Wednesday, January 17, 2007

11 Months

Dear Jackson,
You are eleven months old today. It hardly seems possible that you could already be this age. What seems even more impossible is that I could be so amazingly blessed to have such a special creature in my life as you. My darling Little Boy, as I like to call you, you have brought immeasurable amounts of happiness into my life and into your daddy’s life.

You are a pure delight to be around. Your smile has the voltage of a million spotlights. And you flash it often and at just about anyone you looks at you. Right now there are 8 teeth filling that smile and you love to put them to work – chewing food, chewing your crib, biting your toys, and attempting to bite Mommy and Daddy (which you still think is a game). Nothing pleases you more than to eat table food. Your current favorites are cheddar cheese, kiwi, bananas, green beans, and fajita chicken. You have your daddy’s beautiful, deep blue eyes and his long black eyelashes. You may never appreciate them, but everywhere we go people comment on your big, bright, expressive eyes. Jackson, you are a very happy baby and have been especially happy since you learned to sit up and then crawl. The highlight of my day is hearing your precious little laugh. Things that make you laugh are when I hide and you come crawling over to me with great speed. You laugh your sweet little head off when you get close and know you’re about to find me. When you do, you sit up and wait for me to give you a big kiss. You also laugh when we play peek-a-boo. You seem to have a good sense of humor, which makes your daddy and I very glad. We all laugh together a lot.

You love your pets, Bill and Beckham. You and Bill like to compete for a place at a certain window in the living room. You like to pull yourself up and stand there and Bill likes to sit there and look at life going by outside. When you are both there he tries to be very patient while you grab at his fur or his tail. So far he has handled it well, but I’m not sure why he doesn’t just run away. Yesterday you stood next to Beckham at the same window and you petted him in such a sweet way. It was like you had watched us pet him and you finally figured out what to do. He loves you so much. You are his baby and his best friend. He is always by your side, which you will be able to tell when you see the thousands pictures I’ve taken of you this year.

It amazes me when I see all the things you can do now – like clap your hands, stand, lean in for a kiss, feed yourself, hold a sippy cup, and climb around obstacles. I can’t believe you are the same 7 lb. 2 oz. baby I held in my arms 11 months ago. You were so tiny and helpless. I felt I already knew you, but there was so much to be shared and learned in the coming months. Each night I look in on you before I go to sleep. You always sleep on your tummy with your hiney in the air. Recently I saw you completely sprawled out and I nearly cried when I saw how much room you take up in your crib now with your long legs and arms. You are a strong, solid, coordinated little boy and so, so, smart.

Your mommy and daddy dream about who you will be, where God will take you, and what you will desire to do with your life. It’s fun to imagine because we both know how special you are. You are a masterpiece of God. I am so blessed and so thankful to have been given this gift of you. If God never gives me another thing, He has already given me too much. I love you, my son. You are a joy and a delight to me.

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debra parker said...

He will treasure will you.