Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Center of Attention

Mr. Pouty Lip

Holding my own toys!

The center of attention

Jackson enjoyed having his Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Matt, and cousin Gavin visit last weekend. We went to an aquarium in Dallas (the cheap one), but he has no idea we were ever there because he slept through the whole thing. But that meant he was wide awake and full of opinions at Campisi's where we had pizza for lunch. They say Campisi's was a mob hangout back in the day. It definitely still reflects that same (dark and quiet) atmosphere. Kinda weird to take a baby in there!

The latest news on Jackson is that he is grabbing and holding on to his toys now. He hasn't rolled over since that one time last week, so apparently he didn't enjoy that experience. I'm giving him plenty of oppotunity to do it again during tummy time. As Madea would say, Tummy time makes him "mad as heck!" You can see in the picture (that currently will not post, but I'll try again later) that he uses his fist as a coping mechanism. This morning I found him holding onto his feet while he was hanging out in his crib. That was the first time I've seen him do that. Every day is something new!

Remember how I've been hesitant to take my camera to the pool? Well, the unthinkable happened...but not to me. Yes, while my wonderful mother-in-law was taking some pool pictures over the weekend, she bent down to show me (in the pool with Jackson) a picture on the screen. To our extreme dismay, the camera slid right out of her hands and plunged into the watery depths. Oh, the horror! Rest in peace, faithful Canon.

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