Friday, February 09, 2007

Keller's Drive-in

Curt and I totally blew our diet (again) today. Oh wait, the You Complete Me moment is happening on Jerry Maguire. False alarm. Okay, months ago Oprah let her BFF, Gayle King, do a tour of America's best hamburgers. We were thrilled to see that number 10 on the list was in the Big D. Ever since, we've been meaning to visit Keller's Drive-in. Tonight was the night since Jackson missed his afternoon nap and was not in any mood to let mommy and daddy eat at Macaroni Grill. How long, O Lord?

There are two Keller's locations - one in a cooler part of Dallas and the other, well, not so much. The not so much location was closer to us. So we drove deep into Harry Hines Boulevard - a dodgy highway lined with bazaars, liquor stores, and massage parlors. We pulled into a run-down looking place that was packed with cars. This is number 10? We almost left but decided to persevere. We turned on our blinker to alert the car hop of our presence. In the back, cars were packed in 4 deep. I'm not sure what was going on. Apparently you can purchase longnecks there and have them brought to your car. Some of them seemed to be there for the long haul.

We only stayed long enough to get our food. Then we searched for a long time to find a nice-looking parking lot to eat in before our fries got cold. We ended up at Speed Zone, where we were entertained by the towers of bungee swings while we ate the burgers of our lives.

Low expectations, people. Low expectations. These were the best burgers we've ever had or even dreamed of. I'm ruined for any other burger for the rest of my life. (Which may help my diet!) I can't even describe it well enough to try. I said to Curtis, "Babe, if this was number 10, imagine what number 1 would be!" Just go there. After you try Scalini's.


Big Mama said...

Well, now you've gone and made sure that I'm going to have to have a cheeseburger tomorrow. I'd actually eat one right now, but seeing as how it's almost midnight, that would just be pathetic and sad.

Next time I'm in Dallas, I am so trying one of those burgers.

Sunni said...

Keller's is so delicious! We appreciate a good burger, and the other night we passed the Kellers on NW Hwy on our way to EAT Italian food with friends. And we actually slowed down the car, and discussed whether we should get a pre-dinner burger at Keller's because we were "right here." We are sad.

olivia and henry said...

amanda, you are right,kellers is sooo yummy! another one to try is The Village Burger Bar, in the West Village...the burgers there are delicious. and they have sweet potato french fries that are the best. we also love scalini' is actually our favorite italian restaurant. nothing tops it for sure! we live near scalini's so we frequent it often :)
btw~ after reading your post, i went and bought a HH ;)

BooMama said...

I don't guess the burger would be very good if I asked you to FedEx one to me, would it?

And by the way, when Gayle did that burger thing? It brought me such joy I can't even tell you. Not as much as the Oprah / Gayle road trip did, however (Oprah staying in that teepee motel? The stuff dreams are made of).

Richardsons of HV said...

Better Burger in Dallas (and I've been to Keller's):
JG's Hamburgers (on Greenville near 635) all time fav in Big D
Burger House (YUMMY burger and even better fries)...on Mockingbird

I don't understand why all of the good burger joints are in Big-D. Us in the burbs need a shout out with a good burger joint. Fuddrucker's is the closest good burger (in my opinion) but it still isn't JG's!

Debra said...

I am getting so hungry for a burger!!!

Michelle said...

Good News! My Dad live right by Le Tub in Florida! I will check out the burger for you next time I am there!

Kim Soto said...

Is it bad that my mouth is watering at 10:40 in the morning for hamburger after reading your blog? :)