

Curt's parents arrived shortly after my last post. We went to dinner with them and then Curt and I stole away to a movie while they put Jackson to bed. Later I realized I wouldn't be putting my baby to bed on the last night before his birthday! Panic! At 11:40 I crept into his room and pulled him out of his crib. He never woke up, but I rocked him until midnight. It was the sweetest time together. I held him close and I told him everything on my heart. At midnight I wished him a happy birthday, gave lots of kisses, and put him back in bed a few minutes later. That for me was the highlight of the weekend.

When I opened my eyes that morning and realized Jackson wasn't awake or crying yet, I summoned Curtis so we could wake him up together. We opened the nursery door and he was standing up smiling. We sang Happy Birthday and had a very happy, cheerful morning together.

Curt's parents and sister's family came over and we decided to go to the zoo. It was the most perfect day - gorgeous, blue, cool, and sunny. I had always wanted to take Jackson to the zoo and our first time did not disappoint. A lot of the animals were being really lazy, so I kept praying things like Lord, please make the kangaroo get up and bounce across the field. Please wake up the otters and tell them to swim. Lord, please cause the cheetah to run for us. Lord, make the gorilla wake up from his nap. Lord, please cause the baboon to show us his face and not just his ugly bald bee-hind. We did get to see the baboon's face, and it was rather creepy.

So after all that praying we walked up on a cage with nothing in it. I did not even know what was supposed to be in the cage, but a male lion suddenly emerged from a cave. He stood right in front of us and sized us up. He climbed up on a big rock and stood there. I was holding Jackson on my hip and we were both in awe. Then the King of the Jungle sneezed and we all jumped. We felt pretty was just a sneeze, but such a loud sound coming from such a mighty animal commanded a response. Then he started staring us down and opened his mouth and began growling. It was so freaky and so amazing. I jumped several times and held Jackson close - a completely involuntary response. But after seeing all those lazy animals, God provided the mightiest of all to show off for us. It was truly awesome. I thought about the first time I will see my Maker and what my response will be. I can't even fathom it.

We took Curt's family to Keller's for lunch. It was much more pleasant in the daylight. (We did try JG's, which some of you suggested. It was really good but we still think Keller's is out of this world.)

My parents arrived late that afternoon. It was such an answer to prayer that my mom's flight was not delayed and she made it easily from her conference in Detroit.


Debra said...

Great Pictures. Sweet story of Jackson's first birthday.

Anonymous said...

we went to the animal fair, all of our friends were there, then the baboon by the light of the moon turned around to say Happy Birthday Jackson! How fun is that!!! So Jackson is 1 1/2 penguins tall and Curt looks to be about 3 + now we know how tall and handsome they both are...they put that poor baboon to shame!!!Thank you for sharing the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

how i LOVE that baboon!..i'm already thinking halloween- just need some pants!