Friday, March 30, 2007

Having been frustrated with the poor suction of my vacuum

Please don't hate me because Mama needs to win a Dyson. I have always and forever wanted one. Not that we could afford one, but I DO NOT want one from my hubby (or my mother, who has traditionally been the main source of my wardrobe, for which I am very grateful) for Christmas, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, or my birthday. Mother's Day would be fine. Anyhow, Mama's gonna win her a Dyson from the contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. If you feel good about decreasing my chances of winning, you can enter too.


Amy T said...

I have a Dyson, and girl, it's awesome! It cost big bucks (and we got the purple one for pet hair - works and is cute too!) so I hope you win one! :)

Sarah said...

My mom just got one and loves it! I just spent the same amount of money on a double jogging stroller, so I guess I'm stuck with my Hoover.

Good luck on winning the contest!

And thank you for your very sweet email--breastfeeding issues tear at my heart more than anything else so far. She does seem to be coming out of it, though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)

Kristen said...

we have the purple dyson, too. and it really is worth every stinking sucking penny it takes from you to bring one home. good luck winning one.

also, i had to note that you and i both have the same high chair for our babes. i wonder if you fell for the same marketing line on the box that i did: "removable topper is dishwasher safe!"

i'd like to see the dishwasher that puppy fits in.

just one of the stupid baby purchases i just had to have!