Saturday, January 06, 2007

Passion '07

We spent the first 4 days of 2007 at the Passion Conference in Atlanta. My mom, dad, sister, Curt, Jackson, and I all flew together and got to stay in the same hotel. Mom spoke in a main session and then in two breakout sessions. Melissa and I helped her do a Q&A, which was very interesting. Curt was the leader for the yellow community group. Dad was using his spiritual gifts in many ways and made it so fun. I loved seeing all my loved ones filling their various roles. The Lord blessed us beyond measure in every way. Jackson was literally as perfect as you could ever imagine a baby could be. He is such a people-person and he interacted enthusiastically and joyfully with everyone he saw. He miraculously slept well for the whole two weeks we were gone. He was either very content or sleeping during worship. He and I got to worship with David Crowder together and I will carry that in my heart forever. It was too fun. Jackson always got a little riled up during the speakers, but there were wonderful people helping out who convinced me that it was their delight to be able to stroll him around while I listened. A wonderful woman named Andrea was our hostess and I have never seen anyone with such a gift for making things happen and serving tirelessly with joy. She made the week so easy for all of us. Andrea, if you ever read this, please know that you made a HUGE difference in our week! You will be like a Moore-Jones family legend for years to come!

We knew going in that this was going to be the last Passion Conference, at least for a while. Even if there is another one, there's no way of knowing whether we will be a part of it. So I really took everything in and reflected on what God had done in my life through this ministry. The first time I attended one of these was in 1998 when I was 18 and a senior in high school. At that time I loved the Lord but my walk had been dwindling with self-righteousness and disobedience for 4 years. When I saw thousands of college students worshipping together and dedicating their lives to the glory of God, I knew I needed and wanted a change. I couldn't wait for a fresh start in college. The enemy was waiting for me when I got home and that year ended up being the most defeating one of my life to date. God began renewing me once I got to A&M and He gave me Micah 7:8 to hold onto. John Piper used that verse during his talk this year and it brought everything full circle for me. Passion '99 and OneDay 2000 also hold significant spiritual markers for me as God was teaching me about sanctification and getting me ready to meet Curtis. OneDay '03 was where God began giving me a heart for missions in England. Passion '05, '06, and '07 were a chance to pour into college students what had been poured into Curt and I through this same ministry. To return on this last year with my husband - who is a true grace gift - and my son was a profound experience that I'm grateful to have had. I pray that, even though Jackson couldn't understand what went on there, seeds were planted in his heart and mind that will cause him to have a fierce love for God, a love for missions, and a desire to spend his life for God's glory.


Anonymous said...

We have been dying for this update on Passion...through various reasons we weren't able to tune in online to listen but prayed up a storm for your family. We know you have many more stories, testmonies, share and can't wait to here them live...We have too been praying for Jackson an Jayk's relationship...Lord grant them favor together...You all are loved and cherished a ton...

Richardsons of HV said...

Hey, friend! I checked on you everyday too!! I was jealous that my family got to run into you at the Galleria. We got to go to Oneday when Will was 5 months. Although we didn't get to be there much (due to feeding/sleeping schedule), it was a wonderful experience and who knows what Will learned from it (well, what seeds were planted).
I'm so glad it was a great experience. I hope you got to hang with my brother and Laura. I hope that y'all can come over soon to have dinner with us. We'd LOVE it!! Please check your calendar and get back with me!! I need puppy advice, too!!