Thursday, January 25, 2007

Your Friday Amusements

Please persevere at least until Gladys talks about the thinning of the blood. Thanks to Amy Noodle Hodge.

Ladies, let's stock up. Maybe we won't need to go to the mental ward next month. Thanks to Christi.

I took down the celebrity look-alike thing because it was messing up my side bar. If you want to make one just go to Have fun!


Michelle said...

74% Laura Bush eh?... Guess I should start running advance for you! When I handle things your trips to the Galleria with jackson are not hindered by traffic... ;) Blessings sister!

Anonymous said...

you and tony look like you could be siblings....haha you mom has a secret life with a secret child!

Tammie Head said...

Oh My Gosh Amanda...that video with Gladys was tooo funny!! Truly I laughed out loud!! :)

Richardsons of HV said...

I looked like Melissa Joan Hart...not the cutest of celebs. I also looked like Katie Holmes & that lady on Gilmore Girls. Jeffrey looks like Carey Grant, Clark Gable, & John Travolta...not bad!!