Saturday, March 17, 2007

The milestone you've all been waiting for...for real this time

There have been little baby steps all over this house today! Jackson took his first unaided step last night. As with every other new thing he's learned, I of course thought was that it? Was that really his first _____? Then this morning he took two little ones toward me without holding on to anything and I knew for sure. He was so happy with himself that each time he took steps he had to stop and clap, thus interrupting any further stepping. He is also blowing kisses complete with sound effects, playing peekaboo any time he hears the word "where," and waving whenever he hears "bye." He got a little frenzied at lunch and began doing all his tricks in a row at warp speed. He ended up sacrificing one side of his peekaboo.

Curt is in Honduras with a mission team from our church. Because I went to San Francisco with my mom, we have been already been apart for 9 days. I haven't heard from him since Monday and that was only a text. I kept my phone in my hand for three days straight and then finally gave up thinking he might get to call me. Hope deferred was making my heart sick. Today my phone died and I just didn't feel like looking for the charger. I felt that it would be a relief to just accept that I would not be hearing from him and surrender even the slightest possibility of getting to talk to him. Somehow that gave me some control and it helped my frame of mind.

Knowing Jackson would be walking any day, I had this incredible vision of our reunion with Curt at the airport. I would set Jackson on the ground and he would walk right up to his daddy, who would be shocked and amazed. Now the only problem is that his flight doesn't land until 11:30 Sunday night. My dilemma is whether I should wake Jackson up and take him with me or get someone to stay with him while I pick up his daddy. Either way, Curt is not going to be able to leave Jackson in his crib when he gets home. He will be too excited to see his boy. We'll see what happens. My little vision will never play out the way it does in my mind, but it would still be sweet to have Jackson there. All I know is my hubby is going to be very tan from the Honduran sun and looking svelte from only eating ham sandwiches. Meanwhile I am glowing white. My only consolation is that this week I saw a number on the scale that came within a half pound of what I weighed in college. P.T.L., y'all.

Dada, it's time to come home.

The picture in which my mother's pants looked like the Little Mermaid.


dreamingBIGdreams said...

It is hilarious when they finally learn something and want to display it all the time!

My hubby and I were away from each other in the Fall for 8 days and only got to talk once. It was a little different b/c I was the one in Haiti with no way to call. UGH was that hard! We're away from each other a lot, but not being able to talk is totally different. I also missed my sweet boys too!

BUT one thing is for sure .... reuinting after a while is always fun!!!! ;)

boomama said...

I got a little teary-eyed reading about the little man taking those steps - and thinking about how much you must miss your hubby. But that picture of your mama's pants turned my frown upside down.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Big Mama said...

I got a little teary-eyed thinking about you being a 1/2 pound away from your college weight. :-)

How exciting about Jackson! Your hubby is going to be so proud of his little man. I know y'all have missed him so much.

Murrell Family said...

Way to go Jackson! That is so great! Curt is going to be so excited...what a great homecoming surprise!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Amanda! Jackson is so precious! Seems like yesterday my "little one" was that he has his permit and is learning to drive - not to mention he is 4"+ taller than me!

I can relate to carrying around the cell phone while the hubby is out of the country. Richard was working in Nigeria...and it was rare to hear from him because of his work schedule and very, very limited internet access where he was...I will pray that this time flies by for you and Jackson!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

What up friend? I'm back!!! So much to talk about, but my eyelids are heavy.

But not too heavy to say....YAY Jackson! Such a big boy! I really can't wait to see his cute little legs taking cute little steps!

Your boy is getting all growed up.

debra parker said...

Happy walking Jackson!

The anticipation for Curt to come home will make the reunion even sweeter. I hate to be apart from my husband. It amazes me how God truly unites our hearts.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm writing this Sunday morning, which means you tan husband will be home in about 12 hours. I vote for you taking Jackson to the airport, because there's something especially sweet about a family reunion after a long trip. (My husband went to Indonesia last April to do tsunami recovery work, and I didn't hear from him for almost 10 days. So I feel your pain.)

Those pictures of Jackson are adorable. He has the most amazing eyes.

And the pants? Priceless. Of course, I can't get the song "Under the Sea" out of my head now. But it's worth it.

Michelle said...

THIS IS SO AWESOME! I am sure Jackson will run to Daddy at the Airport... I say bring him... please note this is advice coming from an Aunt thus non-mother who really does not know what is best for children just what is most fun... that's my job as Aunt fun... and Fun = Airport