Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jackson Update

Jackson changes so much from month to month. Here are some of the things he's doing at eleven and a half months.

-He makes growling noises much like a dinosaur, which has earned him the name T-Rex.
-His current favorite toy is socks.
-He loves chasing Bill from one perch to another and pulling his tail. He hasn't figured out that Bill's growling and hissing means he doesn't want to play. I think that his sensitivity toward the baby is lessening now that Jackson is getting more aggressive. I may have to let Bill out soon!
-If there's something he wants under the couch, he will lay down and reach under there for it.
-His new method of relaxation is sprawling out face-down on the floor. He likes to taste the floor while doing this.
-He kneels with one knee and one foot on the ground. Picture the front row of your 8th grade basketball team photo and you've got it.
-We have a "Touchy-feely" board book called That's Not My Monster. He knows where he's supposed to touch on the page without seeing me do it first.
-He took 4 little steps tonight while standing behind and holding onto this toy.
-The volume of his voice is definitely INCREASING.

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Richardsons of HV said...

And the volume will continue to increase...just get ready!
Another MOB (mother of boys)