Thursday, June 08, 2006

Playdate at the Pool

Yesterday Jackson and Ava had a playdate at the pool. It was so fun! Ava's float was like a boat with a canopy over it. The last picture we took was the only way we could get them both close up in one picture. Ava had on a pink sun hat and looked like Strawberry Shortcake. Too cute!

Jackson seemed to enjoy kicking his legs under the water. This morning he went crazy kicking and splashing in his bath. I guess there's no going back now! As you can see in the picture, I put him on a towel on one of the chairs to change him and he relished laying there in the sunshine. I will have to be really, really careful ever doing that again because this morning we had a very big milestone. Jackson rolled over for the first time! He went from his tummy to his back. Then he laid there looking very shocked and very proud of himself for a couple of minutes.


Anonymous said...

He's too cute! I love the TCP hat...I actually went shopping there today for JD. Congrats to little Jackson for rolling over!!! Hope things are great!

kari said...

hey manda,
so glad you and j got some fun in the sun. it makes me want to swim too so that i can lay on my buldging belly for a little bit! :) Now, is his little friend girl someone you guys know from yalls church? what a special blessing that you have babies the same age...and that you have friends in the same season of life as you. miss you so much!
love, kari