Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feel the Burn

I have a confession to make. I have spent so many hours on my laptop that I have "thermal damage" on the skin of my right thigh. I'm a little uncomfortable writing "thigh" on the Internet, but what do you do. So yeah, I have some lovely brownish splotches on my leg. Since I'm too lazy to make an appointment with a dermatologist, I had to ask my ob/gyn - the famous Dr. Clark - about it when I went in for my annual. (Have I mentioned that 7 of my friends go to him? That's why he's famous.) He said it's pretty common and he has it himself. So he advised me to get a laptop tray. And now I have one. I can still feel warmth but it's not the same searing heat that I feel without it. Sometimes I wonder if this computer is going to combust on my lap. Y'all will know what happened if you ever hear that B.M.'s D. died in a fire.

In other Jones family news, I cooked tonight. Yes, I deal with the sin of self-congratulation every time I cook. It was spaghetti and meatballs. Instead of pigging out and eating all of it like we normally do, we actually decided to ration it for the rest of the week. We're self-controlled like that.

Also, when is my son going to stop the yelling? I might have to start taking something. IT IS DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. Please pray for me.

And, another first for my little man...he busted someone's lip for the first time. It was mine. My lip is real puffy and red and, don't tell anyone, I think I like it. Forget collagen and lipstick! All you need is to hold a tantrum-throwing toddler in your lap!


Kellie said...

I've never heard of a laptop causing skin discoloration before,, but have defn felt the heat fromthe computer....I mean it's called a "lap-top" right? They should put a warning on it....Oh and please tell me you are not eating speghetti all week! That does take self control!!!:) Hilarious.

FitzandMolly said...

I don't like reading how in Gen. 24, Abraham made his servant put his hand under his thigh and swear an oath. I would have been satisfied with just the boy scout salute or a pinky-swear.

FitzandMolly said...

p.s. - Moriah has yet to find her inside voice. There are times (particularly when I'm trying to cook dinner) that it drives me to near insanity.

Military Mommy said...

I hate to say that I think the collagen would hurt less than a baby noggin. Same effect, though.

Good luck with the yelling. I'll pray for you, but please let me know if you find the answer. Mine are 3 & 5 and I still haven't found it.

I am WAY past needing to take something. :)


debra parker said...

Congrats on cooking!!!! Once again your blog is making me hungry. *Laughing*

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Both my kids have gone through the yelling stage ... wait my youngest is still there ... oh wait they both yell still!!!

boomama said...

We have a laptop desk, but I still prefer a pillow between the laptop and me. It's comfy.

And hang in there with the yelling. I could encourage you and tell you that it goes away soon, but that would be a lie, and friends don't lie. But I can tell you that you develop a resistance to it, and it gets a little better when they can use words. Using words is good. But eventually they scream words, too, so maybe you just need to start taking something.

Just call me Barnabas.


Big Mama said...

Oh, those days of the yelling and busted lips. I'd like to say that they go away, but the yelling just becomes yelling in sentences and while I haven't had my lip busted in a while, I nearly lost an eye earlier today.

And the sin of self congratulation? Cracks me up.

Holly said...

I'm there with you, Sister...had my nose head-butted a few times, too--ow! Oh and the fits...yikes. I just begin praying out loud (in a loud voice)...Lord help me to be after this little heart! show me what to do!

For the yelling, I would try to whisper back. That worked for Noah.

Please don't let us ever hear that BM's D died in a fire...we love you too much! Keep an extinguisher handy ;)
Blessings this week (oh and I put 1854 pics for you!),

life with the wisners said...

pride fills my heart. you just self congratulate to your heart's content. cooking with small children. it's an accomplishment. one to be celebrated.

thank you, big mama, for confirming that the yelling just goes from noise to noise with a purpose.

aleve. 1 is recommended. 2 if necessary.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Oh my gosh... you are cracking me up tonight!!! :)

From another mommy of an 18-month old "yeller"... I AM praying for you. Trust me. Burned thighs or constant yelling from a toddler? It's a toss-up, isn't it?

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

First, I'm thinking Mom needs other initials besides BM...moms of toddlers just totally get the wrong visual when they hear this..:)) There's you a contest..:)

And I have this same heat problem with my cell phone! Does yours ever just burn your ear clean off??
I have actually taken it down and blown on it before with the effect of the preacher thinking I'm trying to be all sexy. Don't get your hopes up hubs..


Praise and Coffee said...

My 2 year old little girl head- butted my 19 year old son and she ended up with a tooth indent in her forehead!

I feel your pain with the yelling, mine can't speak well yet, she just had her cleft-palate repaired in Jan. But she can yell to beat the band and it wears me down.

I decided to call her "Bob" as in "Sideshow Bob" when we go to the store now because she makes such a commotion. She gets everyones attention!

jen said...

"sketty-betty" (spaghetti) is a huge favorite in our home, congrats on making it! And yeah, what is it about boys that makes head-butting mommy a favorite sport?? My boys were pros at it. Congrats on the "mommy-scar", wear it proudly sister!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I swear my son gave me a black eye once from bumping his head into me. I tried to pretend it was just retro eye shadow. But the eyelid swollen into my eyelashes may have given me away.

And as far as a new nickname for BM -- cause I totally agree with Preacher's Wife on that one, seeing as I threw away TWO pairs of underwear this weekend becuase of Potty Training Gone Bad -- how about Big GrandMama? Seems appropriate.

Kari said...

Oh the yelling? It's driving me nuts!! They say it's a phase but I am not sure! I hear you girl!

Michelle said...

WOW I have never heard of this! Serious lap top time sister! Careful! Thanks for the sacrifice you make to bring us a good quality Blog! :)

Holly said...

You know, I thought about saying somthing about calling your Mom, BM, but then I thought about her story of her first signing by the trash cans...I bet she's totally ok with BM :)

You should have that phantom frieplace checked out...I bet there's either a real good sheetrock job over it or the evidence is very subtle. The fireplace in our room was a double (the other side was the living room), but the chimney fell in from above, so they removed half of it and left the decorative part. You won't believe night while we were sleeping, we heard a loud crash and several bricks (that hadn't been removed) and much ash came pouring through our pretty side. Our room was covered with soot!

I'd love to hear that you traced down some former residents and found out some of the history of your home. Chris' parents' home was down the street from ours and the Marx brothers used to stay there when they came to town...How about that? Check it out and let me know sometime what you learn.
Have a great Monday, Amanda!

Deedra said...

This is my first visit to your site, Love the design!! And your posts crack me up! I linked over from the preachers wife. I have an 11 month old, and I loved the post about your 14 month old from a few days ago. It kinda makes me sad to think of my sweet baby not wanting to be held all the time! Even if my poor back needs a break!

Rita Loca said...

LOL! I think I need a tray! I have a bad back and have to lie down every afternoon to rest it. That is when I blog with the laptop propped on my "thighs' and they do feel the heat!

Angela Baylis said...

You are hilarious! I SO look forward to reading your blog. (Although I STILL feel like I am reading your private journal!) Thanks for making me laugh! Enjoy the screaming because in a blink he will be leaving for college!

Fun Fit Mom Stephanie said...

The yelling...just the beginning...I'm afraid. Hang in there...Did you know there is a MOB (Mother of boys) group I used to go to? I'm not was awesome. MOG (mothers of girls) don't have a clue what it is like to have a boy...they weren't allowed to come. I wish I still had those meetings...especially on days like today when Jake put the water hose down his pants and said, "Mom, I'm peeing!"...Oh, my! Things you have to look forward to!

Sharon Brumfield said...

This to will pass.
The worst time for me was when we were in the car.It never failed that nap time did not match up with errand time. So by the time we reached the end of the errands my child was at the end of their patience--and so was I.
My suggestion for this time--turn the radio up!
You'll survive-- I promise.

Three Fold Cord said...

That is hilarious about your Obgyn. My friends and I all go to the same guy too! Dr. Pohl is fabulous and has delivered 8 children between the five of us. I go for my annual this week too, OH joy~

Dinner~ I wanted to go to our favorite mexican tonight but wanting to do the right thing I cooked as well. I feel really good about myself when I do I just wish the I could make green beans taste better!

Love to hear your stories,

Kelli said...

My laptop battery got recalled for starting fires, it was getting so hot.... I would be lying if I didn't just check my legs after reading your post... :)

AND keep up with the self-congratulations for cooking! I don't even have any kids yet and I find myself doing that every time I cook spaghetti (because it is one of the only things I can cook)! And if we are making confessions, I have been known to swing by my mom's house on the way home from work and pick up the extras from their dinner and bring it home to my husband!

Anonymous said...

totally off-topic, but i thought you all might like to check this out regarding the recent events at VT...

ps...glad i'm not the only one with leg burns!

Alicia said...

I don't get leg burns...i just get thigh computer sweat!! Sick. I guess that's what happens when its 110 outside and no ac!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm blog hopping through blogrolls today and ran across your blog! :o)

I have never heard of burns from a laptop! Ouch, LOL!! :o)