Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Nursery

This Three Little Pigs clock has a Big Bad Wolf pendulum.

My view from the glider that I spend lots of time in.

View from one of the doorways.

Another view from the same doorway.

The wonderful old rocking chair that Bonny and David gave Jackson. Bonny made the pillow. She's every woman!

You might be able see the burp cloths Bonny made to match the pillow. They're too cute to use!

I love this room so much. I wish I had pictures of what it looked like before we renovated the house. It had two huge, hideous wardrobes that were built into the walls, three doorways (not counting the closet), and a window that looked into the back of the house. Weird, I know. We walled up the third door and window and tore out the wardrobes. We painted it blue and white and added the chair rails. The room also had a wood floor before we put the carpet down. The nursery was the workroom for the carpenter during the five month remodeling process and the floor didn't look very good by the time it was over. We also got the carpet because I wanted a soft surface for Jackson to play on since our living room has a hardwood floor. Out of everything we did in our 80-year-old house, I'd say this room had the most change.


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Holly said...

Very well done, and hard wrok, too! I know. I remember the days of putting up walls and taking them down...having paint on things I didn't intend to (the cat?! my hair, my good clothes because I forgot!). I'm enjoying your blog!

Love the old houses...they're my FAV-O-RITE!

AKat said...

I am glad you put a link to this, or I wouldn't have seen what a cute nursery Jackson has! So sweet.

Kelly said...

Jackson's room is precious! You have great taste! I bet you went in there 100 times before he was born and just stared at it. (I would) :-)