Friday, March 30, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday was:
-The first time I'd ever seen a funeral procession for a police officer killed on duty. It was very moving. There were hundreds of squad cars driving down the freeway with their lights flashing.
-A blessing because I got to meet Stephen and Star's new baby girl, Hope.
-My first experience at a town hall meeting.

Today was:
-Jackson's first school pictures.
-The first time Jackson was sent home from school for being sick.
-Jackson's first time to bring home artwork. He "colored" on a piece of paper and it was sent home in his bag. It's on our fridge of course.
Today was also:
-The day NBC was showing 5 of the best Office episodes.
-When some bad storms came through the area and knocked out our electricity during the Office marathon. We did get to see the last two.

Tomorrow is:
-When we go to Gymboree.
-Date night for me and Hubs.
-Opening night for Blades of Glory.

This is:
-The most random post of all time.


Big Mama said...

Please tell me that y'all are going to see Blades of Glory and that you will write a review.

I do love Will Ferrell. Almost as much as brownies.

Tracy said...

After your post about remembering the wrong picture day, Jackson gets sent home on the real picture day? Oh, man!

When my oldest turned one he was getting his molars at his party so he's practically asleep or crying in every picture. Babies!

Random posts are fun every now and then...:)

olivia and henry said...

you're so funny, amanda!
have a fun date tonight with your husband!!!

Amy T said...

My sister kept telling me I should watch the Office. Last night I finally did - it was the one where Michael "outed" one of the employees. I thought I was going to die! He is such an idiot! Anyway, had to share! :) Have a great Friday night date!

PandaMom said...

At least this random post is fun to read. Last week I posted my lamest post ever! I did a Thursday 13 about my favorite household items. Really reachin' for something to blog. Lame-O! ; )

Karla Porter Archer said...

I hope Blades of Glory is as funny as anything else Will Ferrell.

Let us know if you saw it!

R said...

Please oh please tell us how Blades was! Of course, if you could really focus on the movie given the weather worries and all... :0)

And what words could be sweeter than "The Office" and "marathon"?! God bless NBC.