Friday, February 23, 2007

Music Meme

Get excited! Here's a fun meme from Big Mama. Y'all know I'm sacrificing my valuable time on an exciting Friday night to do this. Actually, tomorrow will be the craziest, busiest day of all time, so we are very happily doing nothing.

Favorite Song From Childhood: I never saw the movie Cocktail, but you better believe I had the soundtrack. Every time I hear Kokomo or Don't Worry Be Happy it takes me right back to being 9 years old. If jr. high is considered childhood, then I'd like to add Love Shack by the B-52s. And please don't be jealous that during my wannabe hippie stage I saw them in concert at Astroworld.

Favorite High School Dance Song: I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan. Although End of the Road was the climax of every dance.

Senior Class Song: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.
Our class had actually voted on another song, which I can't remember the title of now, and then there was public outcry to change it to this after Titanic was released.

Favorite Rock & Roll Song: Crazy by Aerosmith.
Erin Wright and I were determined to skip school and go on some crazy adventure in my grandma's Mustang one day, just like in the video. Never happened. But I still love Liv Tyler.

Favorite Disco Song: Love Rollercoaster was on a 70's funk CD that my roommates and I used to dance to in college. That's probably not disco, but that's all I got. (Does anyone else remember "Spartan Coaster of Spirit" from SNL?)

Favorite Country Western Song: In honor of my Pappaw, Redneck Mother by Jerry Jeff Walker. I heard Shake the Sugar Tree by Pam Tillis on the radio last night. I sang it at the top of my lungs and thought, THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER, even though I hadn't heard it in two years.

Favorite Pop Song: Right now I like What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake.

Favorite All Time Love Song: This Woman and This Man by Clay Walker. This song makes me want to go to the Houston Rodeo.

Favorite Break Up Song: You Oughtta Know (Unplugged) by Alanis Morissette. Jen, this reminds me of riding in your bronco.

Favorite Make Out Song: Curtis Jones will delete my blog if I answer this.

Song That Always Makes You Cry: One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boys II Men. If I had a heartache, Neon Moon by Brooks and Dunn could get me to crying. (Curt just clued me in on the fact that Alan Jackson did not sing that song as I had originally stated. Thank you for humbling me, honey.)

Songs About Your Kid/s: This is My Father's World was on one of our Praise Baby CDs. There was something so precious about thinking of a little bitty baby in a big huge world, so weak and helpless among everything scary. But no worries, because this is my Father's world.

Song That Reminds You Of Your Husband: Mr. Jones by Counting Crows and also Prodigal Me by Shane and Shane because we listened to it so much when we were first dating. Also, This is the Air I Breathe. Two days after we met we were on a mission trip with some youth. A drama team was doing a skit about a husband and wife with this song playing. I had a really strange feeling about Curt while I was watching it. That song always conjures up that feeling.

Favorite Gospel/Praise Song: Inside Out by Hillsong United.

Favorite Ringtone on Cellphone: Right now I have Leave the Pieces by the Wreckers but I'm bout ready for a change.

You are tagged! You know you want to.


Anonymous said...

OK I am furious. I won't sleep until I have figured out all my answers. I am so mad at you.


Big Mama said...

I love that you said Curt would delete your blog if you answered the make out song question. When I saw that one I thought no way am I answering because my daddy reads my blog.

Justin Timberlake singing "What Goes Around" just makes me love him that much more.

Also, I love that there was a public outcry for the Titanic song because high school students are nothing if not dramatic.

Abby said...

um...ok.....i think we are music twins. :) i was just introduced to the fabulous world of Hillsong worship music this past semester...SO GOOD i hate to even sing along with them..just stick my face in the floor..

hahahahahahahaha i am remembering my older brother and i belting the "one sweet day" duet at the top of our lungs on one of those too-long-to-keep-your-sanity family road trips way back when :)

BooMama said...

Does anyone "remember" Spartan Coaster of Spirit? Or does anyone KNOW IT BY HEART? Because I would fall under the "know it by heart" category.

We have seen AJ (that would be Alan Jackson, not, you know, YOU) in concert twice, and he makes me smile so big. And I'm always tempted to rip up the knees of my jeans after we see him because his jeans look so dadgum cute that way.

Ditto Big Mama's JT comment.

"Shake the Sugar Tree" reminds me so much of when D. and I were dating. I like to think I can sing the harmony on that song, too - until D. dies out laughing and I am confronted with the cold hard truth.


Erin Wright said...

Sister...I will FOREVER think of you when I watch the early 90s era Aerosmith videos...and when I hear Love Shack. I am not ashamed to add the B52s to my list of all time favorites!

And I'm happy to hear you share my love for JT...nice to know we're still on the same music page :)

Erin Wright said...

And also I forgot to mention...I too love The Wreckers and think we were robbed on our class song, I was NOT feeling Celine Dion, but whatever...Crystal Nix did a smashing rendition at a choir show or talent show or something.

Ok, now I'm done.