Monday, January 22, 2007

Just Some Pics

This is my 100th post! Here's a little bit of this and that, plus fun times in the high chair.

I have to wear a real bib these days because I figured out how easy it is to rip off the throw-away Bibsters. Mom is sad about that.

This was my big boy lunch today. What was mom thinking, putting scrambled eggs with green beans and kiwi? (Mom was eating breakfast tacos for lunch.)

Today I discovered how fun it is to squeeze green beans apart.

But that makes them very hard to eat!

Mom, even though I've happily eaten scrambled eggs in the past, today they made me gag and were the worst thing I ever tasted. Please do not force feed me eggs again!

Beckham thinks he's invisible. He thinks I'm not noticing that he's eating food out of the high chair. But I really don't mind his scavenging.

We got to see Auntie Michelle, who was in town from D.C., about a week ago. She's so much fun!

All bundled up for the "Arcitc Blast" of '07. He did a little better with his puffy jacket this time. Grandma Cozy, he's worn his Uggs a ton!


Michelle said...

Love the Pic! And it was SO good to see y'all! Miss you sister and thanks for the blessing!

Anonymous said...

I love that he has Uggs! OK, serious note: I have to watch it when I look at your blog, because without fail, I'll squeal, "Honey, you HAVE to come look at this baby!" If a wee Rambo arrives sooner than planned, I'm blaming Jackson's cuteness.