Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Show and Tell

Here's my Congrats, You Made It! email from MamaLife.com.


And if you haven't already, meet my friends, Janelle and Sunni, who I am bonded to forever after everything we've experienced together with these babies. (Childbirth class, baby showers, breastfeeding class, being in the hospital together, same OBs, "playdates" beginning at 3 weeks old, girls night out at bunco, 1,000 emails and texts, praying for each other in the middle of the night, Sonic, etc.) We've been very busy reflecting on what we were doing a year ago right now. Girls, we probably could have done it without each other, but it wouldn't have been as pretty...or as fun. Y'all will never know what an answer to prayer you are. I love you and I love those sweet baby girls.

Here's a picture from our most recent playdate. We were so happy to have Keegan and Michelle there with us from Houston. AND - some of you may have been following this story - Laney was there! She and Ella were dressed alike, as proper BFFs should be. (Erin, thinking of you right now - pink and white striped shirts.)

Top row: Jackson, Keegan, and Joshua
Bottom row: Ava, Ella, and Laney


Big Mama said...

That's about the cutest group of babies ever.

And I couldn't agree more, my friends saved my life sometimes during that first year.

Janelle said...

Okay...as if I wasn't already crying due to the week of reflection and our babies turning one, but your email so touched me and brought the tears down harder. I love you girl and feel the same way. What a blessing to have you and Sunni!! I am so humbled that the Lord choose ME to be able to share my pregnancy and first year with you! I could never have imagined such a perfect scenario!

Debra said...


Sunni said...

Oh my goodness--you said it. I couldn't have made it without y'all! Even if we moved a thousand miles away--we'd always be forever bonded because of what we've shared, and will share!

alicia said...

just beautiful.