Monday, February 05, 2007

Neighborly Love

This is why I love my neighborhood. A minute ago the doorbell chimed. A precious elderly woman was standing there with a letter in her hand.

"I was just walking to the post office and I passed your house like I do every day. It's just precious. I wanted to tell you that. I love what you've done to it. And these rocking chairs...well, don't be surprised if you find me rocking in them one day."

I thanked her, introduced myself, and invited her to rock on my porch anytime. She's going to stop in for a visit next time (I told her Thursdays are good) and see what we've done to the inside. (Note to self, have makeup on by lunch time.) This is the second random visit from a sweet older lady since we moved in.

Our house was a pretty bad eye sore until a woman from Sweden bought it in the late 90's and began renovating it. I have seen pictures of the condition it was in when she got it and there's quite a difference. So these visits are either a result of the contrast between the house then and now, or just the fact that my neighbors are actually neighborly!

When I drive through master-planned communities and get that ache to live in a beautiful, pristine place, I need to remember days like today. My town's slogan is "Where the people make the difference!" There's no guarantee that your neighbor's house won't end up painted white with neon green trim, but, by golly, you will love your neighbor!


Sunni said...

Neon green trim or hot pink. Or in the case of my neighborhood, a homemade Christmas star decoration made of aluminum cans that stays up year-round. SOUTH IRVING RULES!

JakeKelley said...

yeah people diss Irving ALL the time, but I LOVE IT!! It has its ghetto times, but its fun and homey! haha

not homey like your friend homey like it feels like home....just fyi hahah

Big Mama said...

We live in an older neighborhood and I always say the best part about it is the neighbors. They make life more interesting!

BooMama said...

Be sure to read Big Mama's post about her neighbor Tillie if you haven't. It is so great.

And we just moved from a Planned Residential Community to an older neighborhood - and while I lost my big ole tub, I gained so much more.

sim said...

long story on how i ended up on this know, the friend of a friend six degrees thing. We are one of those who left an old house for a "master planned" community (still waiting to see what is planned). Even though it's nice to live in a brand new house, i miss the character and creative love an old house has. My hubby and I are ready to go back to the "east side" :-)