Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stupid cupid, stop picking on me

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm skipping out on church tonight because this cold is kicking my tail. There's a pile of 18 crumpled tissues sitting next to me. I don't get to spend much time with my Valentine today because of church, but he did secretly drop by today and leave me some roses and a sweet card. I never even knew he was there.

Jackson has been very busy today. I said a couple of weeks ago that I have so baby-proofed my living and dining room that Jackson can go crazy with no problem. (Some of you more experienced moms were snickering when you read that.) Well, tonight I'll be making some adjustments. I keep all my books for work in this trunk thing in my living room. He figured out how to open it and throw my books in the floor. And then he threw one of the speakers on the floor from the CD player (which is unplugged when not in use) featured in one of the pictures below. He's also discovered how fun it is to dig out the fake moss from the topiary. The topiary is chilling on top of the dining room table until I decide on its next location. So it appears that he's getting bored with the set up. Time for mom to get creative.

I was remembering a couple of funny things about last year's Valentine's Day. I was 3 days away from giving birth, so you can imagine what I looked like. Every day I wore black to minimize my figure. My present from Curt was a pregnancy massage at the Four Seasons Spa. They had one of those wonderful tables with a hole in the middle so you can lay on your stomach. Every pregnant woman's fantasy is to lay on her stomach. The masseuse said, "Oooohhhh, you're quite far along, aren't you?" Why, yes! Thank you for noticing! She informed me that she wouldn't be touching my feet or ankles because they have pressure points that can send a woman into labor. You should have seen her face when I invited her to induce my labor since I'd be having him on Friday anyway. She laughed nervously (I wasn't kidding) and said she'd show me how to do it myself. But I decided I wanted a couple more mornings to sleep in since that phase of my life would be ending forever. So Friday it was.

Then Curtis picked me up and we went to eat our last babysitter-less meal at On the Border. Bless my heart, when the precious teenage hostess saw me she whispered, "Would you be more comfortable at a table or a booth?" At the time I was very honored that this sweet, beautiful girl would want to make sure I was well taken care of. That she would have concern for me and not turn to her co-worker and make fun of the pregnant lady. And now I just have to laugh that I was ever so large that someone needed to ask me that!

And now I will tell you a little story that I think about every year on February 14. For many years I hated Valentine's Day because of the embarrassment I suffered in 4th grade. Remember when you had to bring a valentine for every student - boy and girl - in your homeroom? Well, that year I brought Snoopy valentines. I signed my name to each one and just dropped them randomly into my classmates' bags. It just so happened that I dropped one that had a picture of Lucy saying something along the lines of, "I want to kiss you, Valentine!" into a boy's bag...who I happened to like very much. And one of my classmates saw it and announced it to everyone! Oh, the horror!

So what is your crazy Valentine's Day memory?


BooMama said...

If you'd pass me that box of tissues when you're done, I surely would appreciate it. D. actually used the word "SNORTED" in relation to a sound I just made. And really, what could be more attractive than hearing your wife snort?

I was Great With Child on Valentine's Day about four years ago...eight months along, in fact. And I remember having to cram my foot into some size 10 (TEN!!! - I normally wear an 8 1/2) flats that I'd bought at Payless b/c I couldn't wedge my foot into any other shoes except for Uggs, and honestly, I felt like I needed an escort carrying a "WIDE LOAD" banner to walk in front of me when I waddled into a restaurant for our Valentine's dinner.

Good times.

Janelle & Ella said...

Love the reflection of last years Valentine's day!!! I guess that would be my greatest Valentine's memory. Being hugely pregnant, lying on the couch, having contractions, knowing Ella would be born the next day, therefore cherishing every bite of that last meal that Heath made me! They wouldn't let me eat for 50 hours after that dinner.

Anonymous said...

this is not "on topic" but i know this topic is NEVER an "off-topic" i was thinking that Jackson had moved from bean bag to boomama"s stunt-pillow stage but from this entry i see he has moved way beyond both!!!

Big Mama said...

First of all, it's just a matter of days before Jackson is climbing on to that table to get that topiary. Heed this warning.

Also, one of my favorite valentines memories is from 4th grade, too. My "boyfriend" brought me a little silver necklace with a hershey kiss charm and gave it to me while I was sharpening my pencil. Later on at recess he told me that if I didn't like it, "That's tough". Which just goes to show that I have always fallen for the real romantic types.

AKat said...

Valentine's 1988, second grade. I was all itchy and told my teacher, who whisked me into the hall. Needless to say, I had the chicken pox and missed my class Valentine's Day party! I was crushed. My decorated shoe box was brought to my house later, though.

BTW, that picture of Jackson in his baseball gear is precious!