Sunday, March 11, 2007

San Francisco

The Oakland Bridge

An old military base

The Golden Gate Bridge

Amy and Jackson by the shore under Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know people surf under the bridge?

My new ride - an art car in Sausalito

Going down Lombard Street

Exciting times at the Japanese Tea Garden

Alcatraz is behind me. Notice my stripes. I seem to be wearing this in 90% of my pictures. It's because I have fun tennis shoes that match it and they're good for the zoo and touring big cities.


Murrell Family said...

I'm so glad that you loved San Francisco! It is such a beautiful city. My grandparents live about 20 minutes from Sausalito and we love visiting that cute little town when we see them.

Janelle and Ella said...

Ahhh, these pictures are so cute!!! That's funny that you are wearing a striped shirt in front of Alcatraz! hehehe. I totally didn't realize that y'all had already gone to San Fran and back when I was texting you earlier!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Great pictures. And I agree -- San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. (The Pacific Ocean and California sunshine don't hurt.) My husband worked downtown San Francisco for two years; it was fun to visit him at his ultra modern office (all brick and steel and gorgeous young people) and feel like I was a cast member on Friends.

boomama said...

Well I'm glad you had such a good time on your trip, but I'm also glad that you're home and back behind that computer where you belong.

I've actually never been to San Francisco, but oh, your pictures have lit a flame. It looks absolutely beautiful - and I know you loved every second.

Except for the creepy guy in the elevator. And the whole alarm in the store thing.

But besides that, it sounds golden.

(GET IT?) :-)