Monday, January 29, 2007

Lunch Date

Right now the whole family is in the living room. Curt is playing his guitar while sitting next to Bill on the couch. King of the Hill is on TV. Jackson is on the floor waving his arms about. In one hand are my car keys and in the other hand there's a wad of Beckham's hair. A minute ago he pulled up on Beckham and grabbed some hair from the tail region. I know. Now I'm asking Curt to get the hair out of his hands. Beckham is pacing back and forth between Jackson and Curtis. Now he and Jackson are simultaneously attempting to climb the couch and occupy the area between Bill and Curtis. Beckham has given up and Bill wishes Jackson would follow suit. Bill just got corporally punished for swatting at Jackson's hand and he is now hiding next to me.

It's good to be together again in our little house. Curt spent the weekend speaking at a Disciple Now at FBC Arnold, MO, while Jackson and I went to see my parents and my sister in Houston. I have two observations from the weekend. One, even though my parents' house is much bigger than ours (1,100 sq. ft.), Jackson has more room to roam free here. I have so baby-proofed the living room and dining room in my own home that he can go as crazy as he wants to in this whole area. It's stress free playing and I love it. Two, I am really blessed to have a kid who travels well. So far, anyway.

At lunchtime Jackson and I were about halfway home from Houston. We pulled into a McDonald's to eat and to change his diaper. It was such a sweet time having lunch together - just me and my little man. I think it was the first time we've ever done that in a restaurant. He was good company and it didn't feel like I was eating alone. He talked to me the whole time. What a good date! When I didn't shove the food in his mouth fast enough he yelled "Mama! Mama!" I wasn't the least bit embarrassed by his yelling because I loved hearing him say it with such confidence and clarity. Jackson commanded the attention of several elderly couples in our vicinity. One saw that I was having a hard time getting him to concentrate on eating and she confessed it was because she had been playing with him from across the room. (For those of you who know that the Jones family is not eating McDonald's these days, I just had a Happy Meal. And I won't be back soon!)

We are still dealing with this cold, although it's getting better. What a pain in the butt this has been. He got choked from all the drainage while eating and threw up at every meal this weekend. It was lovely. Also, a stuffy nose makes nursing miserable. I think we're both very ready to be done. I will miss holding a completely relaxed, almost asleep baby in my arms every day at 8, 3, and 8. But I will gladly wave goodbye to the wrestling match that occurs every day at noon and 6. The last few days I've tried giving him formula, just to see, but he still hates it with a perfect hatred.

We took a few pictures of our very fun weekend and they are posted on the LPM Blog . The one of Melissa and Jackson is my favorite. Mom, thanks for having us home! It was very refreshing! We miss you already.


Steph V said...

I know how happy this weekend must of made your mama!! I thought of ya'll...we drove right by her house on Sunday. We are in search of a new home and were driving around the neighbrohood. We have some appointments out there tomorrow, so we'll see...

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Doesn't "mama" just melt your heart?! I loved picturing you and Jackson's lunch date! I'm glad y'all had a fun weekend and are back home! Good job on just the happy meal--they're really not that many calories.

Amanda said...

Steph, that's so fun! I wish we could be neighbors there.