Saturday, April 14, 2007

Crash Course on Baby Bangs

This post is for my friends who are relatively new to the blog. If you missed my meaningful, thought-provoking explanation of "Baby Bangs" back in February, here's a link for you.

And if you're like me and have nothing to do this weekend except go to church, here are some of my favorite posts. I'm not sure why, but when you click on the links you'll have to scroll down past this post to see them.

The one about Hooter Hiders

The one about fish heads

The one about the Virgen de Guadalupe

One of many about Bill

The one about my church family

The one with pictures of the nursery


Rita Loca said...

Thanks! I did get your email by the way. Now I am off to read more about you!

Anonymous said...

Amanda - I found a picture of a cat and moose - and thought of Bill! ha! I posted it on my blog...cause I did not think I could post the picture with a comment! ha!

Angela Baylis said...

I LOVE your stories! I am SO blessed by your blog... and your mom's too! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Anonymous said...

oh!! baby bangs - i've been wondering. that's funny - i have my own version of baby bangs but i got them while i was in the hospital and getting healthier. i had a whole new row of "fuzz" come in on my forehead - and i hate trying to cover them up, but i guess it's a good thing we grow hair back, eh? ;) except i can't wear my cute tortoise-shell j. crew headbands because it showcases the baby bangs even more. so here is my solution - i just cut REAL bangs a week or so ago. :) ps - i love that your cat is named bill.

Terri | Sugar Free Glow said...

Amanda, I am a fellow baby banger. Banger? One more time, I am a fellow baby bangs gal. ;) What's sad in my case is that the hair that broke off right at my cowlick never grew back more than about two inches and with my curly hair they turned into little springs. Those springs stick straight up and out, no matter what I do. It's a look, that's all I got to say. ;)

Holly said...

I've got them, too...just went and checked to see if they were still there (Sydney's about to be 8 months). I love it! New growth is always good, unless, well, it's in the wrong place (like my chin or something :)
Enjoying getting to know you, Amanda! Come have tea at the Smith house anytime :)
Blessings on ya,

Tracey said...

I, too, was wondering about the name! Thanks for the "catch up" post---it's been a fun read!

Jackie said...

Since I have nothibg but church this weekend, I have time to sit and read... and laugh!! I love reading blogs- they are so fun. I am new to blogging, just started one and have only posted a few times, but it is a neat way to meet other moms/Christian women, and to keep up with people. Thanks for sharing Amanda. Too bad you don't live in Houston anymore, Sara and I would LOVE to hang out with you and Jackson- it would be fun! -Jackie

Lisa said...

Hi Amanda, I found your website through BooMama and have been a daily reader of LPM, too. What a blessing! Listen, I read through your "history" posts and almost woke my kids up laughing at the Virgen de Guadelupe blog. Oh how your husband's heart was in the right place, though. Good as gold! Thankful you all were safe in the basement tonight. Those storms are coming this way to Georgia.

Nancy Mon said...

Ok, I have just laughed the hardest when I read Kill Bill. Roy is working on his Sunday School lesson trying to concentrate asking me, what's so funny? I cannot get the words out through the laughter. That is stinkin' funny. Our cat Buddy was a boy for 5 months and when he went for his surgery, we found out Buddy is a Budette. She had fooled our vet in 3 previous visits.

Theresa said...

Thanks for thinking of me a new reader of yours. I currently live on Long Island, NY and am in the midst of a big N'orEaster Storm, which is worse than a hurricane. But all is well.

In a few weeks I will be moving to Connecticut. So I'm packing as the wind and rain is pounding away outside.

I love your blog and will stop by often.

Sarah said...

The post about Bill is hilarious--we've had our share of psycho cats; one was even prescribed anti-anxiety pills by the vet. They didn't work. I feel your pain :)

Erin said...

This is my first time to visit your blog! I just wanted to say thank you for the Hooter Hider post. I just bought one!! I am pregnant with my 3rd child. I nursed my first 2, but I never got comfortable or coordinated with a blanket. I am hoping that the Hooter Hider will be the answer to that!! Running out to the car or to the restroom for feedings is so not fun!!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog! I, too am the mother of a busy toddler boy! Seems like we all have the same crazy & your friends sound sooo much like me and mine...everyday is an adventure! I love it!

Sarah, TN

Kelli said...

The hoot hider post has been cracking me up! I can't wait to get one for the next baby shower! And Amanda..... umm I have one of those one page senior year of HS scrapbooks, that I too wish I had finished... 2 points mom - 0 for Kelli :)

Michelle said...

I personally like Fish Heads the best! Hope all is well and glad you made it through the storm!

Anonymous said...

This is the word I have been looking for FOREVER!! Baby bangs!!
This same thing happened to me after EACH of my three girls were also happened when I was 17 and had my tonsils was the anesthesia I was told.
THANKS for the great word to use. Now I know what to call all those little spots of tiny hair on my head! I have it really noticably at the temples....SO when I put my hair back in a pony tail it looks like I've been cutting my hair along with my daugthers (who've ALL recently cut their own hair.)
BTW - I, too am a minister's wife.

Holly said...

I thought of a new game...will you see if my details are correct? It's based on your PDLAM, and I was thinking of your family's story about Sunny's foot and this is why I act the way I do (TIWIATWID..a little long, I know). I thought it'd be fun to write the funny reasons why we act the way we do.

I'm thinking also that I will post the 1854 house pictures on Wednesday.

Love in Him,

PS You don't have to publish this...I just wanted to make sure I had my story straight.

Praying also for the people in VA. Thanks for your LPM post and verse. I say, TRUTH! TRUTH to your verse.

Unknown said...

thanks for the "crash course" Amanda! I love your blog and love you--your mama has been dear to me for many years and it feels as if I've watched you "grow up".

Michelle said...

Thank you for the education! Although my baby is 11 and my baby bangs have come back a few times!! I like that these humidity sensitive bangs have a name now!

Elsie Larson said...

hey amanda! :)

just discovered your blog via carrie cochran... OMG your baby is sooooo cute! :)

tell curt that t.j. and i said hello! :)

hugs! elsie

Deidre said...

Oh, okay, I get bangs. I sadly have those too. My baby is 21 months old, and I'm still dealing with them. UGH!