Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Family Fun

Tonight we had dinner with the Hartsfields and the Lazos. I can't think of the last time all of us were together at once. The moms and babies meet regularly, but it's always when the dads are at work. We had so much fun! We had chinese food and Sonic drinks. It was a nice combo. The kids watched Baby Einstein and chilled in Ava's swing, bouncy seats, and exersaucer. Thanks for sharing, Ava!

Ella, Ava, and Jackson

Ava and Jackson watching Baby Einstein before Ella arrived and got the party started.

I love the facial expressions in this picture. There is no possible way to get three moms and three babies looking happily at the camera in one shot!

Ava: "Jackson's gonna fall on me again, Mom!"
Ella: "I think Jackson pooted."
Jackson: "I have no idea what they're talking about."

Jackson did fine with his shots yesterday. I had to hold his arms down while he got them. It was so sad. He was bright red and screaming between held breaths. He was really fussy last night, but I would be too if I'd had four shots! Curtis gave him a warm bath and that calmed him down. Dr. Raja was really happy with his growth and development. He weighs 16 lbs (75%) and is 25.5 inches long (75%). She gave the go ahead for solids but I think I will wait until after camp.

My legs hurt, Mommy!

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Clay said...

You have such a beautiful little boy! Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you...I'm scatterbrained like that! Looks like you guys are having a great time. Take care & it was good to see on your blog! -Kat (Roper) Kennedy