Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Here are some interesting things that happened during our two weeks away from home...

-Jackson's new hobby is unpacking suitcases. He loves to pile my clothes all around him.
-When I wasn't looking, Jackson stole a sip of Dr. Pepper from a straw on our Galleria outing. This greatly amused everyone sitting around us in the food court. And, by the way, the replacement boots I bought are hideous. I gave them a week but had to break out the old ones today. Maybe my feet just needed a short break.
-I fell down the stairs at my mom's house holding Jackson in my left arm. He was pretty shaken but physically fine. I thought I had broken my arm because I couldn't move it at first. It had the weight of my 20 pound baby on top of it every time it hit a new stair. It was not broken though and we both ended up okay.
-We got to meet Jerrell and Kay's baby and spend some time with them. Curt and I have prayed for a David and Jonathan friendship between our boys. I also got to meet Mel's baby today and she is sweet, sweet, sweet! I got to give her a bottle and burp her, which I was surprised I could still do!
-Jackson learned to clap on demand. And last night he cruised from a toy to his changing table.
-Jackson got to meet Jeff Foxworthy in Atlanta.
-Mom and I saw Dreamgirls. No one told us before that it was a musical and that they actually sing conversations. Yeah, I know. But Beyonce' was amazing.
-My cousin Ben got to attend Passion as a high school senior. I'm so proud of all my cousins and it was so cool to have Ben there.
-Curtis turned 26 on New Year's Day. We are going to the Mavs. vs. Rockets game on the 16th to celebrate.

The big bad wolf?

Time for a bath! Jackson is happiest in his hiney pants.

Kay, me, and the very handsome Jayk Altic

Curtis showing Jackson his new Leap Frog book. See where Jackson gets his eyelashes?

My mom feeding Jackson some turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce. This high chair is the one my grandparents bought when I was a baby. They recently passed it down to my parents.

My mother is incredible at reading stories. She makes Goodnight Moon sound really interesting.

Jacks is pretty much done with Christmas. It's been a very big day.

Loving his new airplane toy. He played with one of these at Ben's house and he is so happy to have his own!

Taking after his mom


Christi said...

Amanda, don't feel bad. I feel down the stairs too this past week..with Lucas in my right arm. I scraped by back all up, but Lucas actually thought it was fun until I yelled for Luke to come and help me. Then, he got scared...and then he was fine.

Thank you for sharing about the Passion conference. I hope to get to go and take some of my students next year.

Love ya and miss ya.

Janelle and Ella said...

I can't believe you fell down the stairs. I'm so sorry. I know that is one of every mothers fears! I am so glad neither of you were injured!

Cute Christmas pictures!! Those toys are amazing!

Ella has those same Christmas pajamas, but in pink. We need to get a picture of them together!