Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a Man

I'm falling in love with my husband all over again. First of all, I neglected to rise up and call him blessed earlier this week when he organized the pantry and CLEANED THE FRIDGE! Second, he shaved his head and it's very handsome. Third - I cannot believe I'm typing these words - he asked me to make him a cup of tea. Do you know how long I've waited for this? Actually, I gave up waiting for it because I had been rejected so many mornings when I've said so sweetly, "Honey, can I make you some tea?"

My entire life I watched my parents drink coffee together. They say they fell in love over coffee. I have really clear memories of my mom and dad coming home from a fancy birthday or anniversary or just because dinner - Mom dressed up so beautifully (I've always thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world) and dad looking so handsome in a sport coat. They walk in the door laughing and smiling. We missed you but it was a happy miss. Sorry we were late. We had the best cup of coffee with our souffle' at the Rivoli!

When I went off to college Melissa started drinking coffee too. The three of them share this crazy obsession over it. I'm on the outside looking in, praying that I will one day like it and be in on the sharing of the coffee. I want to be in on that first sip together when they sigh like they've just stepped into a hot tub after being cold for 12 hours. But I just can't make myself like it. In order to make it drinkable, I would end up turning it into hot chocolate.

When we were preparing for our five month stay in England, I decided to train myself to like tea. When it was offered to me in someone's home I wanted to like it. Eventually, with enough sugar, I took to it and I am now among the throngs of cool people with a special drink at Starbucks. These days when I'm home with my mom, dad, and sister, I have my tea while the rest of them have their coffee. It's helped with my insecurity. But there's one thing missing - drinking tea with my hubby.

Curtis came down with Jackson's cold and his voice is struggling. Which is great timing because this weekend he preaches three times. I, like the Windex-happy dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, immediately offered to fix him tea to soothe his throat. AND HE SAID YES. He might as well have given me a dozen roses. Or a new Virgen de Guadalupe bouquet. I've fixed him 3 or 4 cups in the last two days. Imagine my happiness! And tonight he says to me, "Hey, do you want to have some tea?" What is this? An invitation from the one my soul loves to...drink tea with him? ...Swoon...


The Bergers said...

So sweet!!
May you be blessed more and more with days full of tea and biscuits!


Sunni said...

What a sweet post--just in time for Valentine's Day. I have a picture in my head of you two toasting your china teacups--and it's adorable!

Tammie said...

This post made me smile. I love to hear you talk of your love for Curt. So very precious.


Debra said...

Falling in love over and over again...I think that is what marriage is all about. I know what you mean about wanting to love coffee. I am still in the mode of trying a new one each time in hopes that it will quench my desire.

Tammie said...

Manda, How did you get the previous posts on your page? I cannot seem to figure that one out.


Michelle said...

Okay you may not believe me with my crazy life but I did not start drinking coffee till the last campaign... it was embarrising once when I ordered Hot chocolate with the VP there and everyone else had their so called "adult" drinks! Any way a friend receommened me to try lattes I love them now. Favorite is Dunkin Donuts Mocha Latte (hot) (you can do whip but if you are trying to stick to your diet opt for none) Then I add two splendas... all my coffee friends still chuckle and say do I want some coffee with my cream and sugar but I promise you its good!

The Sanders House said...

I totally can relate! Coffee never tasted good to me, but I love the smell of it. My parents made it every morning and sat on the couch, sipping their coffee and reading the newspaper. Jonathan did not like it when we got married and then we went to Latvia and he feel in love with it. I want to one day sit on the couch with Jonathan...but maybe I will have to settle for tea..or hot chocolate! :) But for the meantime...I love smelling that coffee in the morning. :)

alicia said...

I have also come to love Chai time in India. It's like tea time is an event. Chai time seems to have the same importance as meeting someone for coffee at Starbucks. I love that! So now...sometimes just the idea of having chai with friends is romantic! I think this is probalby how it is in England too. I am glad to know that you and Curtis can now have tea together!!

Hey I know you won't post a pic of curtis till after the diet, but you should email me one...I am curious what his shaved head looks like!! Tell your family I say hello. Miss you Amanda.