Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring in all her glory

(Sorry, this turned out to be terribly long!)

We were very busy this weekend having a lot of fun and making interesting memories. Friday night a lovely angel of mercy, Miss Rachael, babysat The Turkminijan (Jackson) while Curt and I went to see a movie. When we arrived there was a sign on the theater door that said "Tornado Watch in Effect." I already knew. In fact, hours before we left Curt asked if I was going to freak out about the weather and make us go home in the middle of the date. I scoffed at him and told him what I thought about that little remark. But seeing how important the tornado watch was to the theater management forced me to deal with a sudden onset of rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Whoever made up "March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb" was a stinking liar! I will say that I had just read this post by AKat at A Cosmic Dance and was already on edge. Curt's words echoed through my mind and I chose to walk through the door and focus on popcorn. I had already given Rachael instructions regarding where she and Jackson should hide if the tornado sirens sounded. I thought about having Curt leave her a key to the church basement, but I worried she might think I was A LITTLE OVER THE TOP. So there's just a teeny-weeny chance I just might suffer a tiny bit from lilapsophobia - the abnormal and persistent fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Saturday morning I went shopping in Southlake with my good friend Jennifer. We were on the hunt for Easter dresses. No success for me, but that's okay. It was the most perfect day - cool, blue, and sunny. Southlake Town Square is a really neat outdoor shopping center that you must visit as soon as possible. Please stop by Snuffer's, if you can pass up the Cheesecake Factory, and have some cheese fries.

That night we had a seder meal at church. Mom introduced it to our family years ago, but this was the first time I had ever been a part of one led by a messianic rabbi. It was really cool. At the end of the meal some ladies led us in a song while we held hands in circles around our tables. It was only natural that some of my college girls and I felt led to do a dance. Vonda Jo got us looking good with her instructions to "Grapevine left! Grapevine right!" Do not even think of blaming it on the four cups of wine because you know we were rockin' the grape juice FBC style.

This morning I left my boys - one sleepy, one sick - at home and went to the Palm Sunday celebration. Probably the highlight for me was at the end when Pastor John called me up to stand with two young ladies who were joining our church. He mistakenly thought they were college students and chose me to accompany them since I'm the college pastor's wife. Well, once I was standing front and center before the entire congregation, he realized these were young singles rather than college students. So instead of saying, "Holly, why don't you join them since you are involved with the young singles," he called out, "Holly, why don't you come stand up here with them since they're closer to your age." Then all that could be heard was a very loud and enthusiastic "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" from the bride of Christ. Isn't that awesome? The Lord does not need to worry that I will take pride in standing before the church again. Nope, not ever again. And I'd like to say that actually, I am closer in age to these lovely young women than I am to the college students. And I would guess we are not more than 3 years apart. Three years, people!

In order to recover from my humiliation, I went to the Galleria and bought Jackson's Easter outfit. He gets to wear it tomorrow since the playgroup is going to the Dallas Arboretum to have the babies' pictures taken by a professional photographer. There will be a live bunny. Y'all, please remember the bunny in your morning prayers. As if the joy of buying this precious item were not enough, I also had the best cup of tea of my life. The Galleria has a Teavana and up until now I have never ventured inside. I've always settled on a tall Awake tea from Starbucks. Y'all, it pays to go to a specialty tea store. They use German rock cane sugar to sweeten it. Amazing. I will be getting some of that very soon.

This afternoon we spent some time welcoming Spring. Curt mowed the lawn and I cleaned off my rocking chairs. They had months and months of dirt caked on from the wind and rain. We spent a good while sitting in our rocking chairs discussing important things such as how big the shrubs had gotten since last year and pondering mysteries of the universe like why two people in dress clothes were speed walking down the center of our street. Anyone know the phobia name for "fear of sidewalks"?


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I went to the Southlake Town Square just last week. That is the cutest place. The friends we were visiting in Dallas live in Keller, so I drove by the Square everyday. And everyday, I was tantalized by the site of the Corner Bakery Cafe. I finally stopped -- during the lunch rush on Tuesday -- and asked God to find me a parking spot in front of the store so I could sample some of their baked delights. A parking spot immediately opened up. He is so good! (And so are the Corner Bakery's cherry tarts.)

Janelle and Ella said...

You would have totally freaked out Friday night because we were stuck in that storm on the highway! It was horrible.
Today was so fun! I can't wait to get our pictures back of the babes with the bunny!

boomama said...

You've got yourself a classic line right here:

"Do not even think of blaming it on the four cups of wine because you know we were rockin' the grape juice FBC style."


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is I was watching the weather like a hawk on Friday night. I also I have huge fear huge fear of tornadoes and I had to make sure that none of them were headed toward us. Its bad enough when I am by myself and freaking out but I was double paranoid making sure I could get to Jackson's room and grab him if the sirens were to go off. I know we would both be crying at that point. But praise the Lord nothing came to us expect for rain and lighting ( which I love) and your sweet boy slept all night.

amberburger said...

yah! i was going to ask you if you like Teavana! we have the whole tea maker and rock sugar...its the best tea ever! we use to go to the one in Houston when we lived there.

Tracy said...

Amanda- I'm not sure if I'm afraid of tornadoes but this morning I washed my hair in the sink because it was storming so bad I thought I might get electrocuted in the shower. Is that rational? : )

ashley said...

This is funny, your blog showed up on my google-alerts for the Arboretum.

Did ya'll come yesterday? You know I do PR at the Arboretum, right? Well, at least until Thursday. Let me know if you're coming this week and i'll leave you free tickets!

Amy T said...

I have family in Southlake and Grapevine and Keller. We normally hit Grapevine Mills, but I will have to suggest that sometime. I have seen the 4th of July fireworks from there and it was awesome. It's growing so fast, it's hard to believe. My uncle moved there in the 60's and it was all farmland!